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Redwood 2017/18

Welcome to Redwood Class!


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Acting out Seed Dispersal

Editing writing together

Pop up book page prototypes

Volcano Research

Miss Guthrie and I were so proud of Redwood class today.  We went into the library to research volcanoes, ready for our information texts and the children perceviered and helped each other, so they all found loads of information.

Stone Age crafts

Cave Paintings

Snow Queen Puppet Performances

Discover Christmas

Silver Coin Challenge

Spelling this week

Stone Age Houses Skara Brae


In literacy today we have been creating sentences about 'Stone Age Boy' using the conjunctions before, after and while to join two sentences together.  

In maths we have been using 'RUCSAC' and counters to solve word problems, which involve adding 3 digit numbers together.


Diya lamps


In Science today, we learnt about why skeletons are important in humans and other vertebrates. 


Yesterday we looked at one of Miss Harling's favourite things: maps.  The children plotted where bananas are grown around the world.  

We had a great day on Friday, learning where food comes from in ASDA, then tasting different fruit and vegetables!