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School Council / Eco-Schools Programme

The School Council enables pupils to share ideas and to raise issues and concerns.


Each class has 2 representatives on the School Council, one boy and one girl, who are chosen by a democratic secret ballot of the members of their class. This group meets approximately fortnightly to discuss matters of concern to the whole school. These representatives report back to their classes on meetings and are a point of contact for any children in the class who want to raise issues or make suggestions.


At the meetings children make and vote for suggestions to make the school a better place. School Council meetings are joined by Miss Harling, but run by the Chair and Vice Chair who are Year 6 representatives who have been voted for by the other school councillors. Notes are made in every meeting and fed back to the class.


Improvements the School Council has initiated
They have voted on how money raised should be spent. They regularly discuss and address playground issues and their latest focus includes the toilet areas and switching off lights and chromebook chargers.


How are School Councillors elected?
If someone is interested in being a councillor, they put their name forward. They then have to give a speech on why they will be a good School Councillor. The children in the class then vote for the pupils they think are the best.

Each councillor has a School Council badge to wear on their uniform.


Mayor and Mayoress of RHJ


In the summer of 2016, the school children ran a successful Mayoral Election alongside the election for the Mayor of London and, after an enthralling campaign by 20 candidates, duly elected a Mayor and Mayoress of Robin Hood Junior School.


Since their election, they too have supported the school by meeting staff to put forward their views, take part in recommending equipment to purchase for the lottery funded playground and advised on safety in the playground. 


In October, Veolia came into assembly to promote the benefits of recycling. The children were so enthused by the information imparted that we invited the company back to lead workshops for each class. Veolia also presented a wonderful opportunity for our Eco-counsellors to work together to produce a piece of art for their media page. The children collected recyclable materials and used these to create a ‘50%’ sign on the school hall floor. This was to celebrate the fact that the local authority had reached 50% recycling rate!


Eco-counsellors are currently working with us to develop the school’s nature areas and get their ideas across of how we can achieve more outdoor learning. We have been redesigning the quad with Eco Local and have plans to give it a new lease of life in the Spring. The plan is for the Eco-counsellors to help cut and clear the current area, in preparation for planting. We will be talking to local garden centres about any donations or off-cuts they may have to brighten up the space and attract wildlife. Once we have begun to clear the area, this page will be updated with our progress. Watch this space!



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