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It’s been an incredible year for celebrating all things to do with literacy and books here at Robin Hood Junior School. In the last year, we have had two children's authors visit the school and engage with the children in group work and assemblies, we have organised creative writing workshops, had a Book Fair and, of course, we opened a fantastic library!  


Friday 30th November 2018 marks one year since our wonderful new library opened its doors to our children and it has become a hugely popular place for them to visit during the school day.


Thanks to the incredible support we received and continue to receive from parents, governors and staff we have been able to provide children with a dedicated space where they can enjoy fiction and non-fiction books at their leisure. It has encouraged children to read books at home and consider authors and subjects that they may not have chosen to read before. Some of the children have been given the responsibility of becoming librarians and library monitors which they are very much enjoying and taking seriously.  The library has really enriched our children with their learning, encouraging their love of literacy and giving them a sense of responsibility and pride to look after the books and ensure the library is a welcoming and inviting space for the whole school.  


We spoke to a few children who told us why they enjoy using the library:


Matthew in Year 6 has always wanted to be a Chef.  He took out a book from the library about cooking and he went home and baked for his whole family.  He said, "It's an excellent book with recipes. I have made flap-jacks and cakes and loads of stuff!"  And his lucky family get a chance to enjoy these delicious dishes!


Tarik in Year 6 said, "I like the library because it looks really cool and is really comfortable when you want to sit down and read.  It has lots of non-fiction books which I enjoy.  Yesterday was my first day as a Librarian and I have to scan books that children want to take out and scan them again when the come back in.  I really enjoyed it!"


Svamin in Year 4 said "I like the library so much because I learnt a lot of new words.  My favourite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and there's a fact book about the Human Body.  I learnt so much about the human body and I tell my family about all the facts that I've learnt.  I'm so interested in Biology now!"


Let's take a look back at the library's first year!