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Elm 2018/19

Welcome to Elm Class!

On our page you will find lots of photographs which show the different things we have been doing in class. We hope you enjoy them!

Making Kites!

'We made kites because we watched the film Mary Poppins in Literacy and in the film, Jane and Michael Banks (the children) made a kite of their own. To start off with, we had to choose 1 out of 4 kite shapes which were diamond, delta, sled and rokkaku. We found the best 2 to fly were diamond and delta. To make it, we began with the sail design. On the back of it was the spars which gave it structure. For the spars to go in place we put hot glue and tape. For the tail of the kite we also used hot glue. After that, we either put a bridle or a line on to a handle, but if we had a bridle we needed a tow point too. At the end we had a perfect kite!" - Izabella, Elm Class

Kite Prototypes

Today we learnt about the different parts and shapes of a kite. We then had a go at making a prototype of a kite in the shape we wanted and used straws to create the structure to support the kite. We chose between plastic and paper for the sail of the kite to see which material flew the best. We then took the prototypes outside to have a go at flying them!

Flying Kites

Our DT topic this half term is linked with Mary Poppins - we are going to make and fly our own kite! Today we looked at existing kites to see how they worked and thought about how they were designed. We even had a go at flying them outside!


This week in Maths, we have been looking at reading and creating different charts and graphs. Yesterday, we focused on pictograms. We looked at existing examples and answered questions about the data that was shown. We then created our own pictogram by collecting data from our class about what everyone's favourite topic in Year 3 was. We created a tally chart to show how many people liked each topic and then turned this into a pictogram, with each picture representing 2 people. 

The Tower of London

This week, Year 3 have all been on a trip to the Tower of London. We had a drama workshop to help provide some additional information about the Tower and why it was built. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and everyone is now excited for our upcoming Topic lessons to continue our learning!


"On Wednesday, we went to the Tower of London. I was really excited because I know that it would be so much fun. When we arrived in London, we had to walk all the way to the Tower! On the way, we saw The Shard and Tower Bridge. When we got inside, we saw the ravens and one of them came out of it's cage! We then went around the battlements of the Tower. A man dressed as a knight told us about the Battle of Hastings and we got to act it out too!" - Angelina, Elm Class.


"Once we arrived at the Tower of London, I was very excited because we saw so many different things. I learnt that there used to be a lot of wild animals at the Tower of London! We saw ravens too and the reason they still have them is because a legend says if the ravens leave the Tower of London, the Tower and kingdom will fall. My favourite part was the workshop because we learnt about the Battle of Hastings." - Anuja, Elm Class

Using Money

This week in Maths, we are looking at money. We have talked about the different coins and notes we use in the UK and each ones value. We discussed how we can use different coins to make the same amounts and had a go at adding different coins together to make a total. Today, we made our own class shop. We chose objects from the classroom to sell to each other and chose the price that they would be sold for. We then took it in turns to be a customer or seller. The customer had to pay for the items using coins to make the exact amount and the seller had to check that they had given them the correct amount. Everyone had lots of fun buying and selling and worked really well to use what they have learnt about money so far.

Transplanting Sunflowers

Over the last few weeks, the sunflower seeds we planted have started to grow! The plants were now big enough to be moved to a larger pot to grow even more. Today, we transplanted the small sunflower plants into their new home! We dug them a new hole in the new pot and put some new compost around them and gave them a good water. We can't wait to see how much they grow!

Tree Poetry

This week we looked at a poem all about how a tree changes through the different seasons. We then looked at the 'Summer' stanza and analysed the language the poet had used. We split into 6 groups and wrote a few extra lines to continue the poem. In the afternoon we then created a piece of artwork of a summer tree. We used our hands to print the trunk of the tree and then used tissue paper for the leaves and fruit.Everyone worked really hard with both the poem and art!

Moving Picture Books

Today we finished making our DT project of a moving picture book! We thought carefully about what part of our picture we wanted to move and used the mechanisms from our prototypes to create it. We then published our rainforest dream description from Literacy on the page and decorated them so that they were eye-catching! Well done to everyone, they look wonderful!

