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Mill Rythe 2019 

Day 4 - Evening

This afternoon, the children have continued to give their all to the activities, despite some sleepier faces and the occasional midday yawn. We’ve been engaging in a wide selection of activities, including fencing, abseiling and wilderness survival skills. The children have (mostly) packed their things ready for the journey home tomorrow and are currently enjoying their big last-night disco.


Day 4

It's our last full day at Mill Rythe - the week has flown by! It was an early night last night, all lights were out by 8:30 and most of the children didn't wake until 7:30 this morning! They are all full of beans and are now busy in a dance lesson learning all of the moves for the disco tonight! The sun is shining and the children are all looking forward to their final day of activities. 



The rain eased off a little today but we still had great fun getting soaked! We have snorkelled, played games in the outdoor pool and had a wonderful time kayaking on an open lake. We have also tried archery, fencing and climbing. The children have really impressed us with their motivation to challenge themselves and support each other, especially when facing their fears. They have climbed abseil towers, leaped through the air towards a trapeze bar and done everything with a smile on their faces. As always, the Mill Rythe staff have commented on how well-mannered our pupils are - one table even received double dessert at dinner time for having the tidiest table! The children are currently enjoying this evening’s entertainment called ‘The Runaround Quiz’ and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s activities.


A very rainy Tuesday but that didn't stop us from enjoying all that Mill Rythe has to offer. Spent the morning at the beach, eating ice cream and playing games. Back for snorkeling, fencing, abseiling, climbing you name it, we did it despite the rain. This evening, we're playing a big game of Cluedo and then probably an early night for lots after a busy day. Thunderstorms are forecast but this will note dampen our spirits. 


Day 1

The children all arrived safely at Mill Rythe at 1.30pm. They are settling in, and will then be taking part in their first activity. More details to follow!


Day 1 continued... 


All arrived and and into our groups. Great afternoon buggy building and completing team challenges! Everyone has settled into dormitories and are off at a camp fire this evening. Beach walk in the morning - weather permitting!