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Year 5

Maths Challenge

Maths Challenge 1
Maths Challenge 2
On Monday we took a team of four year 5 mathematicians to Sutton High School, to compete in a maths challenge.  It was certainly a challenge, but the children enjoyed it and worked well as a team, especially during the 'maths relay'. 

Home learning – 28th June 2017

Both our home learning tasks this week are ‘talk time’ and children will need to record their findings in their purple books, ready to use in lessons this week.


In Literacy, the children will be writing an autobiography about their lives. When planning these, on Thursday, they will pick 3 key events in their lives and use them within their work. We would like to you talk to your child about their lives so far and suggest what events they could use.For example - their first day of school, sibling being born, starting a hobby that is now a big part of their life or speaking in a school play for the first time.


Please talk about these key events this evening/ tomorrow morning as the children will be planning their autobiographies tomorrow.


In their topic lessons, they will learning about foetal development into childhood years, focusing on different milestones in their development. We would like to know when the children first learnt to:

walk, talk, sit up, crawl, smile, first word, ask questions, recognise family members or anything else you think they might like to share!

If your child doesn’t want to share their milestones, that’s absolutely fine. They can do some research about foetal development or use milestones from another member of their family.

Home learning – 14.6.17

This week, we would like the children to design an invitation the school’s open evening later on this term. This will be sent to local establishments such as Tazza Coffee, Empire Cinema and the local police, who have helped the school throughout the year.

The invitation needs to have the following details:

Date: Thursday 6th July

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Location: Robin Hood Junior School, Thorncroft Road


We would like it to be welcoming and colourful as well as being beautifully illustrated, showing all the wonderful things the children do at school.


Mathletics – the children have all been assigned tasks to consolidate this week’s learning.

Home Learning 11.5.17

Home learning for Thursday 2nd March


Maths Talk Time- Please go through the big maths sheet you were given, with a family member. Show them the methods you use to answer the questions.


Activity- Following our trip to RHS Wisley, we would like you to try out an Art/DT activity at home.

Please refer to the sheet you were given by your teacher, for ideas.

You may record your work by: taking a photo to share, sketching the bug that you produced, or even bringing it in to show the class.



Here is the Year 5, February Half Term Home Learning.  

Have a safe, enjoyable and restful week.

Remember to fill up your buckets!

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Year 5’s RE Day


Our day started off looking at the story of The Good Samaritan. The children looked at the different viewpoints of the Priest, Levite and Samaritan then used these viewpoints to create Pyramid Poems, which we were really impressed by!


The morning then developed into thinking about someone in their lives or in the world who might need their help and showed their feelings using play-dough. All the children were able to share ideas about how we can help other people in various different ways.


After break, we sang some wonderful songs reminding us of the power we all have to help ourselves and the others around us. The rest of the day was filled will craft activities, drama and a thought provoking Circle Time.