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Important Letter to Parents

Dear Parents & Carers,


Apologies for the mid-week letter hitting your inbox but I have had a few conversations and emails recently that have caused me concern. The lockdown and the horrendous death toll are affecting us all. Every single family is struggling in one way or another; missing the love and support of family and friends; worrying about everything; juggling home and work responsibilities and all the conflicting emotions that we have at the moment. I know myself, and from staff in school, we are all on the verge of a ‘wobble’ much of the time and can go from sad to angry to despair in a matter of minutes!


There have been many positive emails and conversations about the Google Classroom work and the phone calls made by staff but there have also been grumbles and some families are clearly feeling under pressure. This is never our intention. We are legally obliged by the DfE to provide at least four hours ‘work’ for pupils at home and are expected to monitor and support children to engage. On the whole this is working well and the children who are logging on, doing some or all of the work and interacting with their teachers and classmates are enjoying this and are benefiting from it. The phone calls encourage children and sometimes iron out technical problems.


However – pupil and family well-being is more important than the curriculum. You know your children, your situation and your capacity best and that is a judgement only you can make. If completing the online work is causing you or your child undue anxiety please ask for support, but in the end it is more important that you are safe, well and as happy as you can be in a national crisis. The solution is not asking for a critical worker place – we need to keep numbers in school as low as possible if we are to reduce the time spent in lockdown and to keep places open for those absolutely on the front line. We know all children are better off in school – but we just can’t do that at the moment.


So please:

  • Put your family’s well-being and safety ahead of everything else.
  • If you need to talk to someone about managing with the children at home – please contact us.
  • Do what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t.
  • Only ask for a Critical Worker place if your child is not safe at home – not because remote learning is hard.
  • If you don’t want us to call or contact you about the learning then do let us know but politely and please acknowledge that we are trying to help.
  • Remember we will still keep in touch with pupils about their well-being, because we care about them.