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My Day as an official Wembley Escort - By Eddie in Year 5 Maple class

The first I knew about being an official escort was when I got called into Maple Class during lunch time. Miss Briggs and Miss Guthrie told me I had been chosen to go to Wembley on 26th June, to walk on the

pitch before the Austria v Italy football match.


My dad and I drove to Wembley, I was very nervous but amazed at the opportunity I had been given. We entered the ground and the first thing I had to do was to take a covid test - which wasn’t nice but worth it to see the game. We got onto a luxury coach (it had bottles of water, lights and comfy seats) which  took us to a massive car park where all the players coaches’ were parked. We were given a members’ lanyard so we could enter the building. We were taken into a  room where there were fridges full of water and we did some colouring, played musical statues and learnt football skills like keepy uppies. Next, we tried on our football boots, these are so new they have not yet been released in the shops and I get to keep them. Then the Italian manager and an Austrian player, Riley McGree, came into the room and we could ask them questions. Afterwards, they took us out onto the pitch so we could practice our walking and waving. I was the tallest of all the children.


We went back into the room and were each given a goodie bag backpack which contained, an entire football kit, a notebook, some colouring pencils, socks, and a sports drink cap. I put on the kit and boots and we went out onto the pitch with the players.


The noise of the crowd was so loud. It was such a good feeling being there. We took our seats to watch the match.  I was hoping Italy won and they did, they beat Austria 2-1.