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Letter to Parents 05.02.21

Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,

It is such a privilege to be able to see all the work going on in school and from home! I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the comments and observations made by children in Google Classroom this week. There is a lot of fun and chatting happening but lots of learning too J. Children are asking questions; reflecting on their own learning and that of others and sharing great ideas.

  • Done. At first it was tricky but then I understood what to do. After that it was easy. I really enjoyed it and would want to do it again. Thanks.
  • Topic was very fun today: I think that you shouldn't be breeding different species as it spoils the natural circle of nature.
  • I am finished! I am excited that that piece of work is finished so I can see the finished result.
  • That means your brain is working hard! If you need help, let me know.
  • I loved doing this with my dad we looked at the Venus fly trap as well.
  • I enjoyed getting facts from my plan than making them better. I can’t wait to finish it tomorrow!
  • What is the scientific name for strelitzia or is strelitzia the scientific name and bird of paradise flower is the English name?
  • I have enjoyed this lesson and I did my best.
  • I really like ****'s example! It had really good, formal language and I never felt like her opinion came in the way. Well done ****! :)
  • I loved the google meet! Reply:  I really loved it too. So lovely for us to see you all. If anyone has any ideas for next week’s activity let me know.
  • Done! I go outside for over an hour in the afternoon so that will be my walk.

It is clear that parents and carers are doing a brilliant job in supporting their children to get online and engage with their teachers, friends and the learning. If you still need some help do please let us know. If you are enjoying other family activities and learning too, then a huge well done. You know your children best and as I say every week – the important thing is that everyone is safe, well and happy. Thank you for all your support.

Finally a few reminders:

  • We don’t know (any more than you do) what the plan is for re-openingL.
  • School will be shut to everyone for half term 15th -19th February.
  • Let us know if there’s something we can help with or that we need to know to support you.