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Letter to Families 22.01.21

Dear families,


It has been so lovely to see so many children engaging in the online Google Classrooms this week. Mrs Rose and I are lucky enough to be able to see all the ‘classrooms’ just like we can in school and we have both enjoyed having a wander around to see what everyone is learning.  The Leadership Team have been really impressed with the resources teachers are providing and the children’s work; comments and interaction with their teachers and their classmates.


If you do still need support with the loan of a device; getting into the classroom or with the work itself, please ask, as there will be someone to help you. As parents and workers yourselves you will know that routines and positive habits are of huge importance in life and so teaching your child these will be invaluable.

Every family is different and has varying pressures but a few things are fairly easy to do:


  • Encourage your child to get up and go to bed at regular times.
  • Get dressed and have breakfast – then get on to Google Classroom in the morning. Then you can find out about the days learning and ask any questions.
  • Most children should be able to access most work independently - of course they love your support (much like they love their teacher’s support in the class) but they can often do it by themselves! Tell them to have a go J.
  • In a school day your child has 1/30th of an adult’s attention – at most 1/30th of two adults.
  • Recorded input means you are able to access this when it suits your family, and replay things if you need to.
  • The classroom is never sitting still for hours on end in front of a screen. There are chats with friends; play times; stories and all the other distractions like pencil sharpening and trips to the toilet. Don’t worry too much if they are not fully focused for four hours a day – they are children!
  • Any routines are good – chores count whether it is laying the table or helping to fold the washing.
  • All learning is important – as is all physical exercise so build this into every day.
  • All social contact is good – maybe your child can speak to or interact with friends and relatives by phone or internet (as long as you know who they are chatting to).
  • Playing with siblings is brilliant – if an adult joins in then that’s even better.
  • Cooking; gardening; puzzles; board games; Lego; arts & crafts; music and exercise will teach your child skills that can stay with them for life.


Please keep safe and well. Do get in touch if you need help but please don’t worry too much, this will pass!

Yours sincerely

Mrs Broers