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Cedar 2018/19

Welcome to Cedar!


Your teacher will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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PE summer 1   21/05/19


This half term in P.E, Cedar class have been looking at the skills required for them to be successful at Cricket.  In their first lesson the children looked at handling the bat and then the different kinds of shots in Cricket including low, high and shots into space. In the upcoming weeks, the class will be looking at different ways to bowl the ball. Well done to Cedar class for an excellent start.

PE Spring 1 28/1/19

This Half term in PE, Cedar have been looking at the Frozen Kingdom dance. They have used what they have learnt in their topic work and have begun creating a routine miming those actions. The children have looked at how they would walk, sleep and eat while in the Arctic. In the upcoming weeks Cedar will look at how animals survive in those conditions.  For outdoor PE, Cedar have been learning the important skills needed to be successful in Football. In the first few weeks they’ve looked at passing, defending and attacking. In the upcoming weeks the children will be working on teamwork, movement and the rules. Well done to Cedar for a fantastic start.

Autumn 2 - P.E 23/11/18


This half term in P.E, Cedar have been learning about orienteering. They have learnt about drawing maps, trusting each other and teamwork. The children have created their own obstacle course. In their indoor lessons they have been using their body to mime and create a dance in the Arctic desert. Well done to Cedar for an excellent start to these topics.



Cedar class have been working really hard this half term. In September we went to the Bluebell railway to experience what life might have been life for an evacuee. Our writing this half term has been based on the novel, 'Goodnight Mr Tom' and Anne Frank's Diary.



We loved making wartime carrot scones. During the war, sugar was rationed so people used carrots to sweeten their cakes. We were surprised by how delicious they were!


Designing and making Anderson shelters with a wooden frame was a challenge. They had to be sturdy and waterproof, but many survived having a 1kg weight dropped on them which was brilliant!



Spanish Day in October was a particular highlight for us:


The Flamenco dancing on Spanish Day was fantastic! I think that everyone enjoyed it because of the amount of passion and energy in the dance and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing instructor, Dan. We all worked towards performing a routine by following step-by-step instructions and then putting all of them into a fiery, fast and furious dance routine that the teachers all loved! I think that everyone could agree that it was slightly embarrassing at the start with the amount of eye contact between partners, but as we progressed we became more confident and kept our eyes on each other. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that we would like to try again in the future.


By Carmen and Maya (Cedar class)



Autumn 1 - P.E - 5-10-18


This half term in P.E, Cedar class have been learning about gymnastics.  They have learnt about the different types of balances, jumps and turns. The children have started adding these different elements together to form a gym routine. In their outdoor P.E lessons, they have been practising their Netball skills including the different throws, not running with the ball and pivoting. Cedar class have started created their own games using these skills. Well done to Cedar class for an excellent start to these topics!