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Although you all receive the newsletter via email and it is on the website as a pdf I am aware that it is not possible to translate it this way. I hope to use this page as a way of sharing the Headteacher letters and other information about the daily life of the school.

Any feedback is appreciated. 


Mrs Broers

15th October 2021


Dear families of RHJ,


Well done to all of Y3 pupils and staff for such a delightful Harvest performance this morning. The singing was fantastic; every single child contributed beautifully and it is hard to believe you have only been Robin Hood Juniors for half a term. You certainly aimed high!  I am very proud of all of you and I am sure your families are too. Thank you to parents for providing the costumes and no doubt for listening to the songs, many times over! One parent said to me that working on the Harvest performance had been a really important unifying event for the children. I would agree – I could see how much the children benefited.


You may be aware that we have quite high numbers of pupils and staff who have been unwell and we are doing our best to manage this. Please continue to use Lateral Flow Tests at home and book a PCR test if you have any symptoms. This is an interesting link that highlights some of the less well known symptoms:


There is lots happening at the moment for us all so please make a note of the following:



  • Thursday 21st is ‘cosy casual’ reading afternoon so children are encouraged to wear snuggly, warm, non-uniform clothes that day. There’s no charge – it’s to enjoy reading for pleasure.


  • We have Inset Days on Friday 22nd October and Monday 1st November when the school will be closed to children.


  • The Safer Streets camera will be operational from the 1st November so you must not drive up Thorncroft Road or Greenford Road otherwise you may be fined.


  • Flu vaccinations for pupils are on the 2nd November and you must complete and submit the flu e-consent form even if you do not want your child vaccinated. The deadline is midnight on Monday 18th October and the letter with the link is here and further information is on the school website under ‘Letters home’.


  • None of our pupils should be watching Squid Games which has been rated 15 in the UK for “sexual violence references, injury detail, crude humour, sex, suicide, sexual images, violence”. It is clear some pupils have seen this programme and the ‘games’ are popular in the playground. We are monitoring this and ask that you make sure you know what they are viewing at home. Advice about using parental controls can be found here:


These have been recommended by Mrs Burlingsby our Maths Lead:



  •  You may also be interested in a course for Maths-anxious Parents. This is a short online course called "Helping with Homework: For Maths-Anxious Parents" that guides parents through a few of the ways they can help their child without having to know too much about the maths.

Have a lovely weekend – hopefully in the Autumn sunshine.

8th October 2021

Dear families of RHJ,


Thank you if you popped into school on Monday or Tuesday to say hello and see your child’s classroom. It was lovely to see so many of you and the children looked delighted to show you around. Some of you will have taken a peep at the new toilets too – they are such an improvement!


We are still having occasional incidents of boys deliberately blocking toilets and causing a flood which is very disappointing. I am sure you all think your son would never do such a thing – but someone is so, please talk to them about how horrified you would be if it happened at home.


Year 3 have been practising for Harvest and it is lovely to hear them singing in the hall – it was one of the things we missed most during lockdown! Y5 have started swimming too and lots of children have signed up for the Y6 residential. Y4 pupils have made a great start learning to play the ukulele and all these things give a really good picture of the broad and balanced curriculum our staff work so hard to provide. I am very privileged to work with such a committed group of people.


Some of my other highlights this week have been:

  • Hearing that the Y6 football team played their first match with real resilience and determination – drawing their first match 4:4!
  • People helping out in a mix of roles to support us with staff absence
  • Y5 children being really thoughtful and reflective about equalities 
  • Meeting Cassie the reading dog in the corridor
  • Seeing the school photos – some of them were gorgeous!
  • Watch Y6 learn from their teacher ‘remotely’
  • Seeing children changing their books in the library


A few reminders:

  • Covid is still very much around so please keep your child home if they have any symptoms and get a PCR test.
  • Parking is still a difficult issue and after half term you will receive a penalty notice fine if you drive up Thorncroft /Greenford Roads.
  • School shoes /trainers with uniform should be plain black please.
  • PE joggers /tops should be plain black please.
  • Ties should be worn (unless you are in PE kit or a summer dress!)


