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School Council / Eco-Schools Programme

School Council

The School Council is an important element of ‘pupil voice’ at our school. It enables pupils to share ideas and to raise issues and concerns.


How are School Councillors elected?

Each class has 2 representatives on the School Council, who are chosen by a democratic secret ballot of the members of their class. If someone is interested in being a councillor, they put their name forward then give a speech on why they will be a good School Councillor. The children in the class then vote for the pupils that they think will perform this role well. Once elected, each councillor has a School Council badge to wear on their uniform.


What happens in the meetings?

This group meets approximately fortnightly to discuss matters of concern to the whole school and to our wider community. The School Council representatives are an important link between the pupils in their classes and the adults at the school and ensure that key ideas and messages are communicated and discussed so that everyone is listened to and feels involved.


At the meetings, children make and vote for suggestions to make the school, and our community, a better place. School Council meetings are joined by Miss Hanoman-Singh, but run by the Chair and Vice Chair, who are Year 6 representatives, who have been voted for by the other school councillors. Notes are made in every meeting and fed back to the class.


Improvements the School Council has initiated

Our World Languages Day raised a huge total of £230 for the School Council's latest project - The Friendship Area. The council decide to spend the money on a new friendship bench for the playground.  The children voted for their favourite design out of the ones the examples they had collectively chosen. In order to raise the full amount needed for their design choice, the children have decided to have year group cake sales to raise the rest of the funds needed. 


The School Council was busy last year considering ways to enhance our school and to support projects in our local community. The representatives collected ideas from their classes; discussed ways to fundraise and decided how this money should be spent. They started a new project called “Whizz Kids and Wise Owls” which is a partnership between our school and a local residential home. They were also able to raise money to create Christmas Cards for the residents so that we could introduce ourselves and brighten up their holiday season! These were greatly appreciated and we even got some Christmas cards back! 



Eco Schools Programme

The school Eco Warriors are a small group of children who are passionate about the environment. Like School council, we meet to discuss arising issues and what we can do as a school to help.


How are Eco Warriors elected?

Each class has two Eco Warrior representatives, who are chosen by a democratic secret ballot by members of their class. If someone is interested in being an Eco Warrior, they can put their name forward and give a speech on why they would be suitable for the role. Once the two members are selected, each warrior is given a badge to wear on their uniform.


What happens in the meetings?

We meet fortnightly during assembly times to discuss any issues and to plan future events. The Eco Warriors think of ideas we could use in school and we then talk about how these can be implemented. We discuss how we can raise awareness so other children in the school are mindful of the environment too. Some meetings are also held outside, where we are either tidying a wildlife area or being creative in other ways.


Our exciting events so far…

With the support from some sixth form students from Sutton High, we created our wonderful ‘turtle and jellies’. These were huge artwork pieces made on the fence of the cage, made entirely out of plastic bags! We created these by first marking out the outlines with masking tape and then carefully weaving stipes of plastic bags between the railings. We were extremely proud of the result and we hope others were inspired to recycle their plastic bags by using them in creative ways. Our hope was to raise awareness about the amount of plastic washing up in our oceans and how we need to reduce the amount of plastics we use!


We have introduced some more items that can now be recycled in school and are making sure everyone is disposing of these items in the correct way. We now recycle paper, batteries, crisps packets and every type of pen.


Another exciting event was the planting of two new trees in our playground! One of our Eco Warriors, Eloise, and her family were very generous in donating two trees they had received from the Woodlands Trust. We believe that they are a cherry tree and rowan tree. With the help from Mrs Bakker, Eloise planted these trees in carefully chosen locations and we have enjoyed watching them grow.


Recently we have teamed up with the School Council to discuss and plan our ‘Robin Hood goes Green’ day. This will be a whole day dedicated to raise awareness of being environmentally friendly and donating our mufti money to local Eco charities in Sutton. We are planning lots of exciting activities through the day including making bird feeders, recycled art, planting seeds and exploring our nature garden. We also hope our friends from the local care home will be able to help us with these activities.