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Oak 2018/19

Welcome to Oak!


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PE Summer 1   21/05/19



This half term in P.E, Oak class have been looking at the skills required for them to be successful at Cricket.  In their first lesson the children looked at handling the bat and then the different kinds of shots in Cricket including low, high and shots into space. In the upcoming weeks, the class will be looking at different ways to bowl the ball. Well done to Oak class for an excellent start.


PE Spring 1  28/1/19

This Half term in PE, Oak have been looking at the Frozen Kingdom dance. They have used what they have learnt in their topic work and have begun creating a routine miming those actions. The children have looked at how they would walk, sleep and eat while in the Arctic. In the upcoming weeks Oak will look at how animals survive in those conditions.  For outdoor PE, Cedar have been learning the important skills needed to be successful in Football. In the first few weeks they’ve looked at passing, defending and attacking. In the upcoming weeks the children will be working on teamwork, movement and the rules. Well done to Oak for a fantastic start.


This half term has been another busy one in Oak Class. We started with a visit to the Sutton Life Centre where we thought about a range of issues: internet safety; climate change; railway safety; healthy eating; how to cope with a fire at home and much more!


We also participated in a BBC Live Lesson where the children needed to help Doctor Who to save the universe whilst at the same time learning about light and the planets.


One of the highlights of our term has been reading weekly with Redwood class. We were also lucky enough to visit their museums where they taught us about the Stone Age.


In the last week of term we had a fantastic disco and Christmas party. We were still eating biscuits 3 days later!



This half term in P.E, Oak have been learning about orienteering. This has included activities such as creating on obstacle course, teamwork and trusting each other. In their indoor lesson, Oak class have been doing dance and they have been using their bodies to mime and act like they are in the Arctic desert. Well done to Oak class who have made an excellent start to these topics.


This half term was an incredibly busy one for Oak with lots of amazing highlights.


Right at the start of September we visited the Bluebell Railway where we experienced what life might have been like for an evacuee in World War Two. We travelled on a steam train through beautiful countryside (and a very dark tunnel) arriving at Horsted Keynes station. On arrival we had our ID cards checked before being chosen by our new adopted family.


We also made some wartime carrot scones. The recipe was a real one from the 1940s and only used ingredients that would have been easily available. We had great fun weighing, mixing and grating and were surprised by how delicious our finished scones tasted!


One of our biggest challenges was the shelters project. We had to design and build a shelter using a wooden frame. It had to withstand having a 500g weight dropped on it from the height of one metre. It also had to be waterproof. Although some of our shelters were damaged (and some destroyed) many of them survived intact. Most even withstood having 1kg dropped on them - amazing!


Just before half term we had art day. Using Frida Kahlo's 'The Bus' as our inspiration we used ourselves as models to re-create our own versions. They are currently on display outside Oak Class.



This half term in P.E, Oak class have been learning about gymnastics.  They have learnt about the different types of balances, jumps and turns. The children have started adding these different elements together to form a gym routine. In their outdoor P.E lessons, they have been practising their Netball skills including the different throws, not running with the ball and pivoting. Oak class have started created their own games using these skills. Well done to Oak class for an excellent start to these topics!