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Maple 2017/18

Welcome to Maple!


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Group DT projects: To design a drop ride using a cam mechanism

Summer Term - challenging the pupils

We can't believe it's Summer Term already! This Term we are working on the children's attitude to learning and seeing if they can find their own approach to completing their learning. 

Our talented pupils!

This half term, the children have been learning about life cycles, seed dispersal and environmental issues. For their home learning, we asked the children to choose one or more of the activities below to engage them in their learning.


The choice of activities were:

Collect images from magazines to make a great visual background for displaying an allotment poem.

Design a growing area for the school allotment. Make a detailed labelled plan, showing what you would grow.

Create a sensory trail. Find flowers or leaves with a fragrant scent, or plants with interesting textures. Take an adult on your trail; perhaps blindfold them to test their sensory perception.

Make a flower arrangement. For example using florist foam blocks and found foliage (plants). Remember not to pick wild flowers. Decide on a theme or colour scheme for your arrangement; photograph your finished piece to show others at school.

If you have a garden, attract birds by creating a delicious bird cake. Combine melted suet with seeds nut and dried fruit; you will find lots of recipes online.

Plan a ‘rainbow garden’, using a different fruit or vegetable for each colour in the rainbow. List the names and colours of each plant or vegetable and how they can be used.


All the children showed and explained their projects to the class, we were very impressed! 


Thank you to all the parents who helped : ) 

It's Half Term!

It's Half Term!!!


For the past few weeks, in P.S.H.E we have been looking at 'Being Ourselves' and this week, we looked at the book 'Giraffes Can't Dance.' We had two assemblies to celebrate the theme as it is Children's Mental Health Week - we even had parents come in and join our lesson! 


In Literacy, we wrote a magazine article about the 1969 Moon landing and in maths, we were learning to use timetables, using number lines and converting from Roman Numerals and learning about time.We had a fun science lesson with force meters about gravity and force.We traveled around the class and picked a few objects to hang on the force meters.It was very fun. Today we were practicing sewing for the space cushions.

This term we have been using the library each week and are really enjoying our time in there. 


Happy half term everyone!


By Rohal, Jiaming and Euan. 

Using equipment to hold balances and jumps

This week, Maple class have been planning their own Creation Myth based on other examples we've been reading in class. So far, they look fantastic and the children have worked hard to ensure their planning makes sense! The children have been focusing on making sure their writing is full on conjunctions and adverbials to help it flow. 


In our indoor PE lesson, we were learning how to balance and jump using the different apparatus. Maths this week has been all about division and the children showing their understanding using counters and interpreting remainders as numbers, fractions and decimals. To develop the children's creativity, they are designing their own space-themed cushions which they will make in the coming weeks. 

The rest of the children's designs

Maple Update 


Last week, the children were luckily enough to spend the morning watching a performance of 'The Snow Queen' which was the inspiration for their writing this week and next. They have been working on descriptive  phrases and varying their sentence lengths. The children have been converting between fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths and learning about The River Nile and Mummification in our topic lessons. 


The children's show is now  looking fantastic! The tickets have started to be  allocated so make sure you let the office know how many tickets you would like. The children will be performing at 1:45pm on Tuesday 12th December and 7pm on Wednesday 13th December. 


The home learning from last week was fantastic and we have chosen the winners (see pictures below) whose illustrations will be used for the programmes at the performances. They were all so fantastic! 


Could we please ask for your support with the children's Mathletics tasks. They are assigned tasks each week based on gaps in their learning and we expect them to complete these tasks at home each week and gain 1000 points. Currently, there are less than 10 children with their 1000 points and we are the class that gain the least points each month - we would like to be near the top! 


We look forward to seeing you all next week and thank you for your support with the children's costumes. 


Mrs Rix and Mrs Douglas 

Winning homelearning programmes 


The winning entries which will be used for the children's production next week were: 

Sanskar Shukla

Jiwon Cho

Eleanor darbyshire

Ella Truss

and Ethan Macedo


We are looking forward to seeing you all at the show next week! 

The children have been busy raising money for our amazing new library! Today, the children came in dressed up as their favourite book character and donated £1 to raising funds to buy books for out library. 


Next week, it's the Silver Coin Challenge!

Maple's fantastic projects

Maple's Behaviour Reward Trip - Sutton Library

October 13th


In Literacy this week we created a character profile and a plan for our Egyptian mystery stories. We have then been writing the opening and build up, using our class book to help us 'show' what the characters are doing, thinking and feeling. 