Mechanism Prototypes

Today we started our DT project of making a moving picture! We discussed that a mechanism is a device that allows something to move, and that they have something called a pivot that helps create the movement. We looked at existing moving picture books and found that they have different movements (some make straight movements, some make curved movements). Then we had a look at how the mechanisms use something called levers and linkages to create the movements and we had a go at making a prototype of 2 of the mechanisms! We needed to show a lot of resilience as it was quite challenging at times.

Tag Rugby

Today we took a trip to Sutton Cricket Club where we met some coaches from Homefield School. They taught us the skills and the rules of Tag Rugby and we enjoyed participating in lots of the fun activities! In a couple of weeks time we will be going again with the whole of Year 3 for a Tag Rugby tournament!


"I enjoyed tag rugby a lot because it was really active, fun and we got to work in teams!" - Dina, Elm Class


"When we went to tag rugby I learnt how to play the game and it was a nice experience. I didn't give up when it was a challenge and I enjoyed learning how to pass the ball" - Anadya, Elm Class

Plant Posters

Today we continued our work on the different parts of plants. We split into different groups to find out more information about the function of each part of the plant. We then became the expert in our group about that part of the plant! Then we explained what we had found out to the rest of the group and added the important information to our posters. Don't they look great!

Parts of a Plant

We started our Science topic 'Plants, Pollen and Petals' today and began by talking about the different types of plants we already know. We discussed the different parts of plants and learnt about the function of each of the plants. We then went to our outside areas at school to have a look at the different plants we have growing, to see if we could identify each of the parts on real plants. After that, we created group diagrams of plants and labelled the correct parts.

'The Tin Forest' Drama

This week we have started reading 'The Tin Forest' in Literacy. Today we read a little bit of the story and discussed what had happened so far. We then had a go at acting out particular scenes and creating freeze frames from the story in Drama.

Greek Democracy

This week, in Topic we have been learning about democracy. We learnt that the Ancient Greeks invented the notion of democracy, with a group of men voting on new laws that would come into action. We then had a go at thinking of a new class rule that we wanted to have, discussed with our group why other people should vote for it, and then we presented our ideas to the rest of the class to try and persuade them to vote for our idea! 

Shadow Size

This week, in Science we were looking at how a shadow can change size. After experimenting with an object and a torch, we discovered that the closer the light source is to the object, the bigger the shadow will be. We conducted an investigation to see if we could find a pattern in the size of the shadow when we moved the light source away from the object by 10cm each time. 

Greek Vases

This week in Topic, we looked at how the Greeks changed the world through art. We looked at different pieces of artwork that the Ancient Greeks created, particularly vases. We studied the different patterns that they included on the vases, including paintings of figures, scenes from myths and everyday life and geometric patterns. We had a go at continuing geometric patterns and then even created our own. 

After that, we discovered that we were going to be making our own Greek vase. We were going to be using the weaving technique to create different coloured squares on the vase. We had a trial go using normal card to cut straight lines and then weave paper under and over each strip. 

In the afternoon, we then used an orange vase template and weaved black paper under and over each strip. We then added our own geometric design for extra decoration! Don't you think they look beautiful?!

Persuasive Speeches

This week in Literacy we have been continuing to look at persuasive writing. We revisited the myth Theseus and the Minotaur and wrote a speech to try and persuade Theseus not to abandon Ariadne on the island. We then performed our speeches to the rest of the class!

RHJ Talent Show

This week, 2 acts from each class at RHJ were selected to be part of a whole school talent show. From Elm Class, the acts that were chosen were 'Darkness' who performed the song 'Strangers' by Sigrid and a drama group who performed a couple of scenes from an original script one of the children had written. Both acts were absolutely excellent and all of Elm Class were so proud of them!


"It was really hard work because we were always adding in and taking out parts of our routine. It took lots of practise before the real performance! I was nervous because everyone was staring at us!" - Dina, a member of 'Darkness'


" I felt really scared that it wouldn't go right and all of the people wouldn't remember their lines, but in the end it well! I felt excited because lots of people came to watch us!" - Megan, a member of 'Reality' and co-writer of the script


Below are 2 clips from the group's performances! Enjoy!

