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On Wednesday 30th January, our Year 6 children went to the 02 Arena to perform in the 2019 Young Voices concert, the largest children’s choir concert in the world. Our children joined with children from other schools to make up a single choir of over 8000 participants to a sold-out audience of family and friends. 


Here, some of our Year 6 children will tell you about their experience:


On Wednesday 30th of January, the whole of Year 6 took two coaches to the 02 where we met with over 8000 children from Key Stage 2 to take part in Young Voices 2019.

We arrived at the 02 at about 12.30pm where we were directed to the concourse and allowed to eat our lunches in the warmth. At 2pm the doors to the auditorium opened and we headed for our seats, in block 411. When we sat down, I peered over the edge where I was sitting and it felt like I was looking over the edge of the cliff; we were so high up!


We were introduced to our chief conductor, David Lawrence and he led the rehearsal. There were a few famous guests who came to sing with us such as Tony Hadley (who the teachers knew, but we had no clue), Beau Dermott (a golden buzzer winner from Britain’s Got Talent who was only 15 years old) and Andy, who was there to remind us of the dance moves we had leaned.


Rehearsals finished at 5pm and we remained seated to eat our next meal. At 6pm we had to be ready so that the audience could be let in. We all felt like our hearts were about to burst with excitement and nervousness at the same time. At 7pm all the lights went off and the whole arena lit up with torches. The concert began. The view from where we were sitting was outstanding! The concert was far more amazing then any of us thought it would be. Being part of the world’s biggest choir is something that most of us will never forget. Although it was such a late night and we had school the next day, I was really glad that I went.


Thank you to the staff who made it possible for us all to go. It was incredible!

Oliver, Cedar class


Yesterday morning we got our bags packed with our lunch and dinner inside it.  We were all extremely excited for

the O2 concert as we practiced for weeks and months.  The coaches arrived at the front of the alley filling us with excitement.  After about ten minutes everyone started to get hungry but there was another one and a half hour to go.


Once we got close to the O2 we got so excited because we saw loads of children from all around the world.  Once we arrived everyone was really excited for the show to start but before we went in the arena we sat down and ate our lunch.  After that everyone was full so we went inside and sat down to get on with our rehearsal.


It was just amazing to hear that children from China had come to take part, that is really a far distance away from where we live. Hours later the show began and everyone switched their lights on and the lights went from high to low. It was like a million fireflies glowing and the show was so fascinating because of the bright lights, singing and dancing. It came to the end of the great show and no one stopped talking about it. At the end we all got so tired that most of us fell asleep in the coach on the way home. When we arrived back at school everyone had an entire adventure to tell their parents.

Tarik and Seby, Rowan class​