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Friendship Bench Reveal- April 2022

We finally held the big reveal for our new Friendship Bench that we raised money for through a Kindness Non-Uniform Day in February. The children gathered in the playground whilst the School Counsellors shared a little information about the bench. They were then invited to join in with a verse from the song 'You've got a friend in me'.


The Friendship Bench will form part of a welcoming and bright area where children can go to develop new friendships and feel supported. We would like to say how proud we are of our School Council and the children for thinking of this wonderful idea that includes EVERYONE. Remember, we all belong!


Here are some pictures of the reveal we held in the playground. Thank you again for all the donations we received.

Year 6 Residential 2022: 20th - 23rd May

In preparation for the Year 6 residential, we hosted a short presentation detailing information about a variety of topics concerning the trip, including our aims for the children, various safety procedures and what sort of activites to expect.

You can find the presentation below if you were unable to attend or wish to see it again.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the school office and we will endeavour to respond as soon as were are able.

Autism Awareness Week, 28th March - 3rd April 2022

Next week is World Autism Awareness Week and we have highlighted this to our pupils in school.  We want them to gain insight into the experiences of others, to empathise with the difficulties faced by autistic people and to show acceptance of difference, including neurodiversity.  We also want them  to see that difference can be a positive thing and can lead to great things (think Albert Einstein or Hans Christian Andersen!).  We know that reading is a powerful way to empower the children and to educate them about complex issues so we have a display in our library where they can learn more about famous autistic people; read fiction about autistic characters; and explore first-hand accounts written by autistic children and young people.  

Red Nose Day Appeal

We couldn't be prouder of our school community and the generosity and support shown by all our families in recent weeks.  We are delighted to tell you that the Red Nose Day donations from Friday 18th March came to a grand total of £309.73Thank you once again for all your donations for another worthwhile cause.  We really are teaching our children the true value of kindness and compassion towards those that are less fortunate, making our community a happy and positive place to be.

Ukraine Appeal - funds raised

On Wednesday 16th March, our children and staff dressed in yellow and blue in support of the people of Ukraine and to raise funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee Humanitarian appeal.  Thank you for your compassion and generosity -  we raised a phenomenal £674.91.  We even received a donation from the coach driver who took Maple Class to swimming! 

Our new Sensory Garden - March 2022

You may recall that we have been developing a Sensory Garden at the front of our school and, after many months of preparation and installations, we have finally been able to let some of our children explore the exciting features!  For all children, a sensory garden is all about stimulating and engaging our senses, and the emotional response can make a difference to health and wellbeing, helping children to feel calmer and happier.


One of our Y6 pupils said "I enjoy playing in the sensory garden having fun with the boys.  We go on Monday and Friday.  I like opening and closing the little doors and racing the cars on the ramp.  The horn is my favourite thing."

Reading in the sun - 17th March 2022

Yesterday, the children enjoyed glorious weather during their lunchtime play in the lower playground.  We were finally able to open our library bi-fold doors so the children could enjoy some reading time in the sun, getting the best of both worlds.  Happy reading!

National Science Quiz Semi-finals – 4th March 2022

On the afternoon of Friday 4th March, four of our Year 6 children, Hardik, Tanisha, Hrishikesh and Lingshan,  took part in the semi-final of the National Science Quiz. They were all absolutely amazing, answering questions across all three areas of Science – from details about chemical reactions to identifying the Quagga, an animal of which the last captive specimen died in Amsterdam on 12th August 1883.


The team did tremendously well, narrowly missing out on the finals by a mere 75 points. We are extremely proud of our scientists, well done team!


Mrs Douglas
(Science Co-ordinator)

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2022 You are a Reader

On Thursday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day. The theme this year was 'You are a Reader' and during the day pupils created some fantastic collages showcasing all the reading they had done that week - from road signs to recipes! In the afternoon, the children had a lovely time reading their favourite books in their cosy clothes. Some children even took their cosy reading outside! Thank you to pupils and staff who made it such an enjoyable day, and to parents for supporting your children to collect their collage materials.


