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Welcome to Redwood Class!


On our page you will find lots of photographs which show the different things we have been doing in class. We hope you enjoy them!

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P.E Lesson - Orienteering 19.11.20


In P.E this half term we are focusing on Outdoor Adventurous Activity (OAA). One of the key components of OAA is Orienteering. In today's PE lesson we were working on following instructions and the children were put into groups and were required to give each other a variety of multi-step instructions to see how well they could follow them. We discussed the importance of listening  carefully and communicating effectively. Maybe you can test your child out at home and see how well they follow instructions! - Have fun!

Children In Need: Key Worker Mufti Day - 13.11.20

Today the children came to school dressed in mufti with the theme of 'people who help us', to raise money for the Children In Need charity. We had an assortment of different costumes such as teachers, police officers, doctors and scientists! In the afternoon we thought about lots of different jobs that help people. We focused on postal workers and talked about the importance of what they do. We then created posters to go on our front doors or windows to thank them for delivering our post! 

Discover Christmas - 13.11.20

Today we had a visitor come in and talk all about the meaning of Christmas to Christians. The children then completed a worksheet where they reflected on the Nativity story and how they might try to shine light on someone they care about. 

Diya Lamps - 02.11.20

In RE last half term, we learnt about the Hindu festival Diwali and how some families use diya lamps as part of their celebrations. We used clay to make our own diya lamps and decorated them with rangoli inspired patterns on the outside. We then painted them using bright colours. Don't they look great!

Online Safety Assembly - 19.10.20

Redwood Class really enjoyed taking part in our virtual Online Safety Assembly. They took a virtual tour of Interland where they explored Kind Kingdom, Reality River, Mindful Mountain and The Tower of Treasure.  During the assembly they had to try and guess the hidden and even had a chance to play on Interland, the game all about internet safety!