I am sure like me you will enjoy seeing and hearing about all the events that have been happening in the last four weeks. There is lots of excellent learning visible around school and the children and staff are working hard!


There are a few things coming up for you to make a note of:

  • Monday 4th October – Y3 & 5 drop in 3.30-4pm  
  • Tuesday 5th October – Y4 & 6 drop in 3.30-4pm



  • Wednesday 6th October Y6 residential booking deadline
  • Friday 15th October at 9.15am Y3 Harvest
  • Thursday 21st October – cosy-casual clothes for reading afternoon. See the separate letter.
  • Friday 22nd October and Monday 1st November are Inset days


A few reminders:

  • Teaching starts at 8:50am and your child needs to wash their hands; hang up their coat and be ready to learn. Please try to arrive close to 8.40am so they have time to do this!
  •  School footwear with uniform should be plain black. Ties are still compulsory with shirts please.
  • Parking near school is impossible & dangerous  – please use ASDA or Sainsbury’s



I am afraid after my email last week the parking and driving around school became even worse - upsetting neighbours and other parents. This was despite the weather being warm and dry; we even had cars on the yellow zig zags outside the gates on Friday. 


The Council are planning to put in a camera so Penalty Notices will automatically be issued.  

Please use ASDA or Sainsburys car parks and walk to collect your child. 


Thank you.

24th September


Dear families of RHJ,


It has been such lovely weather this week – the children are really enjoying the time outside and we are trying to make the most of it.  Clubs have begun, alongside various sporting trials so the atmosphere is busy and purposeful!


There is lots going on, so a few reminders:


  • Monday 27th is World Languages Day so children may come to school, not in uniform but in colours, costumes or clothes linked to any country of their choice. A contribution of £1 towards our Friendship project would be appreciated.


  • Tuesday 28th – individual and sibling photos will be taken so super smart uniform for everyone please 


PE changes – this week only! I’m sorry if this is confusing – changes are to fit in the photos and World Languages events. Please remind other parents who may have forgotten.


  • Y3 & Y4 should wear PE kit on Thursday;
  • Y5 should wear trainers & uniform on Tuesday and PE kit on Wednesday
  • Y6 need PE kit on Friday


  • If your child doesn’t eat pork – please look at the menu with them and remind them that sausages; ham; hot dogs and pepperoni pizza all contain pork as some seem confused and ask for these.


  • Parents are invited to pop into classes to say hello to the teacher and see where their child sits. So we can manage numbers on site, this will be on Monday 4th October for Y3 and Y5; Tuesday 5th October for Y4 & Y6 - between 3.30-4pm. If you are not able to come please don’t worry – there will be a presentation from each year group in their Google Classroom with photos and key information. This is not a parents’ evening – just a drop in. Please wear a mask.


  • Y6 parents – spaces on the residential trip must be booked as soon as possible please
  • Y3 parents have received a letter about Harvest on Friday 15th October


Parking & Waiting around School - September 2021 


I have been approached by one of our neighbours, on behalf of local residents about parking around school, particularly in the afternoons. 

As you know the roads are narrow and largely one way. Turning round is difficult and dangerous when there are people on the pavements.


Local residents pay for permits to park on the streets and often find there are no spaces because parents are waiting or that their drives are blocked by parents. This makes for poor relations and reflects badly on the school. Sometimes parents have even been rude to residents or dismissive of their concerns, which is very disappointing. 


Please use ASDA or Sainsbury's car parks to park safely and considerately. Your children are quite safe until you arrive. 


17th September


I have had such a lovely morning popping into classes today. Your children are so settled, polite, smiley and working extremely hard!

  • We began the day with Y6 off to the Bluebell Railway, all dressed as evacuees from WWII
  • Then in Y3 I saw some excellent maths and some super animal sentence writing
  • Y4 were tackling rounding and some problem solving that made me think hard
  • I saw one child supporting another with their maths that made me think she would definitely make a good teacher
  • In Y5 I heard vocabulary like glaring and possessed to describe a rather scary character.
  • One Y5 class were building on place value work from Y3 & 4 and I could see excellent progression

Around 50 children attended choir this week – it is fantastic to be singing again in school. Other clubs will start next week and confirmation of places has been sent. I am sorry if your child was disappointed this time around.

