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Year 6 children that remained in school enjoyed a thrilling Activities Week:


“On Monday we encountered our first challenge: designing and building a marble run. In the afternoon we developed our acting skills as we created the story of the Two Islands using a combination of mime, role-play, freeze-frame and improvisation.


On Tuesday we had a pleasant stroll in the sunshine to visit Pizza Express in Cheam. We all made our own pizzas (even the adults) and tasted a range of pizza toppings. On our way back to school we stopped in the park to enjoy a couple of slices (two people managed to eat their entire pizza). We all agreed that it was one of the best (and definitely the tastiest) trip we had ever been on. In the afternoon, Mrs White set us the challenge of making our own marionettes. Designs ranged from Toy Story's Woody to Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Our BMX day on Wednesday was incredible. We have been working with Mike Mullen, BMX rider extraordinaire and three-time UK BMX champion. In his assembly to the whole school he told us how having a growth mindset gave him the resilience needed to develop great skills. He told us to use the 'I CAN' door rather than the 'I CAN'T' when faced with a problem and the power of the phrase 'RISE ABOVE'. He also taught us to use the phrase 'flearning' when we make a mistake - we learn through our failures so failing helps us to 'flearn'.


In our workshops Mike challenged us to put these ideas into practice - by the end of the afternoon we were performing tricks we would never have thought possible at the start of the day: standing on the saddle; draping our legs over the handlebars; taking both hands off the bike and waving to our friends.

Mr Hord was incredible - he learned how to stand and balance on the front wheel of a bike - and several brave members of staff volunteered to lie down next to ramp and let Mike jump his bike over them!”


On Thursday we had a team building challenge. All of our growth mindset training came in really useful as many of the challenges challenged our resilience and perseverance. Activities included Gutter Ball; Hover Ball; Invisible Maze and The Bomb. Although we enjoyed all of the challenges we found the trickiest ones the most satisfying to solve!”


We are not sure who had more fun, the staff or the children!