Talent Show - Strangers

Still image for this video

Talent Show - Drama Performance

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Maths - Length

This week in Maths we have been looking at measuring length. We talked about the different measurements we use when looking at length and discussed whether cm or metres are appropriate for measuring different things in . Today, we went outside into the playground to measure the length of the different lines that are painted on the ground. We made sure to use a metre stick rather than a normal ruler and remembered to start at 0 each time the ruler moved to ensure that our measurements were accurate.

Shadow Puppet Shows!

Here are some photos from the shows we created using our shadow puppets!

Shadow Puppets!

In Science this half term we have been looking at light and dark. As part of this topic, we talked about shadows and how they are created when something is blocking a light source. We spoke about how different materials have a different effect on the shadow, depending on whether they are opaque, translucent or transparent. To support with this, we designed our own puppets using card, tissue paper and sellotape. We had to include at least 1 transparent, 1 translucent and 1 opaque part of the puppet using these materials.We then designed a shadow puppet show in groups and performed them to the class. Everyone showed great resilience during the lesson (particularly when it came to the fiddly holes to cut out!) and really enjoyed the performances!

Maths - Volume

This week in Maths we have started looking at volume and capacity. Today, we looked at containers with a volume under 1000ml and measured them using a measuring jug. We then ordered the containers from the smallest volume to the largest volume and discussed whether this was what we expected when we initially looked at the containers.

World Book Day!

For World Book Day this year, we celebrated our love of reading! In the afternoon we got changed into our comfy pyjamas and wrapped ourselves up with blankets too! We read a chapter of our class book, watched an interesting video about authors and illustrators and then we read our own books whilst being super cosy! Everyone had a lovely, chilled afternoon and it inspired us to enjoy reading our books a little more!

Myth Drama

This week in Literacy we have started looking at Greek myths. Today we read the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and acted out part of the myth. We used our reciprocal reading skills to read part of the myth and then watched a video that told the rest of the myth. Finally, we spoke about the different features of a myth and how they are different to the features of a story.

Outdoor PE Spring 1

This half term in Outdoor PE, Elm have learnt the skills required to play hockey. We have looked at passing the ball to individuals and within groups, stopping the ball correctly and aiming whilst shooting. In the final lesson we played small matches in teams to try and score goals, whilst thinking about creating space and opportunities to pass the ball. Everyone did a great job and we saw some excellent shots being made!

Indoor PE Spring 1

This half term in PE, Elm have started learning the various skills required to play volleyball and their first lesson involved looking at the technique for passing the ball.  They will also be looking at the different passes that can be made in this sport and they will then apply all their learnt skills into a match scenario.  They’ve made an excellent start so well done Elm class.

Science - Rock Investigation

This week in Science we have been investigating which type of rock would be best to use for a statue. We investigated sandstone, granite and slate as these were each from the different types of rock (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) and looked at which one was the hardest, the heaviest and the most water repellent. We worked in groups and each chose one of the things to test. We thought carefully about how we would conduct our investigation, the equipment we would need and how we would make sure it was a fair test. After all of our investigations, we concluded that granite would be the best rock to use for a statue as it was the best combination of all of the results. 

Volcano Poems

Continuing from our class poem earlier in the week, today we finished writing, editing and publishing our own poem comparing a volcano to a dragon. We then discussed what makes a good performance, such as a loud, clear voice and then took it in turns to perform our volcano poems to the rest of the class. Everyone did a fantastic job and used some amazing vocabulary in their poems. Well done Elm Class!

Volcano Poem 1

Still image for this video

Volcano Poem 2

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Volcano Poem 3

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Volcano Poem 4

Still image for this video

Volcano Poem 5

Still image for this video

Volcano Class Poem

This week in Literacy, we have been looking at poetry. We looked at a poem that compared the sea to a dog, and thought it would be fun to try and compare the volcano to an animal too. We chose to compare a volcano to a dragon and we worked in groups to come up with a stanza each. Each group thought about a different similarity between the two things, and worked really hard to use ambitious vocabulary in their stanza. At the end of the lesson, each group performed their stanza to the rest of the class and then we put it altogether to create a class poem. The finished class poem is absolutely brilliant and it just had to be shared! Well done Elm Class, superb effort!

