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School Reopening to All Pupils 8th March 2021

Dear Parents & Carers, 


Returning to School


You will have heard the announcement yesterday that schools will reopen to all pupils on Monday 8th March. 

This is great news as we know the best place for children is in school for their emotional, social and educational welfare. Parents and Carers have done a great job supporting them at home and School Staff have worked so hard to provide balanced and engaging activities but we will be delighted to see them back. We know that schools’ re-opening is the first step in a wider relaxation of the rules and I am sure you will support us in making sure the return to school is as safe as possible. 


From Monday 8th March the arrangements will be broadly the same as they were before Christmas.  I have put together lots of information and some reminders above. Fortunately this time around the DFE have issued guidance alongside the announcement so I don’t think much will change, however if it needs to I will be in touch!

If your child has borrowed a school Chromebook or other device; please return this and the charging lead /cover with them on Monday 8th March and make sure it is transported safely. They will not be able to use it in class unless it is returned. The office will arrange to return deposits in the first week back. 

I know that this lockdown period has been difficult for many and for some families in particular. If there is something affecting your family or your child that we should know about in order to support them, please let us know. You can email the Office and mark it ‘Confidential’ for me, the Class Teacher or Mrs Rose, or ring and ask one of us to give you a call.


Our focus when the children return will be on supporting their emotional well-being; settling back into routines and re-establishing all the positive relationships they have with adults and children in school. As the weeks progress we will look at any gaps in knowledge or understanding and how we plan to address these – as we always do! 


We are looking forward to seeing them all on the 8th March.


Yours sincerely 
 Elisabeth Broers - Headteacher