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Y6 Trip to the Bluebell Railway

Just a week into the Autumn Term and Year 6 were off to visit the Bluebell Railway.  Lilia from Rowan class tells us about the trip:


When we arrived we had a quick tour of the engine room which had trains being restored in it. Then we were ‘evacuated’ on a train. We saw the lovely countryside and farm animals. When we got off the train after the lovely journey, we were lucky enough to go in the engine of the train! It was very hot! After that we learnt a very important safety rhyme, it goes like this:


It’s a bit of a pain

When you’re under a train

So you’d better stand back

When there’s a train on the track


Soon after, we had lunch on the way back and then we arrived at our next stop. We were put into groups and did some very enjoyable activities including watching propaganda films, getting put into families and looking inside an elephant carriage.


Suddenly, an air-raid alarm went off and we had to go underground and we sang songs but then it was time for us to go back to school. It was very enjoyable and it would be good fun to go back.