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Meet Cassie, our School Dog!

Some of you will remember that last year, we had Cassie, our very own reading dog, in school for an afternoon each week.  This term, Cassie has been promoted! 


She is now our official Robin Hood Junior School dog and is in school for an entire day every Friday.  She is looked after by Cedar in the morning and then works with Mrs Bond and selected children in the afternoon.  This half term, she is focusing her time on helping our new Year 3 children settle in and supporting them with their phonics.  She does a brilliant job and has been welcomed by all who have worked with her. 


For those who are new to the school, the theory behind reading dogs is captivating:  children feel less intimidated to read to Cassie than they may do when reading to an adult.  Cassie is never going to correct them if they make a mistake but she does a brilliant job of providing a relaxed environment and a gentle listening ear through which children can enjoy their reading and develop confidence. And, of course, Mrs Bond is always on hand to offer support if children want to ask for help.


We will be working with children across all year groups as the year progresses.