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Yesterday, we had a reading filled afternoon. We got all cosy and did some bedtime reading.  Then, went to the potato exhibition.  I was so impressed with the effort that Redwood had gone to when creating their potato characters, they looked great! 

Skara Brae Museum 16.12

This term Year 3 have been learning all about Pre-History and were particularly interested in Skara Brae (a Neolithic Settlement in Scotland).  We created models of a Skara Brae house and then wrote information plaques about them.  Last week, we transformed our classrooms into museums and our Year 5 reading buddies came for a visit.  The Year 3s explained what they have learnt effectively and the Year 5s were enthusiastic and attentive listeners. 

Discover Christmas 12.12

This morning, we had a fun filled morning with Sutton Schools' Christian Workers.  We learnt what Christmas means to Christians and that we can all be a light in the world.  

Christmas Lunch 6.12

Skara Brae houses 26.11

The children applied their knowledge about Skara Brae- a Neolithic settlement- by making models of their houses. I was so impressed with how kindly they shared their resources and helped each other.  It was a great afternoon and we even spotted a rainbow out of the window!

Odd socks day 13th November

Yesterday, we celebrated that we are all different by wearing odd socks.  It was lovely to hear how all the children are unique when they designed their own odd socks.  We also discussed what a difference we can make through kindness, smiling at someone, giving a compliment, friendship, caring for each other, respecting each other and including everyone.  

Magnets 8th November

In Science today, we predicted and then investigated which materials were magnetic.  The materials that were magnetic were made from

metal. However, not all the metal objects were magnetic. 

Today was a fun-filled day!  This morning, we dissected poo from the Mesolithic Age, Iron Age and Modern Day to see how our diets have changed over time.

In the afternoon, we had a workshop where we learned all about Pre-History (before the Romans brought writing to us).  First, we looked at a time line and were amazed at how long ago the Stone Age began.  We then had a go at using various tools to drill holes, make wool and make flour.  We also had the opportunity to try on clothing from the Mesolithic Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 

This week, we had a great time when Sutton Schools Workers brought the 'iwonder space' to Robin Hood Junior School. It was a lovely chance for the children to to relax and reflect. We talked about the people in our lives that we are thankful for, how important it is to let our light shine and were encouraged to be brave.
This half term our DT project has been all about smoothies.  First, we did some market research- trying existing smoothies and discussing what we liked and didn't like about them.  We used this research to design and make our own smoothies and packaging: lots of tasty creations were producded!  Finally, we evaluated our smoothies by thinking about what we liked about them and what we would improve in the future.  Much fun was had by all.

We had a great day yesterday celebrating European Languages Day! It was lovely to see all the children dressed in their flag colours and have some children share facts about European countries they are from or have visited.  We tried lots of food and I was particularly impressed with those who tried the Sauerkraut.  Then we listened to a French story and the children showed off their prior French learning.  After break, we made Turkish jewellery, learnt a Romanian song and made ourselves into the Bulgarian flag.  Finally, we flew to Italy and made models of the learning Tower of Pisa and a Colosseum out of newspaper. 


On Tuesday, Donna from ASDA came in and let us try lots of fruit and vegetables.  The children thought of great words to describe it including succulent and exotic!