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Welcome to Pine Class!


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Autumn 2 - P.E  23/11/18


This half term in P.E, Pine class have been learning a new sport, which is orienteering. They have learnt about drawing and reading maps with a key, trusting and working with their teams and compass reading. Pine class have just started created their own obstacle course. Well done to Pine class for their excellent start to orienteering.

Over the last few weeks, we've been mastering our written methods for addition and subtraction. We've been working extremely hard on these and are now feeling very confident. We've started applying these to problem solving. Here are some examples of the challenges we've been doing this week: 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Roman Workshop: 


On Friday 9th November, Year 4 were visited by Freshwater Theatre who put on a show for us all about Boudicca and her tribe. It was fun and interactive for all the children. We're looking forward to them coming back in January for our Viking workshop! 

This week (16th October) we have been starting to create models of USA landmarks. We will then be putting in working circuits to create lamps. We have a wide range of different landmarks such as The White House, The Empire State Building, The Golden Gate Bridge. Once we've created them we will post more photos to show our progress! 

Autumn 1 - P.E  5-10-18


This half term in P.E, Pine class have been learning about Cricket and the various skills needed such as trapping, throwing, catching and batting.   They have also being learning about bowling and fielding.  The children have worked really hard in different activities to master these skills.

In their indoor P.E lessons, Pine class have made a strong start in their swimming lessons at Westcroft. Well done to Pine for a fantastic start to these topics!

Spanish Day!

Spanish Day!  1
Spanish Day!  2
Spanish Day!  3
On Wednesday 26th September, we had Spanish Day. The children had many opportunities throughout the day to use their Spanish skills. We also had a chance to taste different Spanish foods - below are some pictures of what we tried! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Year 4 are using a new maths scheme this year and we've been really enjoying the different challenges it is providing. Below is a picture of a challenge that we found hard at first but once we got started we loved completing it! 
Picture 1
On Wednesday 12th September, the Year 4 children started swimming again. We have stayed in our groups from Year 3 and will be working hard on being able to swim 25m, front and back. If we can already swim 25m, we are going to be focusing on different strokes and deep water safety. This week the children had a recap of previous learning including how to float, how to keep our legs up, how to safely get out of the pool and what to do in an emergency. Everyone was exhausted afterwards but looking forward to next week! 
First Aid:
On Monday 10th September we had the chance to do a first aid workshop. It was called 'Flat Stanley First Aid', the workshop was all about how to look after people and help them in different situations e.g. if someone is bleeding, choking, unconscious. We also got a chance to put bandages on each other. Below are some pictures for you to see how we got on!