This is what some of our Y6 children said about World Book Day 2022:


I really, really enjoy reading so I loved World Book Day a lot but if I had to pick a favourite activity I’d pick the collage as it was really fun and there was a lot of creative freedom - Nishita 


Reading with my friends was also great, we could share each other's books and expand our knowledge in a fun and exciting way - Ann


Reading on your own is fun but to share wisdom and knowledge with someone just with a couple pieces of paper is a real privilege especially since there are children out there who can't read. I also loved being creative by cutting out pictures of things you can read everywhere. It just shows how much of an impact reading makes on our lives - Ashi


Overall, this day was so fun and I wish it could be everyday! - Lilly 

Red Nose Day – Friday 18th March 2022

Once again, our school is supporting Comic Relief and would like to raise money and awareness about this charity and how it supports people in the UK and across the world. On Friday 18th March 2022, the children are invited to wear Red Noses, come to school dressed in red and bring any other memorabilia to do with Comic Relief. We would be grateful if a donation of £1 is given either via the link below or in cash on the day. During the day, the children will spend some time researching the work done by Comic Relief and the way that it helps people. There will also be an hour of comical activities taking place such as watching a funny film, creating comic books or telling jokes! Each class will decide what they would like to do. Thank you for your support.

Money raised on Kindness Day

We were well and truly dazzled on the Friday before half-term as children and staff came to school wearing their brightest colours, representing all the colours of the rainbow!  It was a fantastic day with a great atmosphere in school as children were excited to show off their outfits and really demonstrate extra kindness towards their peers.  Thank you for all the donations we received.  We are delighted to tell you that we raised a grand total of ***£339.20*** and this money will go towards the purchase of a special Friendship Bench which will be put in our school playground.  The Friendship Bench will form part of a welcoming, bright area where children can go to develop new friendships and feel supported. We would like to say how proud we are of our School Council and the children for thinking of this wonderful idea that includes EVERYONE.  Remember, we all belong!

Y6 Oak class 

Throughout the previous week, the children had written down on coloured paper acts of kindness from other class members.  We then combined all of these acts of kindness to make our very own special Kindness Paperchain.  

Kindness Day (Non Uniform) - Friday 11th February 2022

Continuing our theme of ‘We all belong!’ we have planned to celebrate a day of kindness at Robin Hood Junior School on Friday 11th February.  For a donation of £1 (or more!), children and staff are invited to come to school dressed in as many bright colours as possible, using the symbol of a rainbow to remind us that, regardless of our backgrounds, we are all equal and we all belong in this world.  We embrace everyone and celebrate the differences between us, as that is what makes each and every one of us special and unique.  And whilst we aim to show kindness and consideration in our daily lives, why not have a day of fun to celebrate this in the lead up to the half-term break!  


So…dust off that bright red t-shirt; grab those luminous green leggings and come to school wearing a big smile!  And to add to the fun and excitement, for this special day, the children have permission to have a small rainbow painted on their face with face paint (to be done at home) and can even wear a colourful wig, if you have one! We really would love to showcase as many different colours as possible!


As always, please do not buy anything new.


Throughout the day, there will be various activities promoting kindness, that have been planned by the children. The proceeds of this day will go towards the cost of our new friendship bench – also rainbow themed!  We have already raised a good amount from World Languages Day so not much more to go!

RHJ maintains 5 star food hygiene rating 

We are delighted to announce that, following an unplanned Food Hygiene Inspection by LB Sutton Environmental Health department on Monday 31st January 2022, Robin Hood Junior School has maintained the highest award of 5 stars.


Our Catering Team, led by Mrs Brooker, provide a nutritionally balanced, delicious and varied lunch menu to the children on a daily basis and take great care to ensure that food hygiene and cleanliness standards are met each time.  We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to them for the lunch service they provide to the children (and indeed the staff!).


To find out more about our School Lunch Service, click on 'The School Day' tab along the top of the screen and then select 'Lunches'.

St Raphael's Hospice Reindeer Run

You will recall that the children took part in a sponsored Reindeer Run all those weeks ago, to raise vital funds for St Raphael's Hospice.  What you won't know, and what we are DELIGHTED to tell you is that the the final total raised for this wonderful charity is an incredible...




St Raphael's Hospice have said this is the largest total raised by a school for this particular fundraising event and we are hugely grateful to all the Robin Hood Junior School families and friends for your generosity and support.  Thank you to the children in our School Council for arranging this event and to all the children for taking part!