There are a few areas where I would like your help:

  • It is very busy around the gate, especially at the end of the day. Please be aware of other pavement users – we have had near misses with wheelchair /mobility scooters and ordinary scooters. Do not drive up to the school gates even if it is wet or you are late – it is just too dangerous. Please keep your children on the pavement at all times.
  • There have been a few children deliberately spoiling the lovely new toilets – some boys urinating everywhere and blocking the toilet with paper. Please talk to them about behaving in the school toilets as they would at home.
  • Please support your child with reading daily and talking about their books – not just racing to finish! Also aim for 1000 Mathletics points every week J

If you do need to come into the office – please wear a mask as you are not a ‘regular contact’ for staff. You can continue to ring or email the office with queries or use your child’s home contact book.


10th September 2021


Our first full week has been busy and the children have settled into their classes and their learning, brilliantly.

I am sorry about the technical problems with requesting club places. There are never enough spaces I am afraid but hopefully over the year everyone will get a chance to join a club.


What’s going really well so far?

  • Coming into school – nearly everyone is on time and children are washing their hands and coming in sensibly J
  • PE & PE Kit – any colour trainers can be worn on PE days
  • Learning – the children are working hard and enjoying their lessons
  • The new toilets are lovely
  • Playtimes & lunchtime are going well
  • We are keeping up the focus on hand hygiene with regular washing and sanitising


What is still in progress?

  • With school uniform - school shoes or trainers should be plain black please.
  • If you can teach your child to tie their laces and their tie we would be so grateful!
  • Clubs should be sorted out soon.
  • We are planning things such as educational trips and visits; Y5 swimming and other school events and will let you know about these separately.
  • We are finding out what the children need in their learning and planning support for this.
  • If you do need to come into the office – please wear a mask as you are not a ‘regular contact’ for staff. You can continue to ring or email the office with queries or use your child’s home contact book.


3rd September 2021

Dear Parents & Carers,

It is lovely to see the children back in school and to welcome the new Y3 classes and the pupils who have started other year groups. Thank you for being patient while we establish new routines – it will get quicker!

We are very pleased with the refurbishment of the toilet block over the summer – they look fantastic and Mrs Cookson and Mrs Cirstean have worked so hard to get all the work done whilst the children were on holiday.


I thought it would be helpful to set out a few key reminders:

PARENTPAY LOGINS were sent home yesterday for all Y3 pupils and other new starters. Please make sure you set up your account this weekend as this is how you receive all school information and letters (including clubs); pay for lunches; Breakfast Club and school events etc. We hope to send information about clubs over the next couple of weeks so please look out for this as places will be limited.       


  • The gate opens at 8.40am and closes at 8.50am       
  • Everyone finishes at 3.15pm
  • Children will be told which days they have PE and should arrive in PE kit which is:
      • Black shorts
      • School green PE t-shirt
      • Trainers
      • Black joggers & top or sweatshirt (for travelling or the cold)
  • School shoes or trainers should be plain black please
  • We know some people are still waiting for MAPAC uniform orders so please don’t worry. The office have some new ties and PE tops for sale – if you email in they will advise.

Safety measures:

  • We are keeping up the focus on hand hygiene with regular washing and sanitising
  • Break and lunchtimes are split into Y3&4 and Y5&6; we won’t have whole school assemblies just yet.
  • If your child has Covid 19 symptoms you must keep them at home and get a PCR test.
  • We are limiting visitors on site so please continue to ring or email the office with queries or use your child’s home contact book.


I love this picture!

Last day of term is Friday 23rd July


  • Y6 should be collected at 11:30pm after their shirt signing. Parents are welcome in the playground from 11.15am to say goodbye to staff.  Younger siblings will remain in school until their year group is dismissed.

