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Although you all receive the newsletter via email and it is on the website as a pdf I am aware that it is not possible to translate it this way. I hope to use this page as a way of sharing the Head Teacher letters and other information about the daily life of the school.

Any feedback is appreciated. 


Mrs Broers




 19th April 2024

Dear families of RHJ,


Welcome back to the summer term. I hope you had a happy Easter break and an enjoyable Eid if you were celebrating. It was lovely to see so many Y3&4 parents in to Meet the Teacher this week, thank you for working with us.


Summer term is always busy and Year groups will let you know about the various events that are happening. There will be an Open Evening in early July so you can visit old and new classes; see what learning has happened and which class your child will be in next year. Written reports will come to you early in July too and if you need to discuss anything you will be offered an appointment.


We are pleased to welcome Miss Taylor to RHJ teaching Maple Class and Miss Sharman who will join the Y3 team as she returns from Maternity Leave.


A few reminders:

Toys and trinkets

Children particularly from Y3 and Y4 are bringing in items like bracelets, beads, lip balm, lip gloss, personal toys and taking them out into the playground during lunchtime. If these are lost or mis-placed they are upset. Please discourage children from bringing these things in as we cannot be responsible for them or investigate upsets and arguments.


Road safety is still a concern. Please reinforce that everyone should use the pavements and not rely on there being no traffic in Thorncroft Road. Parking is a permanent problem – please don’t block drives or access in the local roads.


Easter Trail – thank you for supporting this! Children must return their form on Monday to claim their bunny. (Otherwise, the staff may eat them all!)


If you are replacing school shoes or uniform, please remember PE shorts /tracksuit bottoms and tops should be plain black and so should shoes worn with uniform. The easiest way is to buy plain black trainers that can be worn all week! 


Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           


Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher

Dear families of RHJ,


The end of another great term! It has been lovely to see Y5 & 6 parents meeting with teachers this week and we will look forward to catching up with Y3 & 4 parents after the holiday to share the children’s progress.


When I look back at all the events, trips and visitors this term I am proud that we are able to give the pupils such an all-round experience. We had a guest teacher from a South African school spend a morning with us this week and she was amazed by how independent and motivated the children are. She was also delighted to see the high standards of work and by how hard children and adults work every day!


Today we have said a very sad farewell to Mrs Warren who has been with us more than 10 years and will have taught many of your children over the years. She has been an outstanding member of the team, who will be missed as she moves on to an exciting new challenge, at Sutton High School. We wish her every success professionally and personally. After Easter we welcome Ms Emily Taylor who will take over in Maple Class.


A few safety reminders:

  • Thorncroft Road is still a road and residents, school staff and visitors may need to drive up at during the ‘camera’ hours. Please make sure your children walk and wait on the path or in the alleyway when arriving and leaving school.


  • Mobile phones belonging to pupils are not allowed in school.


  • No children of junior age should be on Facebook /Tik Tok/ Instagram or WhatsApp as these have minimum ages of 13+ or older. If you have allowed access, you must monitor their use and check what they are saying, sharing and viewing.


Uniform seems rather confused at best and untidy at worst. Please check uniform expectations over the holidays – it is all on the website and is designed to be inexpensive and comfortable but still smart:


Have an ‘Eggcellent’ Easter break. If you have recently celebrated Purim or Holi, or are looking forward to Easter Sunday or Eid al-Fitr then we wish you a peaceful, happy and hopeful celebration.


School opens again on Monday 15th April and we will look forward to seeing everyone at 8.40am.

Dear families of RHJ,


The highlight of this week has definitely been the Y4 Easter performance and it was great to see so many families enjoying it. The children did so well and what really struck us was how brilliantly they worked together and supported each other. Well done to all the Y4 staff team and pupils.


Y3 have also had a great week and loved their trips to Hampton Court – what an adventure! They had a fabulous time and we are grateful to staff for organising and for the parent support, either helping with the trip or contributing towards the cost.


We are looking forward to meeting with Y5 & Y6 parents next week and lower school parents after Easter. If you need to bring your child with you that is fine, the teacher may ask them to wait outside the room if there is something they wish to talk to you about without them there. However if they have other activities and you want to come without them – that’s ok too.

Behaviour grumble:  Manners

A few children are speaking to adults very rudely and in some cases choosing who they respond to positively. All adults here speak to children politely and positively and it is not acceptable that anyone is answered rudely or receives ‘back chat’ from children. 


Please reinforce this at home, as it will be sanctioned in school. This is a place where we treat each other with respect and kindness.


It is unusual for me to grumble about matters like this as, overall, behaviour is great and of course, the majority of children are doing the right thing all the time.  Thank you for your support.


If you are buying uniform over the holidays please remember PE shorts /tracksuit bottoms and tops should be plain black and so should shoes worn with uniform. The easiest way is to buy plain black trainers that can be worn all week! 



 15th March 2024

Dear families of RHJ,


Thank you all so much for supporting the Book Fair. The grand total raised will be announced in the newsletter at the end of term but it exceeded our expectations.  This week has been busy, on Tuesday some of the school enjoyed an assembly led by the UK Parliament – your children asked such great questions! With regional and possibly national elections coming up, it is a really good opportunity to talk to them about democracy and voting. My other favourite moment this week has been hearing some of Maple Class’ amazing poems!


A few things have had to change lately and I really appreciate your understanding. You will have seen that Y3 & Y4 Meet the Teacher appointments are now after Easter.

Mrs Parker (our amazing SENDCo) has been meeting with parents all week too and these meetings have been very useful. As always, you are the most important element of your child’s education and it is vital that we work together. I am attaching a Robin Report on SEND to try and answer a few common queries.


Coming up next week:

  • Easter performance by Y4 Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday morning – ‘book’ tickets on Parentpay please
  • Hampton Court trips for Y3 are next week:
  • SEND appointments for Y5&6 pupils – you will have received a personal letter.
  • Last week to enter the RHJ Easter Egg Trail (via ParentPay) to receive a map to find our specially designed egg posters around Sutton


Last week of term

  • Y5 & Y6 Meet the Teacher appointments 25th- 27th March – check your email to book
  • Term ends on the 28th March at 1.30pm



There has been lots of confusion this year with children being unsure if they are fasting; saying they are when they aren’t or being unclear which days they are fasting.

We obviously wish to respect parents’ and pupils’ wishes but it is taking a huge amount of teacher and office time to check and sort out.

If you could email the office with your child’s name and decisions or if it changes, write in the diary each day, that would be very helpful.



If you are buying uniform over the holidays please remember PE shorts /tracksuit bottoms and tops should be plain black and so should shoes worn with uniform. The easiest way is to buy plain black trainers that can be worn all week! 


Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           




Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher



If you want to know more about SEND provision please read the Ambitious for SEND newsletter that the Local Authority have just published. Parents can subscribe to this communication and receive these updates automatically using the link in the form.


The London Borough of Sutton is in the process of developing a new SEND and Alternative Provision (AP) strategy for the borough and is really keen to hear the views of children and young people with SEND/additional needs in the Borough. Barnardos are helping with this work. If you are a young person with SEND or additional needs, or a parent/carer of a child with SEND, please do contribute to this review by completing the survey by following the steps below:

1. Read about the survey here, what is being asked and how your privacy will be protected

2. Complete a short consent form here (upon completion you will be emailed a copy of the survey using the email address you provide) 

3. Complete the survey that is emailed to you prior to the 12 April 2024


What children and young people tell us will influence the SEND/AP review and will inform decision makers about what children and young people’s lived experiences are in Sutton and how we can improve them. 






8th March 2024

Dear families of RHJ,

World Book day this week was great! The corridors were teeming with princesses; witches and miniature Harry Potters. There was great excitement about the Book Trail and the Book Fair which looks like it has broken all sales records again! There are lots of books on order and we will distribute them as soon as we can. I know the purchasing was a little complicated and I am sorry for this – it is the Book Fair providers who make the rules – not us!

Thank you if you came in to see the Y3 rainforest projects – they were so proud of their work and delighted that you came to visit. Well done Y3 team.

Thanks also to Y6 for the information evenings about the residential trip. This is such an important landmark for Y6 pupils and is something they remember all their lives. I know my children still talk about theirs even though more than 25 years have passed.

Some news about Y5:  Mrs Warren who has been with us for more than ten years is moving on after Easter to a new, exciting role at Sutton High School. We will miss her and her expertise very much but are pleased to welcome Miss Taylor, an experienced teacher, to RHJ to teach Maple Class.

I can’t quite believe there are only two and a half weeks left of the term! They are busy with:

  • Easter performance by Y4
  • Hampton Court trips for Y3
  • Easter trail fundraiser – details coming
  • Meet the Teacher appointments 26th- 28th March
  • SEND appointments – you should receive a separate letter if your child has additional needs.
  • Term ends on the 28th March at 1.30pm

If you are buying uniform over the holiday please remember PE shorts /tracksuit bottoms and tops should be plain black and so should shoes worn with uniform. The easiest way is to buy plain black trainers that can be worn all week! 

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for supporting the Book Fair so generously. I hope your homes have been quiet this week as the children enjoy the new books J

Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           

Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher

 1st March 2024


Dear families of RHJ,


March already and the first day of meteorological Spring!  Happy St David’s Day too.


Y6 have enjoyed their non-uniform day today to support the traditional hoodie purchasing to mark the end of their time at RHJ!


Next week is the Book Fair and World Book Day which is always exciting and is a great fund raiser for the school.


We are so proud of our library (which Mrs Bond; Mrs Benjamin and Mrs Kannan work tirelessly to maintain) and of our children’s love for reading. Please look at your child’s wish list and do support it if you can. In my view the best possible gift is a bookJ


Coming up next week:


  • Y4 are off to the Easter Experience on Tuesday
  • Y6 PGL meeting on Wednesday
  • World Book Day on Thursday – please don’t spend money on costumesbuy books instead!
  • Dressing up is completely optional and is best done with things you already have at home


A few reminders:

  • Shoes with uniform should be black – there are a lot of white or coloured trainers being worn (ok with PE kit, not ok with school uniform)


  • All children should be earning 100 points on Mathletics and reading with an adult for around 20 mins a day (this can be being read to; sharing a picture book or reading aloud)


  • Earrings (which must be studs) should be removed for PE and swimming. If children can’t do this themselves; please do it at home.


Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           


Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher





Earlier in the week we sent a letter about a family support group run by Nibby Withers who has worked with us for many years and is fantastic! She has a wealth of experience with children who may refuse school; have anxiety or sleep difficulties; demonstrate challenging behaviour or those with a diagnosis of autism or ADHD.

She offers really positive and practical support and we would highly recommend the course to all parents as we know parenting is a tough job! Ask the office for another copy if you can’t find the information. 




UCL are running a survey on views of family welling being and health as well as the NCMP.

Calling parents/caregivers in London Borough of Sutton with children aged 0-12 years! UCL researchers want to hear your views on family wellbeing, health, and how children's physical growth is measured at school. They hope your views will help improve public services and future research. Click on the link to take part:




Some of you may have young adults at home who can vote for the first time this year or may need to check the new requirements yourselves.


You’ll need to show photo ID when voting in person in some UK elections or referendums.



Supporting Common Child Anxieties and Worries - Including Around Exams


The Education Wellbeing Service is offering a Webinar for parents. You can sign up for one of the sessions by using this link:


Iceland (the Supermarket) sells baby formula at cost price on principle.


They are not allowed to promote

this discount.


If you know someone who is

struggling to buy formula let

them know.


 23rd February 2024

Dear families of RHJ,

I hope you had a good half term. This second half of the Spring Term is busy but the days are getting longer and warmer (mostly).

Coming up:

  • Friday 1st March – Y6 non-uniform only
  • Friday 1st March – Coffee & Book Swap  
  • Week of 4th March – Book Fair
  • Tuesday 5th March Y4 Easter Experience
  • Thursday 7th March – WORLD BOOK DAY – children can dress up if they would like to! Not everyone will want to and that is fine!
  • Y3 are excited to visit Hampton Court
  • Y4 will put on an Easter performance
  • Meet the Teacher and SEND meetings are towards the end of term.

Please check the school calendar and your email for information.


There has been lots of illness – mostly coughs, colds, sore throats and tummy bugs and it can be hard to tell if a child is genuinely too poorly for school.  Tiredness; anxiety and friendship issues can all trigger a feeling of being ‘unwell’ – even as grown-ups!

 If you do decide to keep them home for something like a tummy ache, if they rally during the morning and seem fine, please bring them in a bit late or even after lunch. We are always pleased to see them.


In assembly today we talked about Keeping Safe and all the various measures we have in school for keeping everyone safe, physically and emotionally in school. If you have any queries about our procedures, do please ask.

As always I would like to thank our amazing staff who I see going the extra mile for the children every day. The range of experiences and opportunities they plan for is great and the pastoral care they give is remarkable. I read recently that ‘Education is the only job where you lose sleep over other people’s children.’ It may not be 100% accurate but I see how much our staff care every day and I am grateful to work in such a caring environment.

Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           

Elisabeth Broers  - Head Teacher

                                                                                                                                        15th February 2024

Dear Families of RHJ,


This half term has absolutely flown but we still seem to have packed lots in! Please take time to read and enjoy all the accounts below and to think about things you might perhaps like to become involved in.


