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Critical Worker Places

Demand has been high and we currently have between 15 -20% of the normal school population registered as either Vulnerable or a parent is a Critical Worker; and therefore in school some or all of the time.

Obviously the whole point of the national lockdown is to reduce transmission and we know that Sutton has particularly high rates at the moment. Having watched hospital staff on the news, in tears with the strain the pandemic is placing on frontline NHS workers, I am asking parents to consider whether requesting a school place at the moment is the right thing for your child and for the wider community.

I know that working from home and managing home learning is extremely challenging and we would all much prefer to have all children in school all the time. However I am worried that as numbers increase in school, the chances of us having to close a bubble due to a positive case, will increase. For front line staff, this could be very difficult. 

If demand continues to increase I may need to speak to individual parents in order to prioritise needs but I hope this won’t happen. The safest place for children is at home.