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In Robin Hood Junior School we will ensure that at every level, in all our work and throughout all aspects of the school community and its life, everyone will be treated equally and good relations will be fostered and developed.


Our Equality Policy summarises the school’s approach in ensuring equality for all and can be found here.


Our current Public Sector Equality Objectives are:


Equality objective 1:

  • To narrow the gaps in reading attainment between girls and boys to less than 10%

Equality objective 2:

  • To improve knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable pupils to appreciate and value difference and diversity.  Pupils will be able to articulate their understanding of the major faiths and ask relevant and respectful questions. 

Equality objective 3:

  • To improve the participation and engagement of parents, whose children may be vulnerable or at a disadvantage.  Parents will report feeling included and that support is accessible.


All policies linked with equalities can be found on the school's policy page.