Making Saltdough Decorations

Today we made Christmas decorations from saltdough. To make the dough we added flour, salt and water to a bowl and then mixed it altogether. When the dough was mixed we were able to knead it and then roll in out with a rolling pin. We then used cutters to make our decoration. They then needed to dry out so we put them in the oven for 3 hours and when they came out they were a lot harder and were ready to be decorated!

Non-contact Forces

Today in Science, we looked at the question 'Do you need to touch something to make it move?'. We discussed as a class whether we thought this to be true or not and then experimented to see if we were correct. First, we discussed that a magnetic force can make an object move without touching it depending on whether it is attracted or repelled by the magnet. We then learnt that we can also use air to move objects without touching them!

Archaeological Dig

Today, the children became archaeologists and dug to find some Stone Age artefacts hidden in the sand! We found pieces of pottery, stone age tools such as knives and spear heads and a counting stick! We also conducted some research to learn a little bit more about how these items were used in the Stone Age and what other tools they might have had all those years ago.

Printing in Art

This week in Art we began looking at the printing technique. We explored different patterns that stamps used to create prints, and then we looked at what prints different materials made, such as lollipop sticks, string and feathers. Once we had explored the different prints we could create, we then had a go at making our own artistic picture using a variety of different materials and colours. Well done to everyone in Elm Class - they look wonderful!

Elm Class's Prehistoric Museum

This week Elm Class have been working incredibly hard in Literacy to write their own information plaques to support the Skara Brae houses they made last week. To showcase the amazing work they have done, we created our very own prehistoric museum! Today we opened our museum to our Year 6 reading buddies who came to have a look at our work. We read our buddies the information plaques and to check that we had successfully informed them of what a Skara Brae house would look like, we asked them questions to see if they could remember the information. We even had special guest visit from Mr Hord and even Mrs Broers! All of our guests were really impressed with the hard work Elm Class had put into both their houses and their information plaques, and walked away with lots of new information. Well done Elm Class!

Discover Christmas

Today, Year 3 received a visit from Sutton Schools Work. Our visitors performed a retelling of the nativity story and then worked with each class to discuss the meaning of Christmas a bit more and talk about what it means to us. It was great fun to be involved in!

Finished Skara Brae Houses!

Have a looked at our amazing finished Skara Brae houses! Everyone worked so hard to create the Stone Age house with the features they would have had inside in the Stone Age. Well done to everyone, they look fantastic!

Skara Brae Houses - Painting!

Today we painted our beautiful Skara Brae houses. We worked hard to paint carefully and we mixed colours to create the appropriate colours for the Stone Age. 

Magnets Investigation

This week in Science we conducted an investigation to find out whether different objects were attracted to magnets or not. First of all, we looked at the different objects and predicted whether they would be attracted to the magnet and gave reasons to why we thought this would be the case. We then used the magnet to see whether our predictions were correct or not. We found out that not all metals are magnetic as we predicted and in particular some coins were attracted to the magnetic but some were not. Great findings everyone!

Autumn 2 - P.E 23/11/18


This half term in P.E, Elm have been looking at Dance, in their lesson they have looked at counting to 8 beats, they have also discussed different ways to travel around the hall. Elm class have now started to create a routine. Well done to Elm class for their excellent start.

Skara Brae Houses - Creating

Today we started creating our Skara Brae model houses. We used a variety of different materials to make the different features of the houses and stuck them down inside our boxes. Tomorrow we will be finishing them by painting them!

Skara Brae Posters

Over the last couple of weeks, in Topic we have been looking at a stone age settlement called Skara Brae. We researched what the inside of a house in Skara Brae would look like, what life would be like living there in the Stone Age and the advantages and disadvantages of Skara Brae. We then put all of our information together as a group and created a poster to share with the rest of the class!