Our Welcome Display Board, Jan 2022

It's always a bit sad when it's time for the Christmas Tree and decorations to come down after the festive season.  But there wasn't any doom and gloom at RHJ this week, as our children have helped to decorate a different kind of tree by way of bright and bold self portraits, creating a beautiful Welcome display board for us all, and hopefully soon our families, to enjoy.  

Christmas around the World

We are all familiar with how Christmas is celebrated in England but how is it celebrated in other countries?  Do they have turkey on Christmas Day?  Do they decorate their homes with Christmas trees?  Our children had great fun learning about the many different traditions and customs of countries around the world and each class showcased their learning on a beautifully decorated display board which you can enjoy below.

Dec 2021 - Year 6 have been making Phone Cases 

"In our first DT topic, we thoroughly enjoyed making detailed phone cases for our loved ones.  The materials we used were felt, velcro and thread.  It was a surprise how just a few materials made such an amazing case!" Tanisha, Rowan class

15.12.2021 Year 3 Discover Christmas

Here are some pictures from our Discover Christmas workshop from Sutton Schools Work today.‚Äč

The children learnt about what Christians believe about Christmas and discussed how they can be a light to others this Christmas.  Jaffice in Elm class said "I enjoyed learning about the gold, frankincense and myrrh and what they meant in the story. We also got to smell the frankincense and myrrh which was really good."

Year 3 Skara Brae models

Dec 2021 - Year 3 have been looking at Prehistory in History this half term. They have learnt about different ways that people lived in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We looked at a specific New Stone Age village called Skara Brae, which is located in the Orkney Islands, just off the coast of Scotland. The children then made their own model of Skara Brae, using boxes, paint, cardboard, twigs and leaves to help make the different features of the houses! 

Reindeer Run for St Raphael's Hospice

December 2021 - Christmas Compassion continues at Robin Hood Junior School as, this week, our children took part in a festive Reindeer Run to raise funds for St Raphael's Hospice.  Wearing their reindeer antlers, the children were sponsored by friends and family to run or walk for a short period of time around our school playground.  The children had a great time in the spirit of festive fun all the while raising vital funds for this fantastic local charity who rely heavily on the support and generosity of the community.  To date we have raised over £1800!  Here are some pictures of the RHJ Reindeer Run. 

The Northern Lights

December 2021 - In Year 6, the children have been reading Philip Pullman's 'Northern Lights' which tells the story of a child in search of her missing friend and uncle in a parallel universe.  They were then given the task of drawing their own interpretation of the Northern Lights and came up with some fantastic designs. 

Thomas said, "In class, we made Northern Lights pictures.  It was very fun and the books is brilliant". 

Georgia said, "I enjoyed this lesson.  I think I would like to see the Northern Lights".

Christmas Lunch!

Our fabulous Catering Team have done it again and the children enjoyed a very special lunchtime on Wednesday 8th December consisting of a delicious Christmas Lunch with all the trimmings as well as music, crackers, festive jumpers and staff being on hand to listen to the cracker jokes...everyone was in great Christmas cheer!

Christmas Compassion - Gifts for Salvation Army 2021

Compassion is an attribute we value highly at Robin Hood Junior School and this appeal is a great way for the children to acknowledge the importance of thinking of others and showing kindness.


The Salvation Army receives a list from Sutton Social Services with the number of families who need help to make sure their children have some gifts to open this Christmas.  Thanks to the generosity of our families, our Non-Uniform Day on Friday 19th November raised a staggering £564 to spend on Christmas gifts.  


Each class was then given the task of choosing a gift that they would like to buy for a child of a similar age. 

In choosing a gift, the children thought about toys that have longevity and the kinds of gifts they would like to receive if they were ever in the situation where their family, for whatever reason, was unable to provide them with everything they needed.


These gifts were then purchased and delivered to the Salvation Army, ready to be wrapped and delivered to families in time for Christmas Day!  Major Catherine Cotterill at the Sutton Salvation Army said "On behalf of all of us, I want to express our thanks to the pupils of Robin Hood Junior School for the wonderful presents that you donated to the Toy Appeal again this year.  The gifts were all fantastic and we are extremely grateful".


