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PE Spring 1 28/1/19

This half term in PE, Beech have started looking at the important skills required to play Netball.  Their first lesson focused on the three different types of passes that can be made.  They then looked at the Do’s and Don’ts of playing Netball.  In the upcoming weeks they will learn more skills and practice these to be able to use them in games.  They’ve made an excellent start so well done Beech class.  

Autumn 2- P.E 23/11/18


 This half term in P.E, Beech class have been looking at orienteering. They have learnt about drawing and reading maps, working in teams and compass reading. Beech class have started created their own obstacle course and drawing a map for another group in their class to follow. Well done to Beech class for an excellent start to orienteering.

Easter Experience!

Viking Rune Printings!

Viking Gods Drama!

Lindisfarne Debate!

Graffiti Maths!

Sound Sandwiches!

Christian Darkin Author Visit!

Learning how to ask higher level questions!

Freshwater Theatre!

Boudicca Drama!

Roman Timelines!

Lamp Building!

Iroquois Drama!

Electrical Circuits!

Spanish Day - Tapas Tasting!

Autumn 1 - P.E- 5-10-18


This half term in P.E, Beech class have been learning about Cricket and the various skills needed such as trapping, throwing, catching and batting.   They have also being learning about bowling and fielding.  The children have worked really hard in different activities to master these skills.

In their indoor P.E lessons, Beech class have made a strong start in their swimming lessons at Westcroft. Well done to Beech for a fantastic start to these topics!