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Letter to families 15.01.21

Dear Parents & Carers,

Somehow it feels as if it should already be March!

Thank you for your support this week with your children’s remote learning and in your communications with the school. Lots of families have requested the loan of a device and this is helping the children get online. I am delighted to see the vast majority of pupils engaging with their Google Classroom and Google Meet and the staff have all been enjoying their ‘conversations’ with the pupils.  Don’t forget to complete the necessary Google Meet consent form here  to save our Office staff from contacting you individually – thank you.

Remote Education is challenging for parents; teachers and pupils and no one believes it is as effective or enjoyable as children being in school, every day, with their teachers. It is not ‘home schooling’ as this is a planned decision made by parents – this is education in a national crisis. We will do our best and ask that pupils and parents do the same.

You know your children and your family situation and we respect that. You want the best for your children. We know the children as learners and we know what they would be learning in school. Between us we will make sure the children are safe; happy; supported and learning. Please don’t believe the gloom and doom in the media about lost learning; your children are hardworking, resilient and they will ‘catch up’ by us working together. 

 We will try and make use of normal family activities such as cooking; cleaning; gardening and sharing books, films and TV programmes as these are all valuable. We know families are under pressure during the pandemic and we do not want to add to this with unrealistic demands for materials or support! If something is not available or possible just mention this in the chat and do something else. As a school we value all learning including that not directly linked to the National Curriculum and families are encouraged to share this with us. No learning is wasted and I would love to see any photos of your learning at home like before!

I am sure you understand that the provision of remote learning is compulsory and engagement is almost always in the children’s best interests. However, we know that everyone’s home situation is different and you are juggling work, other children and your own worries and concerns. If you can, please support the children’s work by finding them an appropriate place to work and talk to them about their learning. Information about positive routines is on the website and work is set with a view to children being able to access it independently. If a child is finding it difficult to engage with remote learning, you should contact us.

Please keep safe and well – I found some snowdrops in my garden this week so perhaps Spring is coming.

Yours sincerely

Elisabeth Broers - Headteacher