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Urgent- School safety & Pick up arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers,


It was fantastic to see the children and they were brilliant in class as always. 

There were a few issues which I need to act on immediately and I will need your help. Our school site is in a small space and this causes a number of problems. 

Parents must keep the two metre distance from each other and school staff. Please consider wearing a mask on the school site. Please make sure you know the name of your child’s new class. 



  1. In the morning please arrive at your new time or soon afterwards – not early. Today we had parents from all year groups waiting outside. If you are early, please wait away from the school.
  2. Younger children should come in with their older brother or sister’s class   



Today this was not safe and I need to make changes. From tomorrow:

Please do not arrive early

  • Y4 Beech; Y5 Maple and Y6 Cedar class will come out through the Studio gate; 
  • Y4 Ash, Y5 Larch and Y6 Rowan will come out onto the lower playground
  • Y4 Pine, Y5 Palm and Y6 Oak will come out on the top playground


  • If you collect from more than one class, please just do one at a time. 
  • I will not open the gate until all the children are outside
  • Only one adult should come on site to collect.
  • Please do not approach staff to chat – if you would like to speak to them, make a telephone appointment via the office. 
  • Please leave the playground quickly as we will have parents waiting to collect other year groups.


Thank you for your help in keeping your children and our staff safe.

Yours sincerely

Elisabeth Broers