I was reading an article recently about the range of experiences children have nowadays. It said:


Many kids now have no resilience… they’re not climbing trees or building dens, or going to museums or making dubious ‘potions’, or going for walks and getting lost … they’re playing inside on X box and watching endless volumes of Tik-tok and YouTube.


Those children are being passively conditioned: win=good, lose=bad … and a quick fix if something goes wrong. Don’t like something? Click next. Game not going your way? Quit.


So, when something in the real world goes wrong, or feels uncomfortable they have nothing to draw on and no way of independently solving the problem. Worse – they don’t see it as normal. The children I see coping well with setbacks, are also the ones who read, who go to the park/into the wild, risk take, get dirty and fall off stuff, whose parents talk to them, who coach them into solving their own problem – in fact, those children who are allowed to get into situations where they experience problems.

Is it possible that children and young people are measuring happiness by their experience of what makes them happy?


I think there is some truth in this. Over half term please keep an eye on screen time; social media use and what your children are watching. Encourage them to get outside; go to the park or if you can visit a free museum or gallery; visit the library; plant, paint, play a board game or cook something and try to involve them in things you need to do – even housework or DIY! Your time is what they crave most.


Please check uniform expectations over the holidays – it is all on the website:


Have a good break and we will look forward to seeing the children on Monday 19th February.


 Yours sincerely


Elisabeth Broers - Head Teacher




 26th January 2024

Dear families of RHJ,


This half term is flying past – I am sure you feel the same! My display of children taking part in outside activities is growing but if you can send a picture of your child enjoying something outside school – that would be great.


Staff took part in some interesting training around ADHD this week and then at Governors we were discussing how best to support parents and for parents to support us. It was good to see a few parents at the course on Thursday and also Y6 parents at the SATS morning on Wednesday. Do let us know if you find these things helpful.


Friday 2nd February is the next books /chat & coffee opportunity for parents and carers. The Studio will open from 8.40am to coincide with drop off until around 9.45am. You are very welcome to pop in, choose or swap a book and chat to the school team – Mrs Parker our SENDCo will be there this week if you have any questions relating to additional needs.  This is often a stressful subject and the support of other families and a chance to discuss informally can help.

Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to support you with.


To help us the critical things are:

  • Reading to and with your child at home (and noting it in the diary)
  • Practising times tables and real life maths – measuring, cooking, shopping etc
  • Naming clothes; teaching them to tie their shoes laces /ties if they can and encouraging them to be responsible for belongings
  • Keeping friendship issues in proportion – they are learning to manage relationships alongside learning everything else and they will make mistakes
  • Remembering we are human too and we are doing our best!


Our school family is growing and we have more families than ever who speak many languages and who have experience of living and studying in other countries.  We would be interested to hear from any families who would feel able to support new parents to the school or who could share with us some of the similarities and differences in education around the world. Do contact me if you could help.


Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           


Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher



Woodpeckers Parent & Toddler Group

Fridays 10am-11:30am from 23 Feb 2024


Woodpeckers is a new outdoor parent & toddler group at Sutton Ecology Centre.  Join Woody the Woodpecker for fun and adventures! Take time to explore nature with your toddler as they gain confidence through activities and woodland walks. Plus weekly stories, songs and snacks. Suitable for preschool confident walkers. The group is entirely outdoors, there is a toilet available.


For more information and to book visit





Bags of Taste focuses on helping individuals and families improve their long-term health and finances and build their resilience and confidence through our independently evaluated cooking course. Here is a link to our website:

We work across England, including multiple London boroughs, to target people who are struggling to make ends meet. These may be young people, families, single parents, pensioners, socially isolated people, people over reliant on ready meals and fast food, people with medical conditions or mental health issues. You can find the areas we cover here

We aim to change people’s mindset by providing a structured and supported 2 week programme. Many of our previous participants have saved around £1,060, which is something useful especially with the rising costs of living. Children have also enjoyed it and allowed them to try cooking and eating new foods.

We will arrange delivery of a FREE bag of ingredients for three delicious low cost meals (that make about 7 meals) to a referred family’s door and mentor them by WhatsApp or phone over a two week period while they cook the dishes in their own time.

When they complete the dishes we ask for feedback and then send a further pack of recipes, a small gift and an invitation to join our Bags of Taste graduates Facebook and/or WhatsApp group where further recipes and support is given.





Supporting Common Child Anxieties and Worries - Including Around Exams


The Education Wellbeing Service is offering a Webinar for parents. You can sign up for one of the sessions by using this link:

 19th January 2024

Dear families of RHJ,


What a very chilly week! I know the children run around at playtime and get warm but the number of discarded coats in lost property is remarkable – especially as coats are quite expensive. Please write your child’s name in it somewhere so even if they don’t look for it, it may stand a chance of finding its way back to them.


This week:

  • Lots of parents popped in to see the Y3 Stone Age houses on Monday


  • Y5 enjoyed looking at some books of their writing that have been published. There are some class copies so even if parents were not able to buy one, the children have seen their work in print


  • Young Voices was thoroughly enjoyed by children and staff


  • The Science Quiz team did really well on Wednesday – look out for the full write up in the next newsletter


  • There’s lots of Y3 excitement about the Winter Disco


I am very grateful to staff who give up their own time to organise these things for the children. Please remember there are 361 pupils with a wide range of needs and everyone is doing their best!


I have spoken to a number of parents lately about friendship issues or behaviour concerns. Please come to us if there is an issue rather than trying to deal with it outside school – as usually you weren’t there so you can’t know what happened! We will speak to you if we have a worry or concern.

Please encourage the children to speak up if they feel something is not right – ideally immediately as things are much easier to sort out that way.


If you are interested in or concerned about your children’s mental health and wellbeing – please look at the second page of this letter for various events.


Please look again at the uniform expectations – we try to be flexible and helpful but we would like children to take pride in their school and uniform is part of that.


Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           


Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher




PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FLYER -Primary Family Support Group

Empowering parents to build healthy relationships with their children –starts Monday!



Being a Parent – It’s the toughest job!


Sign up for the supportive course (held here in the New Year) by contacting Parenting Administrator Clare Kennedy to book your place

Email: Contact Number: 07873702777


When? Thursday 25th January - Thursday 21st March 2024 9.15am - 11.15am (No session on Thursday 15th February due to half term) @ Robin Hood Junior School, Thorncroft Road, Sutton, SM1 1RL


Understanding and Supporting Your Child’s Sleep’


The Education Wellbeing Service is offering a Webinar for parents, exploring child sleep and routines. You can sign up for one of the sessions by using this link:



Some children’s uniform seems rather haphazard L. We have worked hard to make our expectations affordable and comfortable so please try to follow the guidance.


