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Elm 2019/20

Welcome to Elm Class!


On our page you will find lots of photographs which show the different things we have been doing in class. We hope you enjoy them!

Mythical Creature Missing Posters - 17.03.20

Today we published our missing posters for the mythical creatures we created on our chromebooks. Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning all about persuasive writing and the different features that are needed in order to persuade someone in writing. We created a missing poster for our mythical creatures to try and persuade other children to help us find them. We then drew a picture of what our creature looks like to help the reader find them too. 

Sports Relief - 13.03.20

Today for Sports Relief Elm Class and the whole of Year 3 went outside for a session of sporty fun! We were split into teams and each person had to run across to the other side of their team with a particular object. If you chose the egg and spoon, you had to balance it on one another and run. If you chose the beanbag, you had to throw it up and catch it whilst running. If you chose the cone, you had to balance it on your head whilst running. If you chose the hoop, you had to roll it along the ground whilst running. Everyone had lots of fun cheering on their team!

World Book Day - 05.03.20

Today for World Book Day everyone brought in their book character potatoes! Everyone worked really hard to add detail to their potato. In the afternoon we held an exhibition in the hall where we could have a look at the whole school's different book characters in potato form!

Easter Workshop - 25.02.20

Today we had a visit from Sutton Schools Work who gave us a workshop to support our RE topic this half term, all about Easter. During the workshop, we became detectives to find clues about the story of Easter. We examined the tomb crime scene and investigated some mystery fingerprints found at the scene. Everyone was really engaged throughout the whole morning and we had lots of fun whilst discussing Easter. 

Volleyball Matches -14.02.20

Today for our final session of volleyball, we were split into teams and played some matches against each other. We used our skills that we had learnt from the past few weeks and tried to put them all into practise together. Everyone did a great job and had lots of fun!

Fossils - 13.02.20

Today we learnt about a type of rock called fossils. We learnt about how different fossils are formed and what different things can be fossilised. We then had a go at creating our own version of a cast fossil. We used modelling clay and a shell to create an imprint and then covered it with Plaster of Paris. We left them to dry overnight and then carefully separated them from each other to reveal the fossil!

Rocks Investigation - 05.02.20

Today in Science we conducted an investigation to find out which rock would be best to create a statue. We tested 3 different rocks: slate, granite and limestone. We tested each rock to see which was the most waterproof, which was the hardest and which was the heaviest. We discussed as a class how we would make each investigation a fair test. We found out that granite would be the best rock to use when creating a statue as it was very hard, waterproof and heavy.

Pompeii Drama - 29.01.20

This week in Literacy we have been looking at a new book called 'Escape from Pompeii'. Today we worked in pairs and small groups to act out the story so far. We pretended to be the main characters who took part in playing a game of knucklebones, watch a show at the theatre and run to the harbour after feeling a tremor. We then thought about the different feelings and emotions the characters would be experiencing during the different events, which will really help us when we write a diary entry about what happened in Pompeii next week. 

Volleyball - 24.01.20

Over the last few weeks in PE we have been learning the skills needed for volleyball. We have learnt how to do a high pass and how to do a dig. Today we practised both of these techniques and attempted to use the correct one depending on the height our partner threw the ball to us. 

Volcano Poems - 24.01.20

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at poetry in Literacy. We looked at a poem that compared the sea to a dog and we were inspired to create our own poems comparing a volcano to a dragon. We thought carefully about all the similarities between volcanoes and dragons and came up with some excellent, creative ideas. Today, after publishing our work, we performed our poems to the rest of the class. Everyone did a fantastic job!

Christmas Cards - 16.12.19

Today we made some Christmas cards for our loved ones. We used our fingers to create 2 different designs, which were reindeers and Christmas lights! Everyone had lots of fun using their fingers as a painting tool!

Elm Class's Skara Brae Museum - 13.12.19

Today we opened our door to our Skara Brae Museum! Our Skara Brae models were out on display and had our published information plaques next to them, to explain what the model was all about! We were lucky enough to receive visits from Miss Briggs and our reading buddies in Maple Class and Miss Trumper and Rowan Class! The other children walked around the museum to have a look at the models and we explained all about what was inside. We were asked questions about Skara Brae and given the opportunity to share all of our knowledge! It was so much fun to share all the hard work we have put into our models and information plaques with other children from around the school!

Discover Christmas - 12.12.19

Today we had a visit from Sutton Schools Work to talk about Christmas. First of all we watched a performance that explained the Christmas story in detail. We then came up to the classrooms and participated in some different activities to do with Christmas. We spoke about the meaning of the different gifts brought by the Wise Men, how we can shine our own light on the world and who we would share good news with.

Cave Paintings: Printing - 11.12.19

Today we looked at cave paintings again. We discussed how some cave paintings were of hand stencils, like we created yesterday, but some were of different figures or animals. We used different stamps to create prints on our paper using natural colours like the Stone Age people would have had. We then had a go at either printing or adding line drawings of figures or animals to our prints. 

Cave Paintings: Hand Stencils - 10.12.19

As part of our Savage Stone Age topic, today we learnt about different cave painting that were made during the Stone Ages. One of the types of painting they used to make were called hand stencils. They would put their hands on the walls of the cave and then blow the paint (which was made from different coloured natural materials) onto their hands. This would then leave a hand print on the walls. We had a go a creating our own versions, using charcoal and smudging it for effect. 

