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Year 3

Spelling Plan

Ancient Greece Theatre 23.2.18

Today Year 3 watched a theatre performance where we time traveled back to Ancient Greece! We learnt about the Greek Gods, Democracy, Homer's poems, the Greek Alphabet, The Olympics, Greek theatre and lots more.

Spelling Rules

Below is a list of the spelling rules and words which we will be teaching for the rest of the Autumn Term and Spring Term 1. We will not be formally testing the children on these words, as we will be looking for them to be spelt correctly in their writing. However, please feel free to practise them at home. 

Spelling 6.11.17

Spelling 6.11.17 1

In spelling this week, we are learning how to change verbs into the past tense, using these spelling rules.  Year 3 have been set the challenge of finding past tense verbs in their reading and spotting the rule that they follow.