  • Shoes or trainers with uniform should be completely BLACK 
  • PE joggers and hoodies or sweatshirts should be BLACK
  • White shirts need ties / dark green polos don’t
  • Every child needs a coat every day
  • Please write their names in things.
  • Earrings must be studs and removed for PE /swimming



 12th January 2024

Dear families of RHJ,


It has been lovely to see all the children back this week. I hope everyone had some rest over the holidays; it felt Christmas was upon us very quickly after the end of term but then it was nice to have time afterwards.

Thank you for the kind wishes, cards and gifts we received.


We are pleased to welcome Mrs Chanpoomidole who has joined the Y4 teaching support team and also welcome to Mrs Adams who will be working in the Office on Thursdays and Fridays (alongside Mrs Hoblyn) whilst Mrs Davenport is on maternity leave.  Mrs Pitman is returning as Beech Class teacher on Monday 22nd January so we will be saying farewell to Mrs Nash on the 19th January.


Please do make sure you keep an eye on your email and the website. There is lots of support being offered and events happening and you might be disappointed if you miss something!


It was lovely to see a few parents at the Books & Coffee slot this morning – thanks to Mr Kench and Mrs Withersby for organising it. The next one will be the first Friday in February – the 2nd. There are lots of books so if you don’t have one to swap, or you’d just like somewhere warm for a coffee and a chat – come anyway!


Coming up:

  • Next week is the Young Voices Concert
  • You can still sign up for the Being a Parent course – see the note below
  • Y3 have a Winter Disco on the 19th
  • If you are interested in or concerned about your children’s mental health and wellbeing – please look at the second page of this letter for various events



  1. Some children’s uniform seems rather haphazard L. We have worked hard to make our expectations affordable and comfortable so please try to follow the guidance.


  • Shoes or trainers with uniform should be completely BLACK  
  • PE joggers and hoodies or sweatshirts should be BLACK
  • White shirts need ties / dark green polos don’t
  • Every child needs a coat every day
  • Please write their names in things.
  • Earrings must be studs and removed for PE /swimming


  • Children should be in school and settled by 8.50am so please aim for 8.40am. They come out at 3.20pm so please pick up on time.
  • Parking – I know it is cold but it is really difficult at the moment with all the road & pavement works so please park safely and considerately.
  • Attendance – please remember holiday is never authorised and we are seeing a real impact on children’s learning when they do go away in term time.


Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           


Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher




Being a Parent – It’s the toughest job!


Sign up for the supportive course (held here in the New Year) by contacting Parenting Administrator Clare Kennedy to book your place

Email: Contact Number: 07873702777


When? Thursday 25th January - Thursday 21st March 2024 9.15am - 11.15am (No session on Thursday 15th February due to half term) @ Robin Hood Junior School, Thorncroft Road, Sutton, SM1 1RL



Understanding and Supporting Your Child’s Sleep’


The Education Wellbeing Service is offering a Webinar for parents, exploring child sleep and routines. You can sign up for one of the sessions by using this link:



Healthwatch Survey


Surveys were completed by children just before the pandemic in 2020 and again in 2023.

  • Many children have poor mental health
  • Over half of the children we surveyed have had trouble sleeping or have felt lonely.
  • Children’s mental health has got worse since the pandemic
  • The proportion who have had trouble sleeping has increased by 17 percent and those who have felt lonely by 16 percent.
  • Girls had more problems than boys
  • Almost six out of ten girls have felt lonely, but only four out of ten boys have.
  • Children feel less able to rely on parents
  • Before the pandemic, 63 percent of children said they would go to their parents if they had a problem. Now only 54 percent say this.


You can see the full report (and find out more about Healthwatch) on their website at:

Please call them on 020 8641 9540 if you would like to receive a paper copy or have any specific needs to make the report accessible to you.


Healthwatch are working with Sutton Council to engage with parents and guardians. They would like to hear your views about the report findings and would really welcome any suggested actions that could support to address the issues have identified.


To facilitate this, they are inviting you to attend one of the following events:

Where: The Quad, Green Wrythe Lane, Carshalton SM5 1JW

When: Monday 15th January 1pm – 2.30pm or 6pm – 7.30pm

15th December


Dear families of RHJ,


As we come to the end of a very busy term, I would like to wish everyone a happy and restful Christmas holiday and a Merry Christmas if you are celebrating.

I hope you are able to spend time together and enjoy some of the things that make Christmas special – old movies; new stories; playing games and going for walks. We have talked a lot in school about how Christmas means more than lists and gifts – the children are always thoughtful and reflective. We are proud of them.

The newsletter is full of all sorts of exciting learning experiences and I am sure you will enjoy reading about them and seeing the photos. The Y5 Christmas performance was just lovely and the pupils worked so hard to make the show so polished and professional. Well done all of Y5 and especially to the staff who directed; cajoled and costumed 90 children!

This term it has been great to have a bit more contact with parents and families – please read about the book swap below as this is an exciting (and relaxed) new initiative. The Christmas Float with the Rotary Club was fantastic – huge thanks to Mrs Douglas, Mrs Clarkson, Mrs Bond and Mrs Prescott as well as the children, parents and grandparents who helped out.

In other news I am pleased to tell you Mrs Davenport has had a new baby - we send the whole family our congratulations. Mrs Khan will return from maternity leave this week and will teach PPA once again. Mrs Pitman returns full time in mid-January and will assume responsibility for Beech Class. We are grateful to Mrs Nash who stayed with us to give Beech some continuity.

A reminder that gifts are never expected at any time of year, we know things are tricky for many families. If you do wish to give a token gift, please only think of the people who work with your children every day! If you’d like to make a donation to school you can do so via ParentPay using the School Fund item.

A few reminders:

  • If you are buying shoes over the holiday – plain black trainers are perfect for uniform & PE days.
  • We have lots of children wearing coloured trainers, DMs or other boots which aren’t ideal.
  • Please take the time to name coats & jumpers – even just in biro will help
  • School restarts on Monday 8th January

Kind regards & Happy New Year.


Ideas for a Tech Free Christmas

Internet Safety Advice

8th December 2023


Dear families of RHJ,


It is feeling rather more Christmassy this week in school. Decorations have gone up and the classrooms and display boards look great. On Wednesday the children enjoyed Christmas lunch and made crowns /party hats which were fantastic and really expressed their individuality.


Today the school watched the dress rehearsal of the Y5 show which sounded wonderful, I am looking forward to seeing it next week. Next week Y3 will go to the Infants to see the Y2 show which is always lovely – the RHI staff are always amazed by how much Y3 have ‘grown up’.