In maths, we were doing written multiplication and division also mental strategies like multiplying by 10,100,1000. Our science lessons are so much fun, we have been calculating which is the bounciest ball by having a variety of balls and dropping them at the same height each time! Then we check it has been a fair test. In PE we have been doing  rugby based games and dancing in the hall. 


We have been learning about children's rights and responsibilities and chose to play bench ball in our Golden Time. 


Ryan, Jiwon and Ria have completed Amber stage on their behaviour credits which means they are allowed to pick our afternoon activity on Friday using the ideas we came up with as a class. 



Golden Time - Maple's Got Talent 


Golden Time this week was 'Maple's Got Talent'


- Ria showed off her Karate skills with the help of Michelli 

- Charlie, Renell, Dinitha and Sanskar gave us a comedy show

-Antek showed us what a talented guitarist he is 

- Ryan sang an amazing solo 

-Isabel, Cate and Khadeeja sang the rock song 'Living on a Prayer' 

-Ben wowed us by also signing a solo


All the children who entered were really brave and we had a wonderful end to the week!


Ria was voted the winner, well done Ria! 

Maple's Reminders


The children have been asked if they would like to be the class 'Eco Councillor'. Over the weekend, if they would like to be considered, they need to come up with 3 reasons why Mrs Douglas and I should pick them and they will share these on Monday. We will then pick the lucky two children! 


There is a recycling project happening on Wednesday and we would be grateful if the children could bring in some recyclable materials by Wednesday please. These could include bottle lids, plastic milk bottles, cereal boxes. plastic cartons, newspapers etc. But please no glass or cans.


We will be reading the book 'The Mummy's Finger' by Ian Macdonald in our Literacy lessons so if the children have a copy at home (or would like to get one from the library over the weekend ) could they please bring them into school on Monday. 


Mrs Rix

PSHE Homelearning - 5th October 


In our PSHE lessons we are looking at ‘Being me in my world’, looking at your rights and responsibilities as a British citizen. We would like the children to finish the following sentences ready for our lesson next week. Children are expected to make notes in their purple books.

I think all children should…

I think all adults should….

I think the government should….

For example:

I think all children should… have a free education/be allowed to wear their own clothes/get a free bicycle.

I think all adults should…. let their children choose their own clothes/have the right to….

I think the government should… allow children to make laws/pay teachers more/use our taxes to pay for school uniforms for children/let children pick what time school should start.



You will be aware that the children all have a subscription to 'Mathletics' which we think is a beneficial tool for their learning. It is a fantastic way for the children to rehearse their mathematical skills and we see a huge difference in class when the children complete the activities we set them. Even though we do allow some time during the school day for the children to complete these tasks, we do ask that children spend time at home completing their tasks and aim to earn 1000 points each week. 

Mystery story writing - 5th October 2017


This week and for the next few weeks the children will be writing their own mystery stories based on Ancient Eygpt! Our lessons have started by looking at a film clip on the Literacy Shed - 'Taledo Jones'.


Here is the link if you would like to view it


You can then ask your child about how the clip generates lots of questions which adds suspense to the story which is a focus for the children's writing. Ask the children to then share the clues we found, once we watched it a second time, that gave hints about the truth behind the story! 


In maths we were rounding numbers to the nearest 10s, 100s, 1000s and 10,000s and learning our Roman numerals alongside how to find differences in negative numbers. We then had 'graffiti maths' on Friday, applying all our learning to different problems and sitting in different seats so we have a new talk partner to share ideas with. 


In our Literacy lessons we have been planning and editing a chronological report on the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.


Earlier this week, in science, we were describing the different types of materials and their properties and our home learning is linked to our science lessons next week. In P.E we have been recreating the life of a farmer, slave and pharaoh in a dance by counting the beats of different types of music and making sure our dance fits to the beat. 


Mrs Rix then asked Shree and Devika to help teach our RE lesson which was all about the ritual of Puja within the Hindu faith. It was great to see both girls showing how brave and confident they can be! 


Our class focus this term is taking responsibility for our own learning by listening to our feedback and making sure we listen to our instructions. 


By Ella and Cate

Welcome to Maple 2017-2018

Welcome to the new Maple Class page!


From now on, we will be putting photos up of the children's week at school to ensure parents can keep up with their child's learning but also so you can prompt them to tell you about what we have been doing. 


Our topic this term, until Christmas, is Ancient Egypt. This week the children have been writing about Modern Egypt in Literacy and learning about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in their topic lessons ready to use this in their Literacy next week. We are doing dance this term, looking at the pharaohs and slaves, telling their stories through dance!


Thank you to those parents who came to the Information Evening, it was great to meet you all. The information that was given has been sent home with the children for those parents who were unable to attend. 


Mrs Douglas and Mrs Rix