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Returning to School on March 8th

Preventing infection


  • If your child is unwell / has symptoms – do not send them in
  • If anyone in the household has symptoms or is getting a test – do not send your child in
  • If anyone in the household tests positive – you must let us know immediately
  • If you have returned from abroad and need to quarantine, please do not come to school and advise the office.


What time should they come to school and be picked up?


  • Y6 arrive at 8.30am and leave at 2.45pm
  • Y5 arrive at 8.40am and leave at 2.55pm
  • Y4 arrive at 8.50am and leave at 3.05pm
  • Y3 arrive at 9.00am and leave at 3.15pm


Morning entry

Through toilets

Hands on playground – back door

Hands in music sinks; in music door

Y6 - 8.30am





Y5 – 8.40am





Y4 – 8.50am





Y3 – 9am






Please try and arrive at your new time or shortly afterwards so that we can keep the year group bubbles separate. I know sometimes it seems you are waiting outside unnecessarily but this is because we need to keep the handwashing stations and corridors for one year group at a time.


 Younger siblings should arrive and leave with older ones. Please don’t leave your child early outside the gate; we cannot be responsible for them. This is a safeguarding risk.


 If your child comes with a childminder who collects several pupils from different year groups; please could the parent confirm the arrangement to the School Office.

Pick up


All adults coming on site must wear a face covering. If you are medically exempt from wearing one then wait outside and we will bring your child out at the end.


Please keep a 2m distance, from all other adults including school staff. This is the main risk of transmission and so is the greatest danger to others.


When picking up, please only come in when I call your oldest child’s year group to reduce numbers of parents on the playground. Older siblings will collect younger ones and bring them out.

Pick up locations


 parents should come into the car park



Y6 – 2.45pm




Y5 – 2.55pm




Y4 – 3.05pm




Y3 -3.15pm





How will children keep socially distanced?

They are not expected to as in children, transmission and illness is considered to be very low risk. We will encourage them to keep their 2m distance from adults. In corridors they will be spread out and year groups won’t mix.

Will they only be with their class?

No, when outside and at lunchtime they will be with their whole year group.

Will they do PE?


On PE days they can come in their PE kit and trainers. To begin with this will be Y4 Monday; Y5 Tuesday; Y6 Wednesday and Y3 Thursday. Usual school PE kit and dark tracksuit top / bottoms and trainers are fine.

Do they need a bag?


Please send a small bag for their homework diary, reading book and their water bottle.

No pencil cases; toys or giant rucksacks please


Children don’t need to bring their own hand sanitiser or soap – there are lots of dispensers around school and hand washing is regular. Bringing tissues, if they need them, is helpful.

Can they have school lunches?

Yes, it’s the same system and the menu will be on the website. Pay on ParentPay as usual.

What if I can’t drop off or pick up at the ‘new’ time?

We won’t be marking children late for now. At the end of the day we will keep the children safe outside until you arrive but please try as hard as you can to stick to the timings.

School Office

Please continue to phone or email the office as we are limiting visitors on site.


Where can I park?

ASDA or Sainsbury’s are both a short walk away.

Should my child wear a mask?

If you want them to wear one on the way to school, they should bring a plastic bag to keep it in when they are in school.

Can I use Breakfast Club / After School Club?

Breakfast Club is operating on a full time basis with limited numbers. Contact the school office if you need a place.

After School Club are operating and you will need to contact them directly.

Will there be other clubs?

School run clubs and those by outside providers will not restart for now.


My contact details have changed.

Please email the office any new details.

I am anxious about my child returning

All the evidence is that children are best off learning in school. We cannot provide work for children who do not return, unless there is a medical reason.


These measures are designed to keep the school open and everyone in it safe, which I am sure you will all agree is a good thing.