We have a Christmas kindness advent calendar up in school suggesting things children can do each day for others. There seems to be a bit of a lack of kindness around at the moment generally – maybe everyone is tired and busy but still – kindness costs nothing and makes a big difference.


On the subject of Christmas stresses, we know this is an expensive time of year and a gentle reminder that gifts for staff are never expected. If it is important to you to give a token, please just do so for the people who work with your children day in and day out, teachers, TAs or office staff – those of us on the leadership side certainly don’t need presents.

A few reminders:

  • All clubs have now finished for the term
  • Term ends at 1.30pm on Thursday 21st December for all children
  • Spring Term starts for everyone on Monday 8th January
  • Please take & send in a photo of your child enjoying their out of school activities (just one per child please!)

Have a lovely weekend.

Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                           

Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher


Message from the Children’s Commissioner


We have had an amazing response from nursery, primary and secondary schools across England and as a result I’ve decided to extend the closing date to Friday 19th January 2024 to allow even more children the chance to have their say.

This will give schools, children and young people an extra month over the festive season to take part in ‘The Big Ambition’.

Children and parents can complete the survey here:  

 1st December 2023

Dear families of RHJ,

December already – staff have put up decorations and the school is looking very festive! The weather certainly reflects the season so please make sure your child has a named coat every day, as we do try to get them outside at break and lunchtime.

It has been a tricky week as many children and staff have been unwell. Our team have been amazing, swapping duties, classes and covering as much as they can. If your child is really unwell, do of course keep them at home rather than spreading the germs but please keep in touch with the office and be mindful that sometimes being off gets to be a bit of a habit. When they are well enough – send them in!

At home they can still read and do their Mathletics /Times tables Rockstars / Spelling Shed & Learning Village, if they have this.

We can tell children are getting tired and some are under the weather because behaviour takes a bit of a dip. This week there have been lots of unkind or unnecessary comments between children. They are also finding it hard to move on from things that have been dealt with, sometimes from long ago or even at the Infant School! We deal with all incidents of unkindness, prejudice or aggression as soon as we are told however, you can support your child with a positive outlook.

You can help with this by asking questions like:

  • What did you enjoy learning today?
  • Who did you choose to sit with at lunch?
  • What were you proud of and why?
  • Did you do anything kind today?
  • What would you like to read together this evening?

YOU are your child’s greatest role model. If you are positive, calm, kind and respectful – they will be too.

Fiddle Toys - If you think your child needs one of these, please speak to Mrs Parker our SENDCo about it before sending one in. They can be provided in school for children who need them but are also a bit of a distraction for some pupils.

Internet safety – I am aware some children have been discussing highly unsuitable apps and websites; some with an age limit of 18+. Please monitor your children’s access and devices every day – Internet matters has lots of great parent information.

Have a lovely weekend.


In the shops I see lots of gifts being marketed as suitable for your child's teacher or school staff.


Many parents and carers are extremely generous but please be aware our staff never expect gifts from children. We know that the cost of living is high and we would never want to create extra financial pressure. A card with a few kind words is just as appreciated as a gift.


Also, we no longer encourage 'posting' cards in school - a Christmas card to the whole class is much better than writing 30! 


If it is important to you to make such a gesture then of course we understand but please just do so for the people who work with your child or help you every day.


I certainly don't need gifts and I know the wider Leadership Team feel the same!  


Kind regards


Mrs Broers Christmas Giving

24th November 2023


Dear families of RHJ,

Maple Class joined me in the Quad garden this week and we tackled the weeds; planted lavender and bulbs and had great fun! They hoed and dug with commitment; were excited by weed root systems and different types of bulbs and got very muddy.  The Quad looks fantastic and in the Spring I am sure, will be a delight. Huge thanks to Mrs Warren, Mr & Mrs Benjamin who helped and the children of Maple Class.  One pupil said to me – ‘My hands have never been so dirty!’


Christmas is coming and the last date for booking a Christmas lunch is Monday so please follow the link for this otherwise a lunch will not be ordered for you child and they will need to bring a packed lunch. We are trying to avoid unnecessary food waste. Presents have been arriving for the Salvation Army Appeal and as always the children have raised a phenomenal amount – pictures and totals will follow in the newsletter but thank you for all your support.


Science Quiz Team Superstars - 6th out of 51 schools and through to semi-finals! Well done Ifti, Arini, Elson and Kiara, Chloe & Vrinda  - and Mrs Douglas who was more nervous than the children!


Beyond the School Gate

I was chatting to a Y4 pupil this week who was telling me about her outside school activities. I know children belong to all sorts of clubs; organisations and have a hugely wide range of interests and we would like to celebrate these. I’d like a display board called ‘Beyond the School Gate’. Please could you send in a photograph of your child doing something they love outside school – it could be gymnastics; off to Cubs or their football team; building a Lego model; helping in the garden or anything they enjoy! Printed photos would be perfect if you can. Pop them in an envelope and your child can give them to their teacher or leave them in the office for me.


Behaviour in school

We know children are learning all the time, to manage their emotions and behaviours as well as all the curriculum demands. They need support with this and the playground, lunch hall and lessons all have their own expectations and supervision.

We also want to give children the skills and right to challenge something that makes them feel uncomfortable or unhappy. If someone is being bossy or hurts you physically or emotionally every child should feel able to say ‘Please don’t do /say that; I don’t like it.’ If the behaviour continues, they should of course speak to an adult.


A few reminders:

  • Teachers are busy with their class in the mornings so you are welcome to speak to the office or the member of SLT on the gate. After school is the time for a quick hello or catch up – or make an appointment for something more detailed or confidential. Please come in via the office so we know who is on site for safeguarding reasons.
  • All children will come in via the back doors from Monday rather than through the toilets.
  • If your child  has been off school, unwell for more than 3 days – please speak to the office.
  • School shoes or trainers should be black and PE tracksuits too.


Have a lovely weekend.

17th November


Dear families of RHJ,

This seems to have been a very busy week! Today it is great to see so many children supporting the Christmas Compassion Appeal. The effort they put in to choosing gifts for others is heart-warming and says a lot about your children.

Last week lots of pupils from Y6 joined me in using their writing skills to write letters to people in hospitals and hospices. They were so thoughtful and I am sure their letters will brighten someone’s day.

I am now up to 11 responses to the parent survey. It is still open so do please check last week’s letter for the link. We are discussing the outcomes on Monday so I will feedback next week. There is lots of work going on to gather pupils’ views and they are often brutally honest! This is of course a good thing! J

This week’s question was about writing and these are some of the responses.



