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On Wednesday the 11th of September and Friday 13th September, Year 6 went on a trip to the Bluebell Railway in East Sussex. The reason for this trip? Well, we are currently studying WW2 and our teachers thought it would really help if we could experience what it was like to be evacuated in the war.


We took a couch to travel to Sheffield Park and then walked to the station from there. We were then split into three groups and each went to either the engine room/steam works/ museum. We saw the engine and met the driver which was really cool, although it wasn’t that cool inside the engine, it was boiling.


We also met some actual evacuees! We learnt what it was like as evacuees and what happened when they were evacuated. It was really interesting listening to their stories and how they felt. We had to show the billeting officer our ID cards, tickets and tags - to make sure we weren’t German spies!


We also had the opportunity to write postcards in ink quills (like the ones in Harry Potter).  They also turned the air raid sirens on, that would have been a sign to go down into the air raid shelter.  When we were down there we had to sing songs (such as head shoulders knees and toes), to keep the morale high to distract the children from the on-going war above them.


On our way back we got to see a special carriage that was used for elephants. Especially Nellie the elephant (yes that was a real elephant in the Blitz!).


Then we descended back to our coach and back to the twenty first century.


We really enjoyed the Bluebell Railway trip and highly recommend it for a worthwhile day



By Olivia, Rowan class