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Values and Ethos

Values and Ethos


Our motto is Aim High and we do this across every aspect of school life.


At our school, the needs of the child come first. We don't label or set limits. We develop capacity in adults and children.


We are inclusive. We are committed to using equalities legislation; qualitative data and research; adapting to changing local and national pictures and the pressures on budgets.


We look outwards; constantly seeking to widen the rich and engaging experiences offered to our pupils and staff. Collaboration is encouraged at every level.


We know that the culture of the school eats strategy for breakfast! Everyone is empowered to take opportunities, be brave and try and then evaluate new ideas and initiatives. We rarely say no.


Our School Curriculum is so much more than the National Curriculum. It's the whole school experience - from the smile on the gate to the thrill of a school trip; the Mathletics challenge to the Art exhibition; the football match to the charity fund-raising event.


We cannot know that poetry soothes us; logic helps us to think and football exhilarates us, without being introduced to them.


Our School Curriculum must invite you to the conversation.


Every member of our school community is supported to be ready for their next stage. That may be transition to Y3 or Y7; early career teacher to subject leader; trying something new; contributing in a meeting or asking for help.


Knowledge enables you to envisage an alternative. It's not common sense; it is systematic and specialised so you can generalise and think beyond your context.


We are all learners.