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The staff and children were lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful day celebrating Spanish culture on Wednesday last week. We came to school dressed in colourful red and yellow in recognition of the Spanish flag and the day consisted of.....well, why don’t the children tell you?


The Flamenco dancing was one of the highlights of our Spanish Day! I think that everyone enjoyed it because of the amount of passion and energy in the dance and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing instructor, Dan. We all worked towards performing a routine by following step-by-step instructions and then putting all of them into a fiery, fast and furious dance routine that the teachers all loved! I think that everyone could agree that it was slightly embarrassing at the start with the amount of eye contact between partners, but as we progressed we became more confident and kept our eyes on each other. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that we would like to try again in the future.

By Carmen and Maya, Cedar class


On the 26th of September, the pupils at Robin Hood Junior School were allowed to dress up in all the dazzling colours of the Spanish flag or a Spanish football kit for Spanish Day! Throughout the day, we did lots of activities including Tapas tasting and bookmark making, but one of my personal favourites was when we did Flamenco Dancing! It was amazing and I pretended to be a senorita! We had a superb teacher who taught us to dance step-by-step to the rhythm of the beat. It made me feel so alive! I danced my heart out and once we’d finished I was all puffed out! I enjoyed Spanish Day so much and would love to do it all over again!

Sophie, Cedar class


On the 26th of September 2018 our school had the exciting opportunity to taste Tapas, which is a Spanish snack, as part of Spanish day. Tapas is popular in Spain, mostly in Madrid, and usually people share many different dishes. They can be hot, like meatballs or cold, like olives.

Our favourites were alioli (a garlic dip) with breadsticks, chorizo, tortilla, goats cheese and patatas bravas. It was great to experience these different dishes.

By Kevin and Beishman, Cedar class


“We loved reading "los tres cerditos" en español

as I already knew the story in English and this really

helped me to understand what was happening.”

Omar, Beech class


“The ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?" quiz was so

fun because it was like a competition to improve

my Spanish. Can you believe that Darsh won even

though he has only just started Spanish!"

Sava, Beech class

“I enjoyed the Tapas tasting because I could learn

about what types of foods they eat in Spain and

how to order these food in Spanish!”

Alexie, Beech class

“I enjoyed the Flamenco dancing because I had

never tried Spanish dancing before and it was

really fun to learn new moves!”

Isla, Beech class