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Rowan 2018/19

Welcome to Rowan!


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PE Summer 1   21/05/19




This half term in P.E, Rowan class have been looking at the skills required for them to be successful at Cricket.  In their first lesson the children looked at handling the bat and then the different kinds of shots in Cricket including low, high and shots into space. In the upcoming weeks, the class will be looking at different ways to bowl the ball. Well done to Rowan class for an excellent start.

PE Spring 1 28/1/19

This Half term in PE, Rowan have been looking at the Frozen Kingdom dance. They have used what they have learnt in their topic work and have begun creating a routine miming those actions. The children have looked at how they would walk, sleep and eat while in the Arctic. In the upcoming weeks Cedar will look at how animals survive in those conditions.  For outdoor PE, Rowan have been learning the important skills needed to be successful in Football. In the first few weeks they’ve looked at passing, defending and attacking. In the upcoming weeks the children will be working on teamwork, movement and the rules. Well done to Rowan for a fantastic start.


Continuing with our Dickens' text, here is another fantastic diary entry written in the character of Miss Havisham, from Great Expectations. The diary was written the night of her wedding, however, she had received a letter that morning from her fiancee who told her that he was leaving her - very dramatic!



We have returned from our Christmas break refreshed for the Spring Term.  As part of our literacy, we have started to look at Charles Dickens' Great Expectations and the children were asked to write a monologue using Dickensian language from the point of view of one of the main charachters, Pip.  Here are two fantastic example of work from two of the children in Rowan:





This half term in P.E, Rowan class have been learning about orienteering. They have learnt about trusting each other, reading maps and team work. Recently the children created an obstacle course and had to draw a map with a key for another group to create. In their indoor P.E lesson they have been using their body to mime and create a dance in the Arctic desert. Well done to Rowan for an excellent start to these topics.


October 2018  


Rowan class have been embracing Growth Mindset this term. We have been stretching our brains, showing courage and resilience and learning to 'flail' - or learn from mistakes. Some of the activities we have tried include Origami and Nims and this half term we will be attempting some of Tim Peake's astronaut selection tests!



This half term in P.E, Rowan class have been learning about gymnastics.  They have learnt about the different types of balances, jumps and turns. The children have started adding these different elements together to form a gym routine. In their outdoor P.E lessons, they have been practising their Netball skills including the different throws, not running with the ball and pivoting. Rowan class have started created their own games using these skills. Well done to Rowan class for an excellent start to these topics!


On Wednesday the 26th of September, Robin Hood Junior School had the pleasure of being able to celebrate Spanish Day, thanks to our amazing Spanish teachers Miss Hanoman-Singh and Mrs Gasson.


First of all we got to try out Flamenco Dancing which was very enjoyable.We also got to try Tapas Tasting. The foods that we tried included chorizo, sheep cheese, breadsticks with garlic mayonnaise, cheese potatoes, ham omelette and olives.  It was delicious.


Spanish day was amazing and we wish to do it again.


By Zara and Halle


 On the 11th of September, Robin Hood Junior school had the pleasure of having a man from the Flat Stan first aid workshops come in to explain how to be safe around first aid. First of all, we got given a leaflet that told us all about what to do if we were in the situation of having a family member in need of help. Next, we got to experience what it would be like to bandage someone who had hurt themselves in a really bad way. Then the man explained which numbers to call if you were in an emergency. He also told us that if you have an iPhone and press the on/off button 5 times you will automatically get the number 112.


This was a really useful workshop and I think that all children should do it!


By Zara, Rowan class



On Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th, Year Six visited The Bluebell Railway in East Sussex because our topic is World War 2, and our teachers wanted us to have fun whilst simultaneously learning.


We got to dress as an evacuee for the day and got to experience an Air Raid alarm as well as a blackout.

We also got to travel by a vintage steam train and reinacted being chosen to go to a foster family due to the danger of being bombed if we stayed with our families in London.


Overall I think the Bluebell Railway is excellent fun and I would recommend it to people who enjoy train journeys.


By Ayman, Rowan class