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Ash 2018/19

Welcome to Ash Class!


Mr Taylor will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let him know!

PE Summer 1  21/05/19


This half term in P.E, Ash class have started looking at the skills required to play Tennis .  Their first lesson focused on handling the racquet and the different types of shots; forehand, backhand and volley. In the upcoming weeks they will explore this further and have a chance to practice these skills to be able to use them in matches.  They’ve made an excellent start so well done Ash class.

PE Spring 1  28/1/19

This half term in PE, Ash have started looking at the important skills required to play Netball.  Their first lesson focused on the three different types of passes that can be made.  They then looked at the Do’s and Don’ts of playing Netball.  In the upcoming weeks they will learn more skills and practice these to be able to use them in games.  They’ve made an excellent start so well done Ash class.   

Autumn 2 Overview


Here are some of the topics we will be engaging with this half-term:


Literacy:         Newspaper reports and Poetry

Maths:            Problem Solving and Shape

Science:         Sound

Topic:             The Romans

Computing:   Composing digital music

PSHE:            Celebrating Difference

PE:                 Swimming and Orienteering

17.12.18 - Maths


Ash class have been hard at work practising their times tables this week, so if they would like to practice them more over the holidays, these websites are good for improving their speed! 

23.11.18 - Orienteering

This half term in P.E, Ash class have been looking at orienteering. They have learnt about drawing and reading maps, working in teams and compass reading. The children have started creating their own obstacle course and drawing a map with a key for another group in their class to follow. Well done to Ash class for an excellent start to this topic.

05.11.18 - Boudicca drama

Today, Ash class brushed-up on their acting skills to recreate Boudicca's reaction to the Romans trying to take her tribe's land after her husband's death. There were some very impassioned speeches and I was really impressed with how well the children connected to the feelings of the characters. Photos are on the year group page!

19.10.18 - Art - Colour tones and shades

For our Art Day, we looked at 'The Umbrellas' by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and thought about his use of colour, light and shade. We then experimented with practising mixing tones and shades of colours and using those to paint our own umbrellas!

15.10.18 - USA landmark projects

The children researched a famous US landmark and planned how they would turn it into a lamp for their DT project. The children chose materials and designs, planned what order they would build the pieces in, then assembled and decorated their final models. I was particularly impressed with the teamwork they showed when things got tricky! (sorry about the rotation on some, they won't upload properly!)
After looking at the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker, the children imagined what sort of place a magic crayon would take them if they found one, then created their own watercolour paintings to represent that place. There were a lot of beaches and unicorns!

10.09.18 - Autumn 1 - Swimming & P.E


The children have stayed in their swimming groups from Year 3 and will be working hard on being able to swim 25m, front and back. If they can already swim 25m, they are going to be focusing on different strokes and deep water safety.


This half term in P.E, Ash class have been learning about Cricket and the various skills needed such as trapping, throwing, catching and batting. They have also being learning about bowling and fielding. The children have worked really hard in a variety of different activities to master these skills.