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Welcome to Elm Class!


On our page you will find lots of photographs which show the different things we have been doing in class. We hope you enjoy them!

Maths: Adding involving exchanging - 17.11.20

This week in Maths we are continue to add 3 digit numbers, but are moving onto how to use the place value counters to help us exchange. This happens when we have too many counters in one column, for example 12 ones in the ones column. We then need to take away 10 of those ones and exchange them for 1 ten counter. Using the counters in this way really helps us understand the process of addition when it comes to more difficult number sentences and using written methods in the coming years at school. Everyone worked really hard to carefully count the counters and were able to explain mistakes that had been made.


Children In Need: Key Worker Mufti Day - 13.11.20

Today the children came to school dressed in mufti with the theme of 'people who help us', to raise money for the Children In Need charity. We had an assortment of different costumes such as teachers, police officers, doctors and scientists! In the afternoon we thought about lots of different jobs that help people. We focused on postal workers and talked about the importance of what they do. We then created posters to go on our front doors or windows to thank them for delivering our post! 

Discover Christmas - 13.11.20

Today we had a visit from Sutton Schools Work to talk about Christmas. First of all we watched a performance that explained the Christmas story in detail. We then participated in some different activities to do with Christmas that explained what Christians believe. We spoke about the meaning of the different gifts brought by the Wise Men, how we can shine our own light on the world and who we would share good news with.

Stone Age Boy Drama - 11.11.20

This week in Literacy we have been reading the book 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura. It is about a boy who travels to the Stone Age and experiences what it was like living at that time. To help our understanding, we have been doing various drama tasks, where we have acted out being different characters to think about how they would feel, things they would do and how they would interact with the other characters. It was a lot of fun and will really help us with our writing later next week!

Poo Detectives! - 05.11.20

In addition to our prehistory workshop, we also had a lesson finding out the different types of food people ate throughout different ages. The way we did this was by dissecting 'poo' samples to find out what it consisted of. We had lots of fun using tools to help us investigate and found that in the Stone Age people relied on very basic plants and fruits that they could find nearby, whereas in modern times we are able to transport food from around the world that isn't necessarily grown in our country!

Prehistory Workshop - 05.11.20

Today Elm Class were incredibly lucky to participate in a workshop all about prehistory! An archaeologist came in to tell us about the different ages such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We got to join in with different activities such as grain grinding, drilling with a stone tool, trying on prehistory clothing and looking at prehistoric artefacts. We all learnt a lot and cannot wait to use all of our new knowledge in our upcoming History lessons!

Diya Lamps - 02.11.20

In RE last half term, we learnt about the Hindu festival Diwali and how some families use diya lamps as part of their celebrations. We used clay to make our own diya lamps and decorated them with rangoli inspired patterns on the outside. We then painted them using bright colours. Don't they look great!

Daffodil Planting - 22.10.20

Over the past couple of weeks Year 3 have been discussing Harvest. We read the story 'The Gigantic Turnip' and talked about the link to the moral 'reap what you sow' and how this can mean you might need to put a lot of effort into something before you can achieve it. Today, we planted daffodil bulbs so that we all have an opportunity to see this moral in action! We will all be responsible for looking after our plants and hopefully, if we all put in the effort, we will have some beautiful daffodils bloom in Spring! 

Pastel Jungle Art! - 21.10.20

In Literacy this week we have been writing about a dream set in a jungle. We thought we would bring our writing to life by creating a picture of a jungle using black card and using pastels for the background. Don't they look beautiful!

Origami Bookmarks - 10.09.20

Today we talked about what having a 'growth mindset' means and how one of these features is to show resilience. We discussed how resilience means not giving up when something is tricky and to keep trying your best. To put this into practice, we followed a tutorial to make an origami bookmark. It was difficult at times to follow the instructions carefully but we persevered and created a fantastically decorated bookmark!