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Letter to Families 19.03.21

Dear families of Robin Hood Junior School,

Thank you for supporting Red Nose Day both with cash contributions and this time with Parent Pay donations. It has been a good week overall although we can see the children are getting tired and there have been a few cases of unkindness.

Please talk to your child over the weekend about the importance of kindness in the way they act, play and talk– it makes a huge difference if they know you value it as much as we do!

We finish for Easter on Wednesday 31st March and timings will be the same as at Christmas:

  • Y3 at 1pm

  • Y4 at 1.10pm

  • Y5 at 1.20pm

  • Y6 at 1.30pm  - (Younger children can wait for the older ones to finish)

A few requests:

  • Please don’t leave children (particularly Y3&4 outside) the gate in the mornings before their start time. It is not safe. There are cars still driving up the road and we are not able to take responsibility for children who are early.

Our budget has taken a big hit with loss of income from lettings and other income streams and all the additional Covid costs, so if you can contribute to School Fund or for any workshops / events arranged for your child this is much appreciated. We cannot afford these things without your help. If you have contributed – thank you.


  • If anyone in the household is unwell with Covid symptoms or is taking a test – the children must not attend school. We are desperate not to close a bubble!


  • We are being flexible with shoes and uniform as we know it has been difficult but when you do buy new shoes – please buy plain black ones. We would like to aim for correct uniform after Easter as the shops should be open by then.


  • Attendance – I know everyone is getting back into a routine but school attendance is now compulsory again and absences in term time are not permitted unless children are unwell. We are monitoring attendance and working with families to make sure all pupils are in school as we know this is the best place for them to be. 


We are all looking forward to the easing of lockdown but while restrictions are still in place – please follow the rules.

Our staff have shown real determination to keep school open and provide high quality learning for all the pupils. This has often been at great personal cost; they are not seeing friends, family, their children or their parents so when we are told of families getting together or enjoying sleepovers – it is hard.


Wearing masks on site; keeping your distance and getting tested if you think anyone has symptoms reassures us all and will help keep us all safe and open!