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Welcome to Elm Class!

On our page you will find lots of photographs which show the different things we have been doing in class. We hope you enjoy them!

Skara Brae Posters

Over the last couple of weeks, in Topic we have been looking at a stone age settlement called Skara Brae. We researched what the inside of a house in Skara Brae would look like, what life would be like living there in the Stone Age and the advantages and disadvantages of Skara Brae. We then put all of our information together as a group and created a poster to share with the rest of the class!

Indoor PE - Dance

This week in Dance we looked at jumps. We discussed the different types of jumps that we already knew and thought of some new ones with partners. We then had a go at including some jumps in our routines from last week. We then shared our routines with a different group and taught them some of the moves!

Indoor PE - Dance

Today in Dance, we looked at travelling. We discussed the different ways our bodies can travel, the different directions we can travel and the different lines we can create when we travel. We then combined these 3 elements to create a sequence of 4 different movements with a partner in time to the music. Everyone worked really hard to listen carefully for the beat and travel in creative ways!

Stone Age Workshop

Year 3 were lucky enough to participate in a Stone Age workshop. They learnt all about prehistory and were able to participate in a range of different activities such as weaving, grinding grain, trying on Stone Age clothing, looking at Stone Age housing artefacts and drilling wood. Everyone had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal of new information all about the Stone Age!

Art Day - Mixed Media Picture

In the afternoon of Art Day we looked at the artwork again, but this time we created a whole class version of the picture using lots of different materials. We split into 5 different groups and each group worked on a particular part of the picture. The groups were: the background, the long grass, the tiger, the branches and the leaves. Each group came over one at a time to add their creations to our class picture. Everyone worked incredibly hard in their groups to think what materials would be best for each of the sections. Well done Elm Class, your creation looks amazing!

Art Day - Colour Palette

Today we had a whole school Art Day and each year group focussed on a particular piece of artwork and participated in various arty activities based on the famous piece. Year 3 looked at the artwork 'Surprised' by Henri Rousseau. After discussing what we could see in the piece of art, we then created a colour palette in the shape of a paw print of all the different colours we could see. To do this, we had to mix different colours together to get the right shades that matched the picture!

Smoothie Making!

Today we made our very own smoothies! We discussed how to ensure that we were being safe and hygienic with the fruit. Everyone worked well in the groups and produced some delicious smoothies!

"First we went into the kitchen and washed our hands and washed the fruit. We chopped the apple, peeled the banana and pulled the grapes off of the branches. Then we put it all in the blender" - Megan, Elm Class

Smoothie Tasting!

In DT, our topic this half term is Scrumptious Smoothies! Today we analysed existing smoothie products by tasting them and looking at their packaging. We used this tasting lesson to help us decide what fruits we liked the flavour of and wanted to include in our very own smoothies! 

Decorating Diya Lamps

Our diya lamps had the weekend to dry and were ready for us to paint today! We looked at exising diya lamps and the colourful patterns they were decorated with and tried to use these as inspiration for our own diya lamps. Don't you think they look beautiful?

Making Diya Lamps

In half term in RE, we have been learning about Hinduism. We have learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and the connection to the Hindu celebration of Diwali. Today we made our very own diya lamps using clay and created rangoli inspired patterns on the outside of the lamps. Next week, once they are dry, we will be painting them to make them even more eye-catching!

Shading Fruit

Today in Art, we had a go at sketching and used the skill of shading for effect. As our topic this half term is Scrumdiddlyumptious, we used fruit and vegetables as still life to sketch. Everyone did a brilliant job of looking carefully where the lighter and darker parts of the fruit were to effectively shade the fruit!

Asda Fruit Tasting!

Year 3 had a brilliant day in partnership with ASDA. All 3 classes took a trip to ASDA to go on a fruit and vegetable hunt, to find the country origins of various fruit and veg. We found it very interesting to learn that lots of the fruit and veg that we have in our shops actually come from countries thousands of miles away from the UK! The classes also participated in a food tasting workshop, where we tried a selection of the fruit and veg we found in the shop, including pineapple, pomegranate and even Brussels sprouts! Everyone had a fantastic day learning more about where our food comes from and trying some new foods too!

Autumn1 - P.E 17-9-18


This half term in P.E, Elm class have been learning about gymnastics and the different levels of movements and different tempos. The class have used different animals to help them remember the levels and tempos for example, for a high tempo, they would think of a giraffe and for a slow tempo they would think of a snail. Elm class have created a sequence using high, medium and low animals and slow and fast animals. The next target for Elm class is to add turns, jumps and different ways of travel to their routines.  Well done Elm class for a fantastic start to this topic!