Bedtime Reading Afternoon - 29.11.19

This afternoon we celebrated our love of reading! We changed into pyjamas and onesies and got all cosy with blankets, beanbags and pillows! We spent some time reading and appreciating our own books, then Miss Brown read some of our class book to us. After that we had fun doing some reading based activities such as designing our own book covers, making bookmarks, and doing some mindfulness colouring of book quotes. Everyone had a lovely, relaxing afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the focus on reading!

Skara Brae Model Houses - 26.11.19

This week we have been learning about Skara Brae. Skara Brae is a Neolithic Age village where Stone Age people used to lived. We researched all about Skara Brae and what they used to have inside their houses. Then today, we made our own models of the houses with various different features inside them including a hearth, a dresser and a bed. We used lots of different materials to make each of the items and the end results were fantastic! We are going to use our models to inspire us to write a non-fiction information plaque which will be presented in our very own class museum next week!

Science: Forces - 15.11.19

This week in Science we were looking at forces. We discussed what we already knew about forces and thought about how different surfaces might affect forces. We planned an investigation to test the question: 'Does the material of a surface affect how fast an object moves?'. As a class we conducted the investigation, seeing if a toy car moved faster or slower depending on the material of the surface it was on. We thought carefully about how to make it a fair test and predicted what we thought the outcome would be.

Odd Socks Day 2019 - 12.11.19

This week is Anti-Bullying Week and the theme is 'Change Starts With Us'. To raise awareness of this, we participated in Odd Sock Day! Throughout the day, we discussed how wearing odd socks celebrated the fact that we are all unique and our differences are what make the world a more interesting place! As a class we designed our own odd socks that represented us as a person. We then talked more about bullying and how we can make small changes every day to ensure that everyone is happy and safe at school. We created a pledge of the changes we are going to make. Some of these included: 'ask someone to join in with our game if they don't have anyone to play with', 'ask people if they are ok if they look sad' and 'to help someone if they fall over'. It was also really great to talk about all of the things we already do to try and prevent bullying in school.

Poo Detectives! - 01.11.19

In addition to our prehistory workshop, we also had a lesson finding out the different types of food people ate throughout different ages. The way we did this was by dissecting 'poo' samples to find out what it consisted of. We had lots of fun using tools to help us investigate and found that in the Stone Age people relied on very basic plants and fruits that they could find nearby, whereas in modern times we are able to transport food from around the world that isn't necessarily grown in our country!

Prehistory Workshop - 01.11.19

Today we were lucky enough to participate in a prehistory workshop, where wee learnt all about different ages in prehistory; Old Stone Age, Middle Stone Age, New Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age. We learnt all about how they ground grain to make bread, the different types of clothes they wore, how they used stone tools, the types of shelter they had and how they spun wool to make clothing. We gained so much knowledge and had a brilliant time joining in with the different activities!

iWonder Space - 29.10.19

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Sutton Schools Work, who talked to us about how we can make the world a better place by thinking about others and ways in which we can shine a light on other people's lives. We participated in lots of activities and discussed things such as what makes a good friend, who is important in our lives and ways in which we can show them this, things we can do to feel peaceful and how we can forgive others. Everyone had a lovely and relaxing afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the activities!

Smoothie Making - 16.10.19

Today we made our very own healthy fruit smoothies! We worked in groups to prepare the fruit and then blended it all up to make a smoothie! We then created our own appealing and informative packaging all about our smoothie to wrap around our cup. It was great fun to create something so delicious!

Smoothie Tasting - 15.10.19

Today we started our DT project for this half term. We're making healthy fruit smoothies! To gain an understanding of the different flavours and types of smoothies, we tasted some existing products! We tried 3 different smoothies and thought carefully about the different flavours we could taste. Lots of us managed to guess some of the ingredients correctly! We then went into groups to decide what ingredients we wanted to put into our own smoothies. We created a brand name for our smoothie and thought carefully about how we were going to prepare the fruit we had chosen safely and hygienically. Everyone enjoyed tasting the delicious smoothies and we now can't wait to make our own!

European Languages Day - 08.10.19

Today we celebrated some of the languages that we speak at Robin Hood Juniors. As part of this day, Elm Class represented Italy and we got to participate in lots of different activities to do with the various countries represented at school. We read a French story, made some Turkish inspired jewellery, made newspaper models of Italian landmarks, sang a Romanian song, created a class version of the Italian flag and tried some delicious food from these different countries! Everyone had a fun day joining in with the different activities and celebrating just a few of the European countries we represent at our school.

Science: Bones - 04.10.19

Today in Science we looked at the function of bones in our bodies. We discussed how they give us support and help protect important organs in our bodies too. We then looked at the scientific names of some of the bones! We had a go at matching up the names to the bones on a skeleton and then played a game with our partners where we had to touch the different bones on our bodies depending on what our partner said. Everyone did a great job at learning lots of new information!

Origami Bookmarks - 27.09.19

Today we talked about what having a 'growth mindset' means and how one of these features is to show resilience. We discussed how resilience means not giving up when something is tricky and to keep trying your best. To put this into practice, we followed a tutorial to make an origami bookmark. It was difficult at times to follow the instructions carefully but we persevered and created a fantastically decorated bookmark!

ASDA Fruit and Veg Tasting - 24.09.19

This half term our topic is Scrumdiddlyumptious and we have been learning about what makes a healthy, balanced diet. As part of this we took a trip to ASDA to look at the different countries fruit and veg originate from. We were then lucky enough to have some visitors from ASDA to come and do a food tasting workshop with us about different fruit and veg such as, pomegranate, sprouts, strawberries and radishes! Some of them were delicious to eat and we wanted more of them, but some did not taste quite so nice! Everyone worked really hard to think of some exciting adjectives to describe the different fruit and veg we tried!