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Maple 2018/19

Welcome to Maple!


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PE Summer 1   21/05/19



This half term in P.E, Maple class have been practising gymnastics and the skills required to display elegant travel, balance and shapes to make a routine.  In the first week they looked at the different jumps they can use.  In the upcoming weeks , they will use all the skills learnt to create a routine.  Well done to Maple class for an excellent start.

PE Spring 1 29/1/19

This half term in PE, Maple have been looking at mirroring.  This involves mirroring gym sequences, jumps and creating their own routine. In the upcoming weeks the children will be looking at perfecting their routine before demonstrating it to the rest of the class.  In outside PE, Maple have been learning about Tennis and the skills needed to be successful in this sport.  This has included forehand, backhand and rallying. In the upcoming weeks they will look at volleying and applying all these skills in a match scenario. Well done to Maple for an excellent start.



Autumn 2 - P.E 23/11/18


This half term in P.E, Maple class have been learning about gymnastics and the different types of balance, jumps and turns. The children have started adding these different elements together to form a gymnastics routine. In their outdoor P.E, Maple class have been looking at invasion games. The skills they have learnt include attacking, defending and team work. These skills will lead them to playing tag rugby matches. Well done to Maple for a superb start to these topics.



30th October 2018

The children were visited by volunteers from the local church who taught the children about being thankful and offering forgiveness. The children were involved in hands on activities which helped them reflect on their world, things they are thankful for and how to forgive others.


19th October 2018

For our activity of Art day, we were looking at shadow and silhouette dancing figures in the style of a mosaic. The children carefully stuck on their mosaic pieces in their own design and then cut out a dancing silhouette. The results were so creative!


18th October 2018



This half term in P.E, Maple class have been learning about Egyptian dance. In their lessons they have listened to a piece of music and they have created a dance routine of what life was like in ancient Egypt. These actions included building pyramids, harvesting crops and collecting water. In their outdoor P.E lessons, Maple class have been doing orienteering where they have learnt compass reading.  They have also took part in an activity with a partner where one is blindfolded and has to be led around an obstacle course with their partner, thus enhancing their trusting skills. Well done to Maple class for an excellent start to these topics!


9th October 2018

During our Science lesson we were investigating different types of materials. The children had to choose a question, create a fair test and predict what would happen. These included the stretchiness of elastic bands, the bounciness of balls and the absorbency of fabrics. The children then carried out the experiment and wrote up their conclusion. They all worked well in their groups and were interested in the final results.


26th September 2018

To celebrate European Day of Languages, we all engaged in a day of Spanish culture. The children all dressed up in red, yellow and black to represent the Spanish flag. We then had a fun filled day tapas tasting, flamenco dancing, and learning about each other’s cultures.


24th September 2018

The children watched and participated in a fantastic Egyptian workshop all about the Ancient Egyptians and how they would have lived. We followed the story of an historic artefact going missing from a museum, while learning facts and predicting what would happen next along the way. The children were then asked to create certain freeze frames, where they would have to mould their ‘clay’ friend into a certain character, emotion or scene.