Don’t enjoy

  • Writing stories
  • Different kinds of poems
  • Write about how I feel 
  • Writing poems when I'm stressed relaxes me
  • Writing calms you down when you've come in from being energetic
  • Helps bring all things in Literacy together
  • Challenge myself to write more
  • Gives my hand exercise
  • Challenge myself to make my writing better
  • Using different words in writing
  • Writing neat and joined up
  • Writing my own ideas
  • My hand hurts
  • When I need to take a break
  • Writing about things in literacy or RE
  • I forget full stops
  • I forget my sentences every time
  • Tricky words and long sentences
  • Hard words because I don’t know how to spell hard words
  • I don’t like that I forget my words easily
  • The words that don’t rhyme in a poem
  • When it’s noisy and I’m trying to write
  • Writing stories
  • I don’t like writing the thing, editing the thing, expanded noun phrases, it hurts my hand, it’s really annoying!
  • Writing more than one
  • Writing long stories


Other news

Y6 have been out and about with a visit to Sutton Life Centre on Monday and the remaining classes visiting the Mosque in Morden. Y5 are rehearsing their Christmas show and Y3 are still chattering about the Stone Age Workshop. These visits, trips and events really help to put their learning in context and we are grateful for your support – financial and as parent helpers when we need them.

Please check your email for the Being a Parent Course starting in January – it is highly recommended. Ask the office if you can’t find it!

A few reminders:

  • If your child is has been off school, unwell for more than 3 days – please speak to the office rather than just leaving phone messages or using the absence reporting form . There is a greater duty on schools to monitor absence now so we may need to chat to you.  
  • School shoes or trainers should be black and PE tracksuits too.
  • Keep us up to date with contacts and new addresses please in case of emergencies
  • Write a note in the going home book if your child is going home with someone else.
  • A parent said to me this week that she felt parents were ‘not allowed’ in school and couldn’t speak to teachers. This is not the case – if you need to speak to someone please just ask and we will do our best to help.


Have a lovely weekend.

Yours sincerely

Elisabeth Broers   Head Teacher



The Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel De Souza has launched a national campaign The Big Ambition. We have been asked to share this survey with the children and parents within our school community.


Dame Rachel says:

Children or parents can complete the survey here: ..

It is really important that the pupils at Robin Hood Junior School participate in The Big Ambition survey and have their say.

 I want to ensure that the voices of all children in the London area are fairly represented in the findings so that I can share their views with the most senior members of the country.

 I must reiterate that it is vital that all children have their voice heard through this survey because, as Children’s Commissioner for England, I have a statutory duty to protect and promote the views and interests of children. The Big Ambition provides a much-needed opportunity for the children of England to tell political decision makers what is important to them ahead of the General Election. I will be sharing their responses with Government to ensure that children’s voices are heard.

 The survey can also be done at home and parents can assist children who cannot complete the survey themselves (children under 5 and children with Special Educational Needs). This is a great opportunity to teach children about politics and why it is important for them to use their voice.

 10th November 2023

Dear families of RHJ,

Another busy week in school where some of Y6 have visited the Mosque and Y3 have investigated the Stone Age. One of the things I love about school life is how every day brings something different! Today in assembly we will mark Remembrance Day and Diwali.

The half term is flying by and I thought it might be helpful to remind you of things coming up. There is separate information about all of these via ParentPay and on the website but I know your inboxes get busy.


  • Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th – Y6 Cedar and Oak visit the Mosque
  • Friday 17th – Whole School non-uniform day for our Christmas Compassion Appeal
  • Thursday 23rd – Maple gardening day – letter coming soon


  • Friday 1st – Christmas Clothing day – donations to wear festive jumpers; or just non uniform with tinsel or reindeer ears please.
  • Wednesday 6th – Children’s Christmas lunch – (order by 27/11 please or they won’t get any lunch!)
  • Monday 11th – Y5 Christmas afternoon performance to parents – time tbc
  • Wednesday 13th - Y5 Christmas evening performance to parents – time tbc
  • Thursday 21st – end of term at 1.30pm

Lots of parents have asked for advice about supporting their child emotionally and two flyers are attached to this letter, as next week the NHS Education Wellbeing Service is running two webinars for local primary school parents.

The first session looks at the zones of regulation and supporting big emotions during the primary years. The second is on understanding and supporting your child with autism spectrum condition for parents whose child has a diagnosis. Evening and lunchtime webinars are available. For information and to sign up, use this link:

 Thank you to the four parents who responded regarding opportunities to support in school. The form is still open .There is no commitment at this stage but it would help us plan!  We look forward to working with you.

Finally – lots of children are in coloured trainers with their uniform. Completely black trainers or school shoes are the expectation please. Scarlet Fever also seems to be doing the rounds so if you child is unwell, please check symptoms here:

Enjoy the weekend and if you are celebrating Diwali, may your Diwali bring peace and love to your life.

 3rd November 2023


Dear families of RHJ,


I hope everyone had an enjoyable half term – now it is November already and the evenings are getting darker. The weather has been changeable this week but we try and get the children outside at playtime even if it is a bit wet so please make sure they bring a named coat every day. There isn’t much space in the classrooms and cloakrooms for umbrellas and wellies so if you do use these for the journey to school and can take them home with you – it really helps!


Parking around school is going to be even worse in the coming weeks due to the water board works so please do not try to park in Thorncroft / Greenford /Clarence Roads and certainly not on people’s private property! Asda and Sainsbury’s car parks are the obvious and safer choices if you need to park locally.



Working with families

It was great to see a number of parents at the recent support workshop and we would like to build on our work with families. We don’t have a Parent Association but we do encourage your support and involvement! We have planned or would like to plan the following:


  • Parent Governor applications – close today
  • A session on pupil anxiety
  • A weekly parenting course January -March (run by Theresa Cameron an experienced Parenting Coordinator for Sutton).
  • Some work outside tackling some of the garden areas.
  • A parent discussion group around SEND support.
  • Parent support with potential fundraising events.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities – please fill in this google form. There is no commitment at this stage but it would help us plan!  We look forward to working with you.


Enjoy the weekend whatever the weather and if you are enjoying fireworks – please be safe.

Yours sincerely

Useful Advice for Young People in Sutton - by young people in Sutton

20th October 2023


Dear families of RHJ,


It has been a busy half term! We have been lucky with the weather with only one or two wet play sessions although sadly the forecast for the holiday is a little wet and windy.


The children are tired, please try and keep regular bedtimes over the holidays especially as the clocks change (backwards) on the 29th October. This does also mean children may not walk home on their own from Clubs after half term as it will be getting dark.


It has been lovely to see so many of you at ‘Meet the Teacher’ appointments this week. I hope you have enjoyed hearing how your children have settled into their new academic year groups. Quite a few parents made appointments and then just didn’t turn up which is disappointing and a poor use of the teachers’ time. Please let us know if you find you can’t make it – just like you would any other professional appointment.