Y3, 4 & 5 will have lunch as normal then

  • Y3 to be collected at 1:00pm
  • Y4 to be collected at 1:10pm          
  • Y5 to be collected at 1:20pm.             


So, younger siblings will wait safely for their older brothers & sisters on the playground. If someone else is collecting your child, please let the teacher know in the home-school book.


September 2021

  • All children are back on Thursday 2nd September.
  • Timings will be – main gate opens at 8.40am; all children should be in by 8.50am and all children will be dismissed at 3.15pm.
  • Breakfast Club and Sutton After School Play Service will run.
  • All children should be in uniform – blazers are now optional; plain black shoes are compulsory.
  • Children will be told at the start of term which days are PE day and on these days they can come in PE kit. This should be plain black top and bottoms and a school PE t shirt. See the website for details.
  • All school equipment will be provided – no pencil cases in school please.
  • Please provide a named set of headphones/ earbuds for your child to use.
  • They only need a small school bag – not a giant backpack!

End of year reports - letter & comment form



On Wednesday 7th July children are invited to come into school in non-uniform clothing. This is to celebrate the enjoyment so many people are getting from the Euro Football tournament so this time football shirts (from any team or nation) will be allowed!


Of course, children don’t have to wear a football shirt - any casual clothes are allowed but please make sure they are suitable for a busy school day. This means warm enough; not exposing /revealing too much and comfortable & safe to run around in!


No donation is needed – it is just for fun.


2nd July 2021


Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,


In the same breath this week I have heard people say ‘How can it be July already?’ and then ‘It is still three weeks till the end of term!’ I am very aware that everyone is tired, children, staff and families as the stresses of the year ease in some ways but in other ways still dominate life. Tempers are a little frayed and friendships are sometimes a challenge. We always work with the children to help them resolve problems rather than just impose a solution and this usually works – even if it takes more time.


Y6 went to Sutton High School this week for a fabulous Birds of Prey demonstration – they loved it and we were complimented on their behaviour – as always.  Yesterday our amazing Science Team came 13th out of the whole country, so congratulations to everyone who has represented RHJ this week! The activity weeks are going well and the Y5 pupils have thoroughly enjoyed their dance; science; art work and sports. Next week it is Y4’s turn and I am sure they will enjoy it very much. As I said in the last letter - we cannot now have spectators for sports events or other activity week events as, even outside, the maximum gathering is only 30 people. This week the Y3 and 4 children have been mixing in their new classes and although change is hard for a few pupils, we are confident they will work well in their new groups and add to their friendship circles.


A few parents have asked about summer holiday activities. Many people will not be able to go away but there are lots of things that you can do with your children that will make a real difference to them when they return in September.

My top three would be:

  • Read, read, read – go to the library or the charity shop for new books and enjoy them together
  • Learn to swim if you can
  • Get outside on your bike; to the park or the garden as much possible


Finally, in my role as Safeguarding Lead I was shown a presentation about a range of social media apps and sites young people are using. To be honest with you it was terrifying, and as a parent I was extremely glad my own children are adults.  I don’t think I should send it to all parents however if you would like to receive it to inform yourself of the very real risks, please email the office using the subject ‘Online Safety’ and I will send it to you.


18th June


Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,


School has been really busy this week with children in Y3 enjoying i-wonder workshops; Y5 touring the British Museum virtually and some Y6 pupils meeting teachers from their new high schools. Although we are still operating under so many Covid restrictions staff are working hard to make sure the children have as wide a range of experiences as possible. I have attached a poster around growth mindset to help you support your children.


I took some School Councillors to Robin Hood Infants on Monday to lead assembly and I was so proud of them. Niamh & Alfie; Kalash & Emily and Leo & Megan shared lots of interesting information about life at RHJ and the Y2 pupils asked questions. They seem a happy and confident bunch and we are looking forward to welcoming them in September.


Following the announcement on Monday that restrictions will not now ease until later in July; we have had to change our plans a little. We cannot now have spectators for sports events or other activity week events as, even outside, the maximum gathering is only 30 people. I am sorry if you are disappointed by this but we will take lots of photos and share them on the website. 


