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Larch 2018/19

Welcome to Larch!


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PE Summer 1   21/05/19



This half term in P.E, Larch class have started looking at the important skills needed for Athletics.  In their first lesson, they looked at their running technique and how their cardio can help with long distance running. In the upcoming weeks, the children will be looking at throwing and jumping.

In their indoor P.E lessons, Larch class have been using mime and dance to show the life of a butterfly which is related to their current topic of lifecycles. In the first few lessons they looked at how a caterpillar develops when they are in their egg and how they travel for food.  In the upcoming weeks they children will look at how the butterfly is formed.  Well done to Larch class for a fantastic start.

PE Spring 1 28/1/19

This half term in PE, Larch have been looking at mirroring.  This involves mirroring gym sequences, jumps and creating their own routine. In the upcoming weeks the children will be looking at perfecting their routine before demonstrating it to the rest of the class.  In outside PE, Larch have been learning about Tennis and the skills needed to be successful in this sport.  This has included forehand, backhand and rallying. In the upcoming weeks they will look at volleying and applying all these skills in a match scenario. Well done to Larch for an excellent start.


Autumn 2 - P.E 23/11/18


This half term in P.E, Larch class have been looking at invasion games. They have learnt skills such as teamwork, attacking and defending. They are now using all the skills to create a tag rugby match. Well done to Larch for an excellent start to this topic.

Autumn 1 - P.E - 5-10-18


This half term in P.E, Larch class have been learning about Egyptian dance. In their lessons they have listened to a piece of music and have created a routine of what life was like in ancient Egypt. They have mimed the slaves gathering papyrus reeds, collecting water and building pyramids. In their outdoor P.E lessons Larch have been doing some orienteering and learnt different skills such as compass reading. They also took part in an activity where they were blindfolded and had to trust their partner to guide them around an obstacle course. Well done Larch for an excellent start to these topics!

Visit to Wisley 26th April 2019

World Book Day - 7th March 2019

Larch class celebrated World Book Day this year by having a 'Bedtime Read'.

Larch Class made layered cardboard sculptures of Ancient Egyptian death masks - December 2018

Armistice centenary 11th November 2018

To commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the ending of the First World War, Larch class have made a wreath to hang up in the classroom for the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday. After learning about the origins and significance of the poppy symbol, each child decorated their own poppy to add to the wreath.

Art Day - 19th October 2018

Year 5 looked at the picture 'The Dance' by Paula Rego and were inspired to create their own pictures. 

European languages day 26th September 2018
On European languages day we focused on Spain. Children had a chance to taste some tapas and try out flamenco dancing.

Egyptian theatre group workshop 24th September 2018

First Aid Training - 11th September 2018