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Your teacher will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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World Book Day , 5th March. Children dressed up potatoes to represent their favourite book characters.

Larch class carrying out various science investigations.

Drawing with scissors - art based on the techniques of Henri Matisse.

Larch class visited their Year 3 buddies, Redwood Class, to view their Skara Brae museum.

River models - Larch Class worked in groups to research about rivers and present their findings as models and information booklets.

Bedtime Read 29th November 2019

Anti-bullying awareness day 12th November 2019. Everyone was encouraged to wear odd socks to demonstrate that although everyone is different they are all equally important.

Ancient Egyptian art - Larch class made card sculptures of Ancient Egyptian death masks.

European Languages Day 8th October 2019

Larch class had fun trying out a range of activities linked to different European countries.

Egyptian theatre and drama workshop 13th September 2019