Indoor PE - Dance

This week in Dance we looked at jumps. We discussed the different types of jumps that we already knew and thought of some new ones with partners. We then had a go at including some jumps in our routines from last week. We then shared our routines with a different group and taught them some of the moves!

Indoor PE - Dance

Today in Dance, we looked at travelling. We discussed the different ways our bodies can travel, the different directions we can travel and the different lines we can create when we travel. We then combined these 3 elements to create a sequence of 4 different movements with a partner in time to the music. Everyone worked really hard to listen carefully for the beat and travel in creative ways!

Stone Age Workshop

Year 3 were lucky enough to participate in a Stone Age workshop. They learnt all about prehistory and were able to participate in a range of different activities such as weaving, grinding grain, trying on Stone Age clothing, looking at Stone Age housing artefacts and drilling wood. Everyone had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal of new information all about the Stone Age!

Art Day - Mixed Media Picture

In the afternoon of Art Day we looked at the artwork again, but this time we created a whole class version of the picture using lots of different materials. We split into 5 different groups and each group worked on a particular part of the picture. The groups were: the background, the long grass, the tiger, the branches and the leaves. Each group came over one at a time to add their creations to our class picture. Everyone worked incredibly hard in their groups to think what materials would be best for each of the sections. Well done Elm Class, your creation looks amazing!

Art Day - Colour Palette

Today we had a whole school Art Day and each year group focussed on a particular piece of artwork and participated in various arty activities based on the famous piece. Year 3 looked at the artwork 'Surprised' by Henri Rousseau. After discussing what we could see in the piece of art, we then created a colour palette in the shape of a paw print of all the different colours we could see. To do this, we had to mix different colours together to get the right shades that matched the picture!

Smoothie Making!

Today we made our very own smoothies! We discussed how to ensure that we were being safe and hygienic with the fruit. Everyone worked well in the groups and produced some delicious smoothies!

"First we went into the kitchen and washed our hands and washed the fruit. We chopped the apple, peeled the banana and pulled the grapes off of the branches. Then we put it all in the blender" - Megan, Elm Class

Smoothie Tasting!

In DT, our topic this half term is Scrumptious Smoothies! Today we analysed existing smoothie products by tasting them and looking at their packaging. We used this tasting lesson to help us decide what fruits we liked the flavour of and wanted to include in our very own smoothies! 

Decorating Diya Lamps

Our diya lamps had the weekend to dry and were ready for us to paint today! We looked at exising diya lamps and the colourful patterns they were decorated with and tried to use these as inspiration for our own diya lamps. Don't you think they look beautiful?

Making Diya Lamps

In half term in RE, we have been learning about Hinduism. We have learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and the connection to the Hindu celebration of Diwali. Today we made our very own diya lamps using clay and created rangoli inspired patterns on the outside of the lamps. Next week, once they are dry, we will be painting them to make them even more eye-catching!

Shading Fruit

Today in Art, we had a go at sketching and used the skill of shading for effect. As our topic this half term is Scrumdiddlyumptious, we used fruit and vegetables as still life to sketch. Everyone did a brilliant job of looking carefully where the lighter and darker parts of the fruit were to effectively shade the fruit!

Asda Fruit Tasting!

Year 3 had a brilliant day in partnership with ASDA. All 3 classes took a trip to ASDA to go on a fruit and vegetable hunt, to find the country origins of various fruit and veg. We found it very interesting to learn that lots of the fruit and veg that we have in our shops actually come from countries thousands of miles away from the UK! The classes also participated in a food tasting workshop, where we tried a selection of the fruit and veg we found in the shop, including pineapple, pomegranate and even Brussels sprouts! Everyone had a fantastic day learning more about where our food comes from and trying some new foods too!

Autumn1 - P.E 17-9-18


This half term in P.E, Elm class have been learning about gymnastics and the different levels of movements and different tempos. The class have used different animals to help them remember the levels and tempos for example, for a high tempo, they would think of a giraffe and for a slow tempo they would think of a snail. Elm class have created a sequence using high, medium and low animals and slow and fast animals. The next target for Elm class is to add turns, jumps and different ways of travel to their routines.  Well done Elm class for a fantastic start to this topic!