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Although you all receive the newsletter via email and it is on the website as a pdf I am aware that it is not possible to translate it this way. I hope to use this page as a way of sharing the Headteacher letters and other information about the daily life of the school.

Any feedback is appreciated. 

31st March 2021


What a term this has been! It feels in some ways as if we have done a whole academic year since January and I know children and staff are all exhausted.


I hope you enjoyed Friday’s newsletter with a taste of school life for the first time in ages.

Today Mrs Rose and I enjoyed the Y4 Easter assemblies which were great.  This is a challenging story to tell and they showed all the emotions of Holy Week. The children all acted and sang beautifully and we were so pleased they were able to perform for the first time in many months. There will be some photos put up soon and I am sorry you weren’t able to join us.


Looking ahead to next term:


  1. All children are expected back on Monday 19th April and the current timings will still apply.
  2. I would like to see all the children in correct uniform if possible and plain black school shoes or trainers.  
  3. On PE days they can come in school PE kit, which is black shorts and a green school t-shirt. They should wear plain tracksuit bottoms or leggings, a sweatshirt or hoodie and trainers as they are travelling to school in it. We are considering adding something plain and inexpensive to the uniform list from September.


Finally may I wish you all a restful holiday. If you are celebrating the Christian Easter weekend or marking Passover or Ramadan then we wish you peace and joy. Please keep safe and well, I don’t think we could bear another school closure just as a little normality is returning!


Thank you for your support this term, for us and for your children, it makes so much difference.


26th March 2021


My highlight of the week was hearing Y3 and Y4 singing in the Hall and on the playground! For the first time in ages school felt completely normal, despite all the restrictions and procedures still in place.

Last week I asked parents to talk to their children about kindness and respect towards others. On the whole they have adjusted back well but we are seeing them struggle with two things – the first is their interactions with other children (being rough or unkind) and the second is tiredness. Hopefully over the holiday they will be able to have garden or park play dates with other children that will help them and plenty of fresh air and early nights. This is a useful guide to the new rules:

Thank you if you have been kind and respectful in your communication with staff too. We know people are under strain but politeness, positivity and wearing a mask on site cost nothing and make life much more pleasant for us all.

Attendance for some children has been wobbly and I have had a number of requests for ‘holidays’ to visit family abroad. I cannot authorise holiday in term time and as attendance is now compulsory – penalty notices may be issued.  All children need to be in school unless they are unwell or your family have to isolate.

Yesterday and this morning there were situations where parents completed dangerous turns in the road and there were children unsupervised on the pavements. You should not come up Thorncroft Road past Greenford Road as it is impossible to turn round safely and you should not leave your children outside without an adult. I don’t know how many different ways I can say this before there is an accident. 

We have been discussing some potential changes arising from the lockdown and would appreciate your views. There is a short survey to gather your views. If you could complete one per family before the end of term, this would help our planning.

You may have noticed the website has a bit of a new look – we are trying to make it simpler and easier to navigate. It is not finished yet so any feedback you have is welcome. Huge thanks to Mrs Rix and Mrs Shan who have worked so hard on this and some parents who have helped too. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the new layout properly.

At RHJ we are all learners and I am pleased to share two pieces of news. You will see below that Mrs Burlingsby graduated as our first Chartered Teacher and Mrs Benjamin has taken her first steps towards teacher training by enrolling on a degree course which is very exciting too. We are very proud of our staff for taking these steps to develop their practice as it benefits us all and particularly your children. 

Next week we are pleased to welcome Mrs Warren back from maternity leave. She will be supporting across the school and working with Mrs Pitman on literacy.

We finish for Easter on Wednesday 31st March and the timings for going home will be:

  • Y3 at 1pm
  • Y4 at 1.10pm
  • Y5 at 1.20pm
  • Y6 at 1.30pm  - (Younger children can wait for the older ones to finish)

School starts back on Monday 19th April at the usual staggered times:

  • Y6 arrive at 8.30am and leave at 2.45pm
  • Y5 arrive at 8.40am and leave at 2.55pm
  • Y4 arrive at 8.50am and leave at 3.05pm
  • Y3 arrive at 9.00am and leave at 3.15pm

Clubs run by outside providers are still on hold because of the government guidance but Breakfast and the After School Club are continuing on the same basis as before.