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Curriculum Vision

At Robin Hood Junior School we will support children and adults to be:


  • literate and numerate –we want to achieve outcomes which build on our starting points and reflect our high expectations


  • hardworking – this means being reflective and resilient; able to persevere, punctual and aware of our place in the community


  • communicators –through all areas of the curriculum and in all our interactions with others we aim to communicate clearly and effectively


  • brave – we are taking risks in our learning, extending ourselves and those around us


  • compassionate – showing we are aware of differing experiences and opportunities; being proactive, tolerant and open to ideas.


We hope you will see this through our Strategic Development Plan; our curriculum plans and most importantly through the children’s developing knowledge and understanding of subjects; the world they live in and the connections between them. We want to build a growing web of memory!


Our curriculum planning will:


  • Focus on coherence and narrative within subject domains so key concepts are regularly revisited.
  • Be sequenced and imaginative
  • Connect pupils to great works of the past and the richness, variety and opportunities of the modern world.
  • Teach reflection, critical thinking and questioning.
  • Maintain the quality of teaching and commitment so that no child gets left behind.


As a maintained school we follow the National Curriculum including a detailed programme of Relationships, Sex & Health Education. Personal development is a priority in all we teach as are our expectations for learning attitudes and behaviours.

Assemblies and whole school events support this and celebrate our life in this country; diversity and inclusion are reflected and embedded and will continue to develop.


Strategic Development Plan 2020-21