Attendance is a hot topic at the moment and the Government have a new strategy being rolled out.

Please note that keeping children off school because you are unwell or have an appointment; to help out with younger children or because you have car trouble is not authorised. Also asking children to say they were unwell is a very poor example to set.


If children have mild colds; ‘growing pains’; non-specific tummy aches or headaches – please send them in. I was speaking to a group of children last week and they told me they absolutely trust the office ladies to send them home if they are really poorly!


Anxiety is another issue that is often raised by parents. Friendship problems happen and are part of growing up. Encourage children to talk to an adult in school immediately and our great team will always try and support them.


Thank you if your child is smartly dressed in school uniform. Trainers /school shoes need to be plain BLACK with uniform please. If you could try and name coats; jumpers etc over the break that would really help with the mountain of lost property and also the cost to you of replacing things!


Have a good break and we will look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday 31st October – in full uniform ready for their photos! See the note below.


Kind regards

 13th October 2023

Dear families of RHJ,


It has been a busy week and we can see the children are getting tired, particularly the little ones. Please try and stick to regular bedtimes and limit screen time as this makes a big difference – as does breakfast!


Half term: We finish for half term next Friday 20th October at the usual time of 3.20pm. Children are back at 8.40am on Tuesday 31st October.


Parking: Thank you if you have thought about where you are parking this week and the impact on safety and local residents. I know it has been wet a few days but if the children have coats they will survive a short walk!


Next week there are Meet the Teacher appointments so please check your emails and sign up if you haven’t yet. Your child will bring their key books home today (if they haven’t already) so you can look at them together over the weekend. Please make sure they come back on Monday!



 Please use half term to name their coats as they discard them when they run around and it is very time consuming to reunite them! Biro on a label is fine as coats don’t need washing too often.

Also if you are buying shoes or trainers over the holiday – please buy plain black.


Long hair – We suggest that all long hair is completely tied up in a ponytail, braids or plaits as this greatly reduces the chance of catching head lice, which are at their peak in October and November every year!

Getting rid of them is time consuming and often expensive so this is an easy way to try and avoid the problem completely.

6th October 2023


Dear families of RHJ,


It was lovely to meet with a number of parents on Thursday morning for coffee and to hear advice from the Sutton Family Hub and the School Nursing Service. The atmosphere was relaxed and supportive and it was great to just chat to parents about their worries and hopes for their children. We would really like to encourage more family involvement and there are lots of ways to help us!


Last week we emailed you a letter letting you know we have a vacancy for a new school governor.  We would love to hear from you especially if you have experience in finance or personnel matters.  Do let me know if you would like to find out more and I can meet with you or put you in touch with another governor.


Any nominations must be received before 9am on Monday 16th October.


Anxiety seems to be a common issue at home, sometimes around coming to school although parents knew that when they were here – they were happy! This is tricky as we can all feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of the routine and busyness of another school day and our children are no different. We are looking to put on further sessions around anxiety and other topics that came up, so watch out for these.


Acknowledge their concerns of course but have high expectations; reassure them that you and we are here to listen and send them in! We know that children thrive on the social side of school, you want them to have all the building blocks that education needs and that the routines, boundaries and expectations actually help them to develop.


Online Safety was another challenge and setting boundaries was discussed. There is lots of useful advice for parents here: In the end it is the same as anything else, you have to agree with other adults in the home what your boundaries are – e.g. limits on screen time or access to certain apps or platforms and then you have to stick to them – just like you insist on brushing their teeth or not running in the road! We are going to send out more information about internet safety over the coming months as it is an area where many families feel they do not have the right skills.


World Mental Health Day is next week (Tuesday 10th) and the message is that TALKING helps! I would reinforce that and say if there is something worrying you about school – please talk to us. We are on the gate every day, will always try to speak to you in response to a call or email. The relationship between home and school has to be a partnership – even if you didn’t love school, I am sure you want your children to enjoy it!


Meet the Teacher slots will be released early next week so watch out for the email link. It is lovely to see you face to face but if that really doesn’t work for you we can arrange phone calls later on. Books will come home the weekend before so you can discuss them with your child at leisure.


Other school news – we are pleased to have Mrs Parker back working Monday to Thursday. Her SENDCo days are Monday and Tuesday so she may not get back to you immediately but later in the week. If it is urgent you can come through to me or Mr Kench and we will help.


Today we say goodbye to Ms Koch and Ms Schiopu – both trainee teachers from a Swiss University who have been working with us for the last few weeks and showing the children how being multi lingual, working with and travelling to other countries are very good things.

Yours sincerely

29th September


Dear families of RHJ,


What a week! There have been some highlights – such as the fantastic Y6 trip to the Bluebell Railway which saw pupils evacuated by a real steam train. They loved the experience and came back full of understanding for their WWII studies. Visits like this really add to the children’s experience but are expensive for us to provide so your support is appreciated.


We are also pleased to let you know that Mrs Rix’s baby has arrived safely – congratulations to the whole family. We also welcome Mrs Parker back from maternity leave next week.


A few children are getting tired already and falling out with friends and classmates or struggling with focus. Please try and maintain regular bedtimes and time outside in the coming weeks to help them manage. The school day is long and full and many are only little. A good breakfast and a water bottle will make a difference too.


Thank you if your child has correct uniform. Please look for plain black trainers and dark green polo shirts when you are buying them.  A reminder that smart watches (or any other mobile or electronic devices) are not allowed in school – too valuable and their internet connectivity is a safeguarding risk.


Please make sure you have completed all the ‘start of term’ forms and permissions and that you understand the impact.

  • If we don’t have three emergency contacts then we are breaking safeguarding rules and your child may be unwell or distressed with no one to collect them.
  • If you say ‘no photos’ then they can’t have their individual picture taken or the class photo at the end of the year.
  • If you say ‘no trips’ then they may miss out on exciting visits like the Bluebell Railway.

The amazing office staff will do their best to help you if you need it.


If you have any questions about school, local support or would like to talk to the School Nursing Service – please pop in for coffee next Thursday morning. See more details below.


There is also a letter from our Chair of Governors coming home as we are seeking a new parent governor to join the Governing Body and finally, the online consent (or not) for the flu vaccine should be completed by Wednesday 4th October please. Have a lovely weekend – October already!

Yours sincerely

22nd September 2023


Dear families of RHJ,


It has been lovely to see all the children ‘Expressing Themselves’ today in their choice of clothing; hairstyles and accessories! Thank you for supporting the Young Minds Charity too.