The term is flying past and there are only five weeks left but there is lots going on!


  • Y3, 4 and 5 are looking forward to their Activity weeks; Y6 are rehearsing and recording their production of Romeo & Juliet and transition plans are underway.
  • Years 3 & 4 are moving into new classes and will spend some time in their new groups.
  • Staffing plans for next year are almost complete and there will be a whole school ‘shuffle up day’ in July when children will meet their new teachers.
  • Reports are being prepared and will be with you mid-July.  
  • Y5 parents have received information about applying to High School for 2022. If you have any queries then please contact the School Office.


Thank you for supporting us by wearing your mask on site; understanding we are doing our best and the priority is to stay open and for following the guidelines by keeping children at home if they or anyone in the home has symptoms.

Growth Mindset

11th June 2021


I hope you had a restful half term break and were able to enjoy the good weather. The majority of children seem rested and keen to learn which is great; I know it can be hard to maintain bedtime when the evenings are warm and light! On these sunny days, please make sure children have a hat with them, sunscreen on in the morning and a water bottle. Sunglasses are ok as long as they carry the ‘CE’ mark but your child must be able to look after them as they can be easily lost or broken.


A few children are rather wobbly and we are working to support them in school. I have attached a poster suggesting ways of dealing with an anxious child that you may find helpful. There is also useful advice about managing change on the Young Minds website


A few children have been worried about tests – there are no external tests (SATS / multiplication tests) happening this year but we do use a range of internal assessments to add to our overview of where the children are in their learning and to help the teachers plan what to teach. These tests are always part of a bigger picture so please reassure your child of this if they say they are worried. We do not report individual marks or scores as these never tell the whole story. Written reports will come home in July as usual.


End of the day – please could adults walk on to the playground but stay behind the cones? When you cut through the pergola it is hard for us to watch the children who have to wait there and also difficult for teachers to see you clearly.


Please continue to wear your masks as it is impossible to keep a 2m distance from each other. If you are exempt, please wait outside and just say to the person on the gate – ‘Would you fetch NAME for me please?’ and we will do so as soon as we can. It is embarrassing for us to have to keep asking adults to put them on – please respect the request as it is made in the interests of keeping school open and everyone safe.


Covid Symptoms – if anyone at home has symptoms (high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste /smell) you must isolate as a family and get them tested.


We are looking forward to working with you this half term as we try and enjoy the end of a most unusual school year.


Helping an Anxious Child

21st May 2021


Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,

I seem to have lots of updates for you this week.

End of the day – from Monday 24th, all children will come out onto the main playground at their staggered times. We will not be using the Studio gate and so Cedar; Maple; Beech and Elm will exit on to the upper playground and will wait there until they are collected. Parents need to wear their masks and come on site to collect.

Walking home alone – if your child has permission to leave school alone, you should talk to them regularly about road safety; sensible behaviour in a public place and the need to go straight home, as agreed with you.

Individual Music lessons – Sutton Music service would like to restart these and there is a short form to express an interest here:‚Äč

Y6 Activity Week – this is next week so please read all the information sent and we would be grateful if you could make the contribution requested on Parent Pay. Other activity weeks are after half term.

Bubbles Closing - You will know we had to close a Y4 class this week just as the Y5 class returned L. If this happens it is really important that the children do isolate; they should be staying at home unless there is an emergency. It is also important that if your child is isolating for whatever reason but is not unwell, that you try and keep the routines of a school day going. Ideally please get them up and send them to bed as if it were a school day; tackle online learning in a the ‘school day’ and keep expectations high.

Covid Symptoms – if any of your children has symptoms (high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste /smell) you must isolate as a family and get them tested.

Friday 28th May – we have a storytelling workshop in school so Y3 pupils will all finish at 3.15pm and we will hold onto older siblings until then. Children are back in school on Tuesday 8th June.

