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At Robin Hood Junior School we pride ourselves in looking smart at all times by wearing a uniform which follows the school’s policy. We feel that it is a positive reinforcement outside the school that clearly represents how supportive pupils and parents are towards the school.


We hope that all children will take a sense of pride in their appearance.


Our uniform policy ensures that the uniform is simple and available on-line and at local chain stores at no extra cost than any other form of clothing.  Items specific to the school can be ordered on-line at: 

Those items are marked in the table below with an asterisk *.


Shirts and Polo Shirts - many parents like the white shirts and ties but we know that some children find them difficult. From September 2023, if your child prefers a dark green polo shirt and no tie - that is ok. If you like the white collared shirt and tie - that is ok too. 

Dark green polo shirts can be bought from our uniform suppler Mapac or from high street stores such as Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's and Asda.


We ask that all clothing including P.E. items is clearly marked with the owner’s name and initial.


PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO HOLD A SMALL AMOUNT OF STOCK IN SCHOOL, BOTH NEW AND SECOND HAND BUT THESE ARE LIMITED SO PLEASE ENQUIRE WITH THE SCHOOL OFFICE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.  You can order extra PE shirts and ties via the school's ParentPay system and for most but not all of term time, you can order from Mapac for free delivery to the school.  


For safety reasons no jewellery may be worn with the exception of a watch, which should be named. A small, plain stud in a single piercing, in one or both ears is permitted. These must be removed at home for P.E. and swimming.  As with all personal property, the school takes no responsibility for jewellery.


Head scarves which are worn for religious observance should be neutral in colour or reflect the colours of the school uniform.


Hairstyles should be suitable for activities undertaken during the school day. Hair should not be shaven with designs or patterns and long hair should be tied back from the face. 


Nail polish is not permitted and should be removed for school. Mobile phones and smart watches should not be brought in to school.

Bottle green blazer with school logo* OPTIONAL

Plain dark grey skirt / trousers / shorts / pinafore

Bottle green v-neck jumper or cardigan  (can be bought with the school logo on* if you wish) 
White long/short-sleeved shirt or dark/forest green polo shirt (no white polo shirts please)
Green/red diagonal stripe tie* (only required if wearing a shirt)

Grey/white socks or black/grey/bottle green tights

Plain black shoes or trainers  (no coloured ticks / stripes / bumpers please) 
In summer a green & white uniform dress may be worn 
PE KIT  -  this is worn to school on PE or swimming days:          
   Trainers to be worn to school and black plimsolls are needed for indoors 
   Green t-shirt with school logo* 
   Plain black tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a plain black sweatshirt/hoodie for travelling to & from school
   Black shorts