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School Council

The School Council is an important element of ‘pupil voice’ at our school. It enables pupils to share ideas and to raise issues and concerns.


How are School Councillors elected?

Each class has 2 representatives on the School Council, who are chosen by a democratic secret ballot of the members of their class. If someone is interested in being a councillor, they put their name forward then give a speech on why they will be a good School Councillor. The children in the class then vote for the pupils that they think will perform this role well. Once elected, each councillor has a School Council badge to wear on their uniform.


What happens in the meetings?

The School Council representatives are an important link between the pupils in their classes and the adults at the school and ensure that key ideas and messages are communicated and discussed so that everyone is listened to and feels involved. At the meetings, children discuss and vote for suggestions to make the school, and our community, a better place. All meetings are supported by Miss Hanoman-Singh.


The school council has been split into different teams: 

  • Research Team - Research and writing letters to families
  • Marketing Team - Creating posters to advertise events around the school
  • Communication Team - Writing a letter to the charity to find out how we can support them 
  • Website Team -  Writing updates for the school website


Notes are made in every meeting and fed back to the class.

School Council Projects

Autumn 2023


On Friday 22nd September we are going to have an Express Yourself Day!

Children can wear clothes that express themselves like traditional clothes from their country, clothes they like to wear and their favourite colours etc. They can also have some jewellery, their favourite hair style, facepaint and even wigs! As always, please use what you have and avoid spending extra money!

We would appreciate it if you could donate anything you can for the Young Mind charity - a charity for kids' mental health. This is a great charity as it supports children facing all sorts of mental health problems and is a charity that we feel passionate about.

Children will be learning more about mental health and doing a few different activities around mindfulness which may to express ourselves, listening to music, writing nice comments about ourselves and others, getting to know each other's differences a little better and a letter including strategies of how to feel better when you’re feeling down. If they would like to, they can share it. We would love there to be a ‘Pick me up’ box (to be named by their class). In the ‘Pick me up’ box, there will be kind messages and quotes that the children will write for each other. At any time the children can pick up a message to make them feel better.

Thanks for reading,
School Council 

New for 2022 - Voice Your Voice project


Each half term the School Council will be involved in finding out the views of our pupils. This term, the focus question is 'What is it like to be a learner at RHJ?'. One child per class will be chosen to speak with members of the School Council. Their responses will be fed back to the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.