Library Books - We could win £5000 worth of books for our school library if you nominated us here:


14th May 2021


Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,


Eid Mubarak to all those of you celebrating. In assembly with Y5 this week we thought about the freedoms we enjoy in the UK including the freedom to worship and how important this is to us all, particularly in a week that celebrates Eid ul Fitr; Ascension Day and Shavuot. Y5 have worked with the Sutton Schools Christian Workers this week too and enjoyed the workshops very much.


I am sure everyone is looking forward to the relaxation of the restrictions next week but many of you, like us, are a little apprehensive. You will be aware we have had a Y5 class closed for the last 10 days and that the Infant school have had several cases.  We are trying really hard to maintain all the controls required in order to stay open and to keep school as relaxed and normal as possible - but I do need your support.


  • If your child is unwell with any of the Covid symptoms – keep them home and get them tested.
  • If anyone at home is unwell with any Covid symptoms – keep them home and get them tested.
  • If someone tests positive at home without symptoms – let us know; collect your child immediately and get them tested.


I know parents don’t want their child missing school unnecessarily but acting cautiously and quickly may prevent us closing a class of 30 children and several adults. For the same reason, please continue to wear your masks on site and take the relaxation of rules next week, slowly!


Some of School Council have been talking to Ms Hanoman Singh about what it is like to be a learner at RHJ and their answers are delightful. We will be discussing their views and taking them on board!


  • It is really fun learning here! It is fantastic the way that the teachers explain things. Any future pupil will love it here!


  • I think that this school is really good. Although the teachers are strict (which they have to be), they are also fun and they explain the learning thoroughly.


  • It was a rough start to Year 4 due to Covid 19, but once we got back into our routine, it was fine. Maths has been hard for me but I’m getting better at it and that makes me happy.



  •  I love being a learner here but I’m not so keen on lessons like Geography which are quite long and not very amusing. However, I like Maths, P.E and Art because they are quicker and more interesting.


  • It’s really fun being a learner here because I learn new things. Some lessons could be more creative and use more team work.


  • Being a learner here is great! The topics are always interesting. I would, however, like to decide where I am most comfortable sitting during the lessons as sometimes I find the carpet a little hard to sit on after a while.



Last, but definitely not least, we are so proud of Y3 who raised a phenomenal £1065 for local hospitals by completing 100 laps of the playground. They will be represented at a ceremony later this term where a cheque will be handed over by all the schools that took part. Thank you to Y3 parents and families who supported them in raising such a huge amount.  

7th May 2021


Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,


I hope you enjoyed the extra day at the weekend despite the rather unseasonal weather on Monday. I went for an outside lunch with a friend and the wind was so strong my coffee blew out of the cup and into my face! It wasn’t much fun but it made a good story for assembly J.


Y3-5 have a weekly year group assembly and it is lovely to be together as a group. Y3 & Y4 assemblies this term have been all about the wonderful things we enjoy, living in the UK. We have learned about native birds, flowers and mammals; famous landmarks; important role models and how we welcome strangers. Y5 assemblies have looked at rights and responsibilities fundamental to our society such as respect for each other and the environment; making judgements about people which may sometimes be wrong and most recently diversity, charity and privilege.


Our four day week has been busy again – it is wonderful to see how hard the children are working and that they are enjoying their learning. There is a real sense of purpose in classrooms and the majority of children are focused and are developing their skills. All the staff are working hard to make the school days as challenging and interesting as possible, despite the restrictions still in place. Sadly we had to close a Y5 class this week so please, if you are in any doubt about your child’s symptoms, keep them home and get a test!


A few pupils are still finding it hard to adjust and I would ask that you persevere with lots of fresh air and reasonable bedtimes. Playing computer games and watching Youtube clips can be fun in short bursts but what they need is face to face social interactions, exercise and good relationships.


This week we enjoyed a visit from a reading dog called Indy and his human called Di who is trained to support children’s reading confidence. It was such a joy to see the children with him, basking in the sunshine in the library, and really lovely to hear her positive comments about our school. Photos will follow in the next newsletter. Y3 sponsorship money is still coming in but looks as if they will have raised an awesome amount for local hospitals so we are very proud of them! A grand total will follow when we have it.