I can’t quite believe next week is the end of September – the days are flying past and school has a busy buzz about it. Palm Class are enjoying their swimming at SHS; the Library is fully open – staffed by Y6 pupils and led by Mrs Bond; Mrs Benjamin and Mrs Kannan. School lunches are settling into a pattern and Clubs have all started again which is great.


Our school focus this year will be curriculum development – working to make the curriculum as innovative and engaging as we can. This obviously involves working with families and there are a couple of sessions coming up I would encourage you to sign up for.


On October 5th there is a coffee and chat session which will include me; someone from the Sutton Family Hub and also someone from the School Nursing Team. If you have questions about school; local support or your child’s wellbeing – or you just want to say hello and meet other parents, this is a good opportunity. More information is attached – please let the office know you are coming so we can buy enough biscuits!


On the 18th October there will be a Phonics Workshop to help you help your child. That week will also be ‘Meet the Teacher’ appointments and there will be online booking links coming at the start of October.



There have been lots of headlines about attendance recently – some criticising schools; some complaining about parents and some the government!


There are always several sides to every story but attendance is important and I would say for the following reasons:


  • Children thrive on the routines; high expectations and relationships they have in school.
  • Missing odd days is unsettling for them – we all hate feeling we have missed something!
  • Missing a longer period for a holiday may seem like a treat but it is hard to ‘catch up’ and has a negative impact on the teacher; the class and the school as well.
  • Minor illnesses & aches and pains are  often forgotten once they are in school with their friends
  • Being late gets everyone’s day off to a bad start!


Obviously if your child is unwell with an infectious disease like chickenpox; sickness & diarrhoea; heavy colds; coughs or Covid – please keep them at home until they are better.


Measles is also on the rise in the country and can be extremely serious so talk to your GP if you have concerns.

Yours sincerely

 15th September 2023


Dear families of RHJ,


It has been a lovely week, weather wise and also watching all the children settling back into their routines and their learning. Thank you if you popped in to say hello after school on Monday – I could see the children really enjoyed showing you their classrooms.


The new Y3 are settled and confident – their behaviour around the school has been great and their teachers are very proud of the start they have made. Y4, 5, & 6 are getting to grips with their learning. I spoke to several children this week who said they were really enjoying being back and the new challenges.


Our children are our best ambassadors and their cheerful greetings on the gate in the morning and afternoon; the way they support each other and their insightful and often funny comments make our day!


Thank you if your child is wearing correct uniform and has all the equipment they need for the school day – this makes a huge difference.


Lunches are going pretty well despite some staff shortages; equipment breakdowns and a large increase in meal take up. The system is still evolving but I need to say a massive THANK YOU to Mrs Itani; Mrs Oram; Mrs Corijescu and Mrs Price who, supported by Mrs Cookson and Ms Dunbavin, have worked like Trojans in the lunch hall this week.


Clubs start next week and other trips, visits and events are being booked in for the year. Club places have been allocated and if you have not received a confirmation email, your child does not have a place this half term.


Next Friday 22nd will be a non-uniform day led by School Council with the theme



The idea behind this day is for everyone to come to school dressed in a way that shows their personality and to look at ways to support their own and others' mental health. The School Council would like the proceeds from the Non-Uniform day to go to the charity ‘Young Minds'. Please support this and donate what you can.

Belonging to our school does not mean we are all the same – it means we are all valued for who we are.


Coming up:


  • There will be some coffee mornings and drop in sessions for you to get to know staff and support your child’s education.
  • Flu vaccines are 11th October
  • Meet the Teacher evenings will be just before half term (w/c 16th October)
  • Individual and sibling photos will be on the 31st October



 There are a few things which will be different this year.


  • Y3 are not planning a Harvest Event but are discussing how else they could share the children’s learning with you.
  • Y4 won’t swim at Westcroft this year but there is an exciting development planned for September 2024.
  • Y3 will enjoy the whole class instrument tuition and will be learning the recorder.


A few reminders as always:

  • If your child is going home with someone else – we need this in writing.
  • In all contact with the office, email and phone – please include your child’s class as this speeds things up enormously!
  • All black school shoes; dark green polos or white shirts with ties please.
  • Use the Absence form for reporting if your child is unwell:
  • All children need earbuds / headphones to use with their Chromebooks


Have a great weekend and thank you for all your support.


 8th September 2023

Dear families of RHJ,


We are delighted to have all the children back and to welcome the new Y3 pupils and families. I hope you all had an enjoyable summer break, whatever you were up to.


This week’s letter is mostly reminders and key information so apologies in advance!


  • Y3 children will come straight in to school from Monday morning


  • If you would like to pop into classes after school on Monday 11th to see where your child sits and say hello, please do. If you can’t make it, please don’t worry, introduce yourself to the teacher at pick up one day.


  • Your child will be told more about PE days, home learning, reading books etc over the next few days. PE Days (when they should come in PE Kit) are:



Wednesday & Friday


Tuesday & Thursday


Monday & Tuesday


Wednesday & Friday


  • Pupil mobile phones are not allowed in school under any circumstances.



  • If you would like your child to walk home alone or with a sibling – we must have this in writing. An email to before 2.30pm or via the homework diary is fine.


  • If you want another adult to pick up your child, we need this in writing too. Safety is our priority.



  • The new green polo shirts look very smart -– please only buy forest/dark green!


  • If you do prefer a white collared shirt – please make sure your child wears a tie.


  • School shoes or trainers should be plain black;
  • Earrings must be studs and removed for PE or swimming days.
  • No nail varnish please.
  • Girls must wear PE shorts under their dresses to do handstands at playtimes!


Please help us with catering for this as we do not want to waste food.


On Monday each week your child will be asked if they would like:


  1. School lunch every day
  2. School lunch only on Fridays
  3. Packed lunch every day.


Please make sure they know what their pattern is each Monday. If they are away on Monday, they will be asked on the first day they return. Lunch money remains an item on Parent Pay as some people are due refunds but you will not be charged.


  • Fruit and vegetable snacks only for break time (not cereal bars please)


  • Dates to look out for will appear in the website calendar so please check this regularly.


  • Please don’t let your children (juniors or infants) ride their scooters or bikes in the playground or use the play equipment – it is too busy at the end of the day.


  • Letters about clubs have been sent via Parent Pay – they are always oversubscribed so please read the instructions carefully and sign up using the google form. If you haven’t yet signed up you may miss things!


Things that would really help us!

  • Teach your child to use a knife and fork to eat their lunch. Many of them cannot use a knife to cut up their food.
  • If they could learn to scrape their plate clean (without it ending up on their shirt) that would be amazing!
  • Teach them to tie their shoe laces and tie (if they wear one).
  • Name everything – even if it is just in biro on a label.
  • Read to them; with them or hear them read every day