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One of the greatest pleasures of working at RHJ is seeing former pupils when they drop by to let us know how they are and what they are achieving in their lives. Just over the past week we have heard from several ex-students who are heading off to university for the first time.


We would love to use all of this success as an inspiration for our current pupils. Therefore we are asking you all to help send out a message to our former pupils, regardless of what age they are!  Perhaps they are older siblings of our current children, or perhaps they are friends and family that you are still in touch with?  Please ask them to contact the school by emailing and let us know what they are up to.  They might be enjoying success at high school, at college, at university, in sport, in the arts or in their chosen career.  Perhaps they have started their own business?  It would be wonderful if they could include a recent photo (and even better if they could send in one of them in their RHJ days too!). 


We will use the responses to make a display so that all our current pupils can begin to see where their time at RHJ might take them!


Thank you in advance!