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Our Curriculum 

At Robin Hood Juniors, as well as developing the children’s knowledge we aim to develop their independent learning skills, as well as continuing to build their self-confidence, resilience and desire to go further with their learning. These principles apply to all aspects of the curriculum to ensure the children get the highest quality education.


One of the main changes we made last year was the introduction of Knowledge Organisers. As well as developing the children’s skills, we want the children to learn and be able to recall the key facts from each of the topics taught. They include the essential facts about the topic, laid out in chunks; key vocabulary and their definitions; images including maps and diagrams. Knowledge Organisers help us to achieve that as they give children the ‘bigger picture’. In order to make learning permanent, the children have to move it into their long-term memory. Every time a child revisits a fact, the connections associated with it in their brain become stronger. Eventually the fact moves into long-term memory and will be permanent. As the children know more, their capacity to learn and make meaningful links between their learning grows. These key facts will be revisited and built on during your child’s four years with us.


The children have a Knowledge Organiser for each science, geography and history topic. As well as having regular opportunities in class to learn these key facts, the children will benefit from your support at home to achieve this. In these subjects the children record their work in booklets rather than in exercise books. This maximises the time the children can spend exploring and discussing the learning in class and reduce the amount of unnecessary recording; we will also encourage the children to reflect on their learning and go further in areas that spark their interest.


We also use Google Classroom regularly as a learning resource. When your child logs in to Google at home, you will have access to these classrooms and be able to see what the children are learning in greater detail than ever before.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.