We are very proud of the compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness our children have shown throughout this task; here are pictures of some of our classes proudly displaying their chosen gift for a child in need. 

Topics in Year 6

Year 6 have been busy this half-term taking part in all sorts of activities to help their learning whilst having fun!  Here are some pictures and words about what Rowan class have been up to.


"In our PE lesson based on electricity, we pretended to be electricity for our warm up and then needed to be creative and make up a dance where our group was a circuit with a battery, bulbs, wires and a switch." Lewis. 


"I really enjoyed the maths ratio and proportion investigation because we got to work in groups and my group helped me." William


"In our online WaterAid assembly, we found out why having clean water and good toilet facilities are important and we learnt about WaterAid, an amazing charity which brings toilets to those who don't have them." Alina 


"In music this term, we are learning how to play a jazz piece of music called Bacharach Anorak on glockenspiels.  We started not very well but practised and got better.  With hard work and not giving up, we are now masters!" Alex C.

Odd Socks Day

Monday 15th November marked the start of Anti-Bullying Week and the theme is ‘One Kind Word’.  As a class, we have been discussing bullying and talking about how we can be kind to everyone and why this is important.  The children were invited to join in with the Anti-Bullying Alliance to celebrate ‘Odd Socks Day’ so we can talk about what makes us all unique and celebrate our differences.  This certainly was a fun start to the week and the children enjoyed discussing our differences and how we can celebrate them all!

I Wonder Space 

During the week of the 8th November 2021, the children enjoyed their time with Sutton Schools Work who brought the 'I Wonder Space' to Robin Hood Junior School. It was a lovely chance for the children to relax and reflect.  We talked about the people in our lives that we are thankful for, how important it is to let our light shine and were encouraged to be brave.  The children thought about everything from how to be a good friend to their goals for the future. They even considered how to encourage themselves to try their best in what they do with some motivational artwork.  Some of our children wrote a little piece about their experience:


"Some people came in and we did activities to do with love and helping.  There was a tree you could write stuff on.  We made five beaded bracelets and there was lots to do." Georgia, Rowan class


"In the I Wonder Space, we wrote about what makes us brave and we forgave people and shared our hopes and dreams." Alex S, Rowan class


"In the I Wonder Space, I enjoyed how calm it was and the activities.  There were nine different activities altogether.  My favourite ones were bracelet making and writing on a paper about someone that made us feel sad and we then threw that paper in the bin so that meant that we forgave them." Roland, Rowan class

Colours of the World

During a PSHE lesson earlier this week, Year 3 children made use of ‘Colours of the World’ colouring pencils which consist of 24 specially formulated colours and shades representing different skin tones among people of the world.  The children were asked to draw pictures of their family and it was so lovely to see the children carefully selecting the shades and colours that they felt best represented them and their family.  Here are some examples of their wonderful work.

European Languages Day 2021

On Monday 27th September, we held a European Day of Languages celebration with the theme of ‘We all belong!’ Pupils and staff were asked to come to school dressed in an outfit that either celebrates their heritage or represents a country that they would like to visit in the future. The children took part in lots of fun activities throughout the day, which included learning songs in a different language and performing these to a different year group.

The money we raised from this non-uniform day will now be used to revamp our Friendship Bench to be a welcoming, bright area where children can go to develop new friendships and feel supported. 


‘I enjoyed the whole day! There were also lots of fun activities throughout the school day. For example we got to learn a Greek song all about colours which was hard but really really fun. I loved how the teachers had planned this special day for us especially and how it was also to raise money! I loved language day and can’t wait until we have another day like it!’


Mabel (Ash class)


Year 6 Trip to Bluebell Railway

On Friday 17th September, Year 6 went on an exciting visit to the Bluebell Railway as part of the World War II topic. They discovered what it was like to be evacuated; experience an air-raid; and enjoy a trip on a real steam train.


‘When we went to the Bluebell Railway I had an amazing time from as soon as I stepped off the coach. First we looked at what was advertised on the posters and it was mostly tobacco to whisky things that men would often use back then (as they were the main people who would be taking the train in those days). After that, we went on the train. The comfy old-fashioned carriages and seats were authentic and gave us the atmosphere of wartime. It was very exciting when they turned the lights off to pretend we were in a black-out.  One of my favourite activities was being able to feel how it would have felt to be billeted by being picked out. That is what I enjoyed the most. I would definitely recommend the Bluebell Railway. Thank you to my school for taking the time to arrange it.’


