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The Declaration – A Review by Book Club                                         


By Emily (Cedar Class)


When you can live forever by taking a tablet…

When no one needs to die…

Anna Covey should never have been born.


This book is scary, funny, sad and exciting! Once you pick it up you can’t put it down! It’s set in the future and takes place in a home for ‘surplus’ children, called Grange Hall. Only certain children live there - children who weren’t supposed to be born. Surplus Anna is one of these, who lives, works and does everything there, until mysterious Peter arrives and reveals a life-changing surprise and attempts to help her escape. But do they make it out alive?


Quotes from the other members of Book Club:


“It is fantastic and emotional.”

“A book filled with ups and downs and twists and turns.”

“It was a great romantic tragedy.”

“Amazing book full of suspense in every moment.”

“A very mature book.”

“Dramatic and full of suspense. It will make you want to turn back time and read it again!”

“Emotional and touching.”


TES and the National Association for the Teaching of English ran a survey to find teachers' top 100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school. Click below to see the results:

Supporting your child with Reading
Below are some question starters that you may like to use with your child while reading at home. They include the four key skills: predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. Having the opportunity to discuss a text with someone else will support your child to gain a deeper understanding of what they read.