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Redwood 2018/19

Welcome to Redwood Class!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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Tower of London 14.6.19

We all had great fun at the Tower of London on Friday and also learnt lots about the history of London!
Redwood Class wowed me with the vocabulary they used to entertain the reader in their rainforest descriptions.  They then used their growth mindset and collaboration skills to create effective moving picture books.

Tag Rugby 26.4.19

On Friday a​fternoon, Redwood Class had a great time learning about how to play tag rugby with teachers from Homefield.  We learnt how to hold and pass the ball, how to avoid being tackled and we used our team work skills throughout the session.  We are looking forward to our tournament with Elm and Sycamore in a few weeks.

Rock Steady Concert 4.4.19

This afternoon, Redwood Class were very well represented in the Rock Steady concert. We had 2 drummers, 3 guitarists, 2 key boards players and a singer.  

Reflective materials 4.4.19

In Science today, we conducted investigations to work out which materials were reflective.  We used our scientific skills to ensure it was a fair test, for example we made sure we kept the control variables the same when testing each material.

Greek Pots 3.4.19

This week in Art, we have been making Ancient Greek pots by weaving and drawing geometric designs.  The children were resilient when they found the weaving challenging and helped each other when they were stuck.

Persuasive Speeches 1.4.19

This morning, the children performed their speeches which persuaded Theseus not to leave Ariadne on the island.  The speeches included lots of persuasive features such as lists of 3 and were performed passionately. 

Measurements 25.3.19

In maths we have been learning about measures.  Previously, we measured the volume of water in our water bottles and today we were measuring the length of different objects in the classroom.  It was interesting to see how close our predictions were to the real lengths. 

Shadows 25.3.19

Today, we were investigating how shadows change.  Throughout the day, we drew around our shadows to see how they move as the earth rotates.  We also used team work when investigating how to make the shadow of Zeus's lightning bolt bigger.

What a proud teacher I am of such a talented class!  I had a wonderful afternoon, watching Redwood Class perform their many talents.  We saw all of the following:

a bendy body;

poetry performed while drawing lions;

a dance;

a flute performance;

a gymnastic performance;

an original song and dance,

an original song performed with a guitar;

a comedy song;

5 jokes put into a song;

a piano performance;

a ballet dance; 

a duet performance of a song with a guitar.


Science 15.3.19

This week in Science we have been making shadow puppets with a mixture of transparent, translucent and opaque materials.  A lot of the children chose to make the mythical creature they designed in literacy.  Today, we used them to create our very own shadow puppet shows!  

World Book Day 7.3.19

This afternoon, we got all cosy and enjoyed some 'bedtime reading'.

Activity goals

In PSHE this half term, we are talking about how we can become healthier.  As part of this, we are planning on doing lots of exercise.  These pictures are of us seeing how many times we can jog around the playground- without stopping- at the moment. Hopefully, by the end of the half term we will all be able to do more laps.

Sporty mufti 15.2.19

Rock Fair Test 14.2.19

Yesterday, we conduced an experiment to see which type of rock: slate (metamorphic), basalt (igneous) or sandstone (sedimentary) would make the best statue. We decided a good statue should be waterproof, hard and heavy, so we split into groups to investigate different qualities.  We kept our tests fair by only changing the type of rock (independent variable) and keeping everything else the same (control variables).  Some of the things we kept the same were the amount of water poured on the rock, the size of the rock and the person scraping the rock.  


We found that different rocks had different advantages, which made it hard to decide which rock to use for the statue.  However, in the end we decided that it was most important that the statue was hard- to make sure it lasted a long time- so we concluded that the basalt would be the best rock to use.

Money sense workshop 4.2.19

On Monday, we had some financial education.  Volunteers from Natwest came and supported the children as they designed a party within a budget.  I was impressed with the money saving tips Redwood came up with.  For example, rather than buying party bags, using spare paper cups.
Redwood Class wrote brilliant poems, using metaphors. They  described a volcano as a dragon effectively, taking inspiration from  James Reeves's 'The Sea', which describes the sea as a dog.  The children challenged themselves to include repetition and rhyming words, like James Reeves did in his poem.  Once they had written, edited and published these they performed them to the class confidently.  

PE Spring 1  28/1/19

This half term in PE, Redwood have started learning the various skills required to play volleyball and their first lesson involved looking at the technique for passing the ball.  They will also be looking at the different passes that can be made in this sport and they will then apply all their learnt skills into a match scenario.  They’ve made an excellent start so well done Redwood class.



We just had the privilege of watching a group of 6 children in Redwood Class perform a funny and engaging Christmas musical they had written.  They choreographed dances; wrote their own songs; performed with enthusiasm and rehearsed it loads to make it perfect.  I am very proud of them all.


Thank you Redwood for a lovely term, have a great Christmas break!

Printing 7.12.18

This afternoon, we practised our printing skills.  It helped us to see that we can learn from our mistakes.  

Skara Brae Museum 7.12.18

This morning, we transformed our classroom into a museum with models of houses from Skara Brae and informative plaques about them.  We had lots of special visitors including Oak Class and Mrs Broers!

Discover Christmas 29.11.18

Autumn 2 - P.E 23/11/18


This half term in P.E, Redwood have been learning about Dance. They have learnt how to count to 8 beats in a song and how to travel to a song. Redwood are now looking at putting all the skills together to create a routine. Well done to Redwood for an excellent start to Dance.

I was so impressed with how well Redwood Class worked as a team on art day, to create their own version of Henri Rousseau'a painting 'Surprised'.

Diya lamps


Autumn 1 - P.E 17-9-18


This half term in P.E, Redwood class have been learning about gymnastics and the different levels of movements and different tempos. To help the class remember the levels and tempos we have used animals. For example a medium tempo would be a monkey and a fast tempo would be a cheetah.  The children have also created a sequence using everything they have learnt.  The next target for Redwood is to add turns, jumps and different ways of travel to their routine. Well Done Redwood class for a fantastic start to this topic!