Darcie (Cedar class)


‘Our final activity of the day was experiencing life in an air raid!  The siren sounded and we had to go underground to the air raid shelter.  The man in charge told us that sometimes the bombs would fall overnight and children would sing songs to keep them entertained.  We didn't stay all night but we did sing Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.’


Shreya (Cedar class)




Year 6 Production - Shoot That Poison Arrow

We are proud to present the Year 6 Production 2021 to all our families.  We are extremely proud of our Year 6 children who have worked so hard alongside their Teachers and TAs to put together this show and we hope that the memories they have made with us during their last few weeks, and before, will stay with them beyond their years at RHJ.


You can watch the Production by clicking on this link:

Or you can click on Parental Support along the top and scroll down to School Videos.




Year 5 enjoy Activity Week!

Lots of fun was had by all during Year 5 Activity Week, as these photos show!  

Birds of Prey Display at Sutton High School

On Wednesday 30th June, Year 6 was invited to join the pupils of Sutton High School for a Birds of Prey display.  They listened carefully to the handler as he talked about his birds and marvelled at them as he demonstrated their skills.  It was amazing to be so close to the owls and hawks; the children were captivated!  Needless to say, the staff of Sutton High commented very positively on our children's excellent behaviour.  Well done Year 6, you were a credit to RHJ and your teachers loved to see you enjoying the awe and wonder of nature in the heart of Sutton!

Scarlett in Cedar class said:

The Birds of Prey display show was very cool to watch. From owls to hawks everything was so amazing. My personal favourite was the tawny owl as it was very fluffy and was only 8 weeks old. The man who was handling all of the birds tied a green rope to the owl's leg so he would know that the owl would come back and not fly free while it was learning. I now know that owls with black eyes hunt for food in the night, owls with orange eyes hunt both in day and at night, owls with yellow eyes hunt only in day. 

He got the owls to fly over our heads. It was a bit scary but very cool! Another favourite of mine was an owl that walked really fast like a chicken. It was very cute and funny. We also learnt that an owl has its ears in different places: one, on the sides just above where the human ear would be, and the other one below the mouth. It was very interesting. The hawk was wonderful to watch. We saw how many crows and other birds gathered round to try to attack it when the man let it fly up on the roof. Luckily the hawk did not get hurt and he was our finishing bird.

We had a great time.

Virginia in Cedar class said:

On Wednesday 30th June, Year 6 walked to Sutton High School for Girls and were welcomed in through the front gates of the building. Once we had sat down on the school’s lawn, a man explained what he was going to do during his Birds of Prey show, I was thrilled! 

Then, he took out a barn owl which was really pretty. He later moved on to a tawny owl and it was only 8 weeks old! He still had fluff on him seeing as he was a newborn and that made him really adorable! He also squeaked a lot which can be cute on one hand but annoying on the other. With this baby owl, he showed us the training methods he uses for his owls. 

Next, the man brought out a horned owl. It was very majestic and royal-looking. He told us to close our eyes and made it silently swoop over our heads without us hearing it, which I was quite scared about at first but it gradually became really fun! The man also took out an owl which he said was his favourite even though - this part is a bit gross - it removed his whole nail and the man ended up in hospital after that! 

The man also took a falcon out of his van. It was beautiful but sadly he didn’t fly it because he said it would never come back - they’re very independent birds. I remember the man took out a red kite, I think, and, if I remember correctly, she was called Maggie. She was one very graceful bird! 

Overall, this display was fascinating. I learnt a lot and it was very entertaining, too. Well done to all of those elegant birds of prey for performing so well and thank you teachers for the amazing experience! :)


Year 4 Easter Production - March 2021

The Spring Term ended on a high note with the Easter Production, Good News, performed beautifully by the hugely talented children in Year 4.  It was a delight to see the hall and stage in use again with singing and performing led by the Year 4 teachers and TA's who, along with the children, worked hard to put this production together, retelling the story of Easter through news reports!  We are sorry we were not able to invite families into school to watch the production but do enjoy the photos below and we hope to see you in school again soon.