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Friday update from Mill Rythe:


By 7.30am everyone was out of their rooms with their bags packed. Plans are for an early breakfast and then an activity before lunch and the journey home.

Everyone enjoyed the disco last night and the staff have described this as 'the best residential'.

We will update you on arrival time as soon as we know. Please be on time to collect the children - they have been brilliant but they will be desperate to see you and to tell you all about their week.


Day 4

Sunset on Hayling Island


DAY 4 24.05.2018

We are having an amazing time, this week has gone by so fast, no-one can believe it is our last day! Yesterday was action-packed with raft building, dance mania, high ropes and orienteering. The children were amazing at the high ropes - they raced up those poles and threw themselves off the top without any fear, even some of the teachers had a go! This morning has been busy already with kayaking and archery. We are due to be going on a beach walk this afternoon but it is forecast for thunder and lightning so we might rearrange our activities.


Tonight is disco night and the children had a dance workshop yesterday so we are looking forward to seeing some of their moves! Then it is time for packing as we are up at 6:30am tomorrow for breakfast and our last activity before we head back to school. We will contact the office when we are leaving Mill Rythe and they will keep the webpage updated with our ETA - we are due to be back between 1:00-1:30 and the children need to be collected straight away. They have all been filling in their journals and I am sure they will have lots to tell you!



DAY 3 23.05.2018

Today is another beautiful day on Hayling Island and yesterday was no different! It´s been sunshine non-stop, apart from the odd crackle of thunder!

We have been extremely busy since we arrived: we have been abseiling, climbing, had a campfire, learnt how to build fires and survived in the wild, build flintstone-style buggies and played games in the outdoor pool! Needless to say, the children were all tucked up in bed and fast asleep by 9:30 last night - I think it was a shock when we woke them up for breakfast at 7:15 this morning!

Today will be another busy day of raft building, rocket launching, dance mania and high ropes. We also have a birthday amongst the group so I am sure there will be some celebrations later.




DAY 2 22.05.2018  9.30am

The children were all up VERY early this morning, obviously excited for the day ahead! Everyone has been well behaved and we are looking forward to the planned activities. Unfortunately, we are still struggling with internet connection so photographs will follow asap.



DAY 1 21.05.18   7.10pm

The WiFi is temporarily down but the children all arrived safely, had a great first activity and have eaten dinner. We will send updates and photos in the morning when the WiFi is up and running again


We arrived safely on the beautiful Hayling Island after a short and uneventful journey. The fabulous Mill Rythe instructors were there to greet us as we arrived and the children quickly settled in to their activity groups, playing games such as Splat!, Huggy Bear and Sharky Sharky. We then spent the afternoon climbing and learning survival skills: the children amazed us all with their bravery, resilience and support for each other.


They have all settled into their rooms and enjoyed a delicious dinner - we were all starving after having to have lunch at 10:45 but we certainly made up for it! There is a brilliant selection of food to choose from, we definitely won´t go hungry!


We are all looking forward to a fun day tomorrow and we will keep you updated with what we are all up to.



DAY 1 21.05.2018  1:40pm

The group have safely arrived at Mill Rythe and have been greeted by the staff at the Centre.  The children are very excited to get settled in and unpacked!


 DAY 1 21.05.2018  10:00am

There is much anticipation and excitement from Year 6 who are in school and getting ready for their trip to Mill Rythe!  The suitcases are all in the playground and the coaches will be arriving within the next hour.  The party will be departing at 11.30am and we will update this page as regularly as we can, keeping in mind that the wifi signal maybe slightly sketchy at Mill Rythe.  Thank you!