Thank you for all your help with masks on site; correct uniform & black shoes; gate changes and getting school back to as  ‘normal’ as possible. Please don’t drive up the road past the Studio gate even if you are late – turning round is so dangerous and terrifies me!

30th April 2021


Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,


It has been a busy week in school! Inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore, Y3 have been completing their marathon walk around the playground – walking 20 laps each day to make 100 over the week to raise money for Epsom & St Helier Hospital. I joined them one afternoon and it was delightful to chat to them and hear their views as we walked round, and round!


Yesterday Mrs Douglas led the Science Team to a fantastic 8th place in the regional heat of the National Science Quiz. There were 48 teams in our heat, most from independent schools, and our team of Adish, Kush, Kyra and Virginia were fantastic. They are through to the grand final in July so a huge well done to Mrs Douglas and the team.

Thank you for making sure the children wear correct uniform. Just to be clear, with school uniform they should wear all black shoes or trainers. On PE day they can wear any suitable trainers with their PE kit which should be their RHJ t-shirt; black shorts and as plain as possible jogging bottoms / leggings and a sweatshirt or hoodie. Summer dresses should be green & white, checks or stripes are both fine.

I have been grumbling this week at the younger year groups, Y3&4, about their behaviour at lunchtime. We have very few ‘rules’ at RHJ but I do expect the following as good manners:


  • Children are quiet when an adult is speaking to them.
  • They don’t talk with their mouth full of food.
  • Everyone says please and thank you.

Please reinforce this at home so that lunchtime can be pleasant and grumble free for us all.

Coming up before half term we have Y6 activities week and some story telling sessions booked. Activity weeks for other year groups will be in the second half of the summer term. End of year reports will be with you in early July and you will have received a letter from your child’s year group about their current focus and how you can help. As always, you are the person who makes the most difference to your child’s learning so your support is vital.  


Monday 26th April 

It was lovely to share assembly with Y3 and Y4 today - I am enjoying seeing them every week. This week Y3 thought about many Brilliant Britons and we found that many of them had different cultural, ethnic or heritage backgrounds but chose to live in Brilliant Britain. 

Y4 explored famous landmarks of the UK and it was lovely to hear who had visited some of them. 

23rd April 2021


Dear families of Robin Hood Juniors,


It has been a gloriously sunny week to start the term and it has been lovely to see the children back. They are looking very smart in their uniforms and black shoes – thank you.


A few parents have asked about restarting clubs, outside music lessons, sports clubs and other changes to our risk assessment as the rate of infection reduces. At the moment the DFE guidance for schools hasn’t changed so we are still expected to keep the children in ‘as small a bubble as possible’. We hope that perhaps after the 17th May, the restrictions will be lifted which will give us more scope.


In the recent survey some parents said they liked the staggered starts and finishes however this does have a huge impact on teaching time so, when we can, we will probably go back to our original school day timings. I also asked parents about the uniform and many people like the children coming in PE kit on PE days, so we are looking to continue this. If there’s something you feel should or shouldn’t continue – do email me via the office.


Other news – all year groups are planning events for the summer term so look out for letters from your child’s year group. Y3 are completing a sponsored walk inspired by Captain Tom; Y6 are ‘walking to Verona’ to link with their end of year production. Other year groups are busy planning and will let you know as soon as they can what is coming up. We will need to ask for contributions for these events as our budget has taken some major hits with Covid costs and some changes and delays to the way government funds schools.


You will have received a letter from your child’s teachers outlining how the children have settled back in and how the year team would like you to support with learning. We know that some children are still tired, some are struggling with social skills and friendships and many need to get back to some normality. In school we are doing as much as we can to reduce screen time, get outside and work on social and collaborative tasks so please do this at home too. It is really important that they see grandparents and other family or friends; ride their bikes, play in the park or the garden and get to bed at a reasonable time, as their mental and physical well-being is the key to their learning.


Thank you for all your support; wearing your masks on site and for the kind comments which often make our day!


31st March 2021


What a term this has been! It feels in some ways as if we have done a whole academic year since January and I know children and staff are all exhausted.


I hope you enjoyed Friday’s newsletter with a taste of school life for the first time in ages.

Today Mrs Rose and I enjoyed the Y4 Easter assemblies which were great.  This is a challenging story to tell and they showed all the emotions of Holy Week. The children all acted and sang beautifully and we were so pleased they were able to perform for the first time in many months. There will be some photos put up soon and I am sorry you weren’t able to join us.


Looking ahead to next term:


  1. All children are expected back on Monday 19th April and the current timings will still apply.
  2. I would like to see all the children in correct uniform if possible and plain black school shoes or trainers.  
  3. On PE days they can come in school PE kit, which is black shorts and a green school t-shirt. They should wear plain tracksuit bottoms or leggings, a sweatshirt or hoodie and trainers as they are travelling to school in it. We are considering adding something plain and inexpensive to the uniform list from September.


Finally may I wish you all a restful holiday. If you are celebrating the Christian Easter weekend or marking Passover or Ramadan then we wish you peace and joy. Please keep safe and well, I don’t think we could bear another school closure just as a little normality is returning!


Thank you for your support this term, for us and for your children, it makes so much difference.


26th March 2021


My highlight of the week was hearing Y3 and Y4 singing in the Hall and on the playground! For the first time in ages school felt completely normal, despite all the restrictions and procedures still in place.

Last week I asked parents to talk to their children about kindness and respect towards others. On the whole they have adjusted back well but we are seeing them struggle with two things – the first is their interactions with other children (being rough or unkind) and the second is tiredness. Hopefully over the holiday they will be able to have garden or park play dates with other children that will help them and plenty of fresh air and early nights. This is a useful guide to the new rules:

Thank you if you have been kind and respectful in your communication with staff too. We know people are under strain but politeness, positivity and wearing a mask on site cost nothing and make life much more pleasant for us all.

Attendance for some children has been wobbly and I have had a number of requests for ‘holidays’ to visit family abroad. I cannot authorise holiday in term time and as attendance is now compulsory – penalty notices may be issued.  All children need to be in school unless they are unwell or your family have to isolate.

Yesterday and this morning there were situations where parents completed dangerous turns in the road and there were children unsupervised on the pavements. You should not come up Thorncroft Road past Greenford Road as it is impossible to turn round safely and you should not leave your children outside without an adult. I don’t know how many different ways I can say this before there is an accident. 

We have been discussing some potential changes arising from the lockdown and would appreciate your views. There is a short survey to gather your views. If you could complete one per family before the end of term, this would help our planning.

You may have noticed the website has a bit of a new look – we are trying to make it simpler and easier to navigate. It is not finished yet so any feedback you have is welcome. Huge thanks to Mrs Rix and Mrs Shan who have worked so hard on this and some parents who have helped too. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the new layout properly.

At RHJ we are all learners and I am pleased to share two pieces of news. You will see below that Mrs Burlingsby graduated as our first Chartered Teacher and Mrs Benjamin has taken her first steps towards teacher training by enrolling on a degree course which is very exciting too. We are very proud of our staff for taking these steps to develop their practice as it benefits us all and particularly your children. 

Next week we are pleased to welcome Mrs Warren back from maternity leave. She will be supporting across the school and working with Mrs Pitman on literacy.

We finish for Easter on Wednesday 31st March and the timings for going home will be:

  • Y3 at 1pm
  • Y4 at 1.10pm
  • Y5 at 1.20pm
  • Y6 at 1.30pm  - (Younger children can wait for the older ones to finish)

School starts back on Monday 19th April at the usual staggered times:

  • Y6 arrive at 8.30am and leave at 2.45pm
  • Y5 arrive at 8.40am and leave at 2.55pm
  • Y4 arrive at 8.50am and leave at 3.05pm
  • Y3 arrive at 9.00am and leave at 3.15pm

Clubs run by outside providers are still on hold because of the government guidance but Breakfast and the After